Chapter 21:

Summer Vacation: Test of courage then Kimono, festivals and fireworks.

Cellular Redo

My friends and I came to a private beach for the summer. The beach is located in a small remote town where I believe Iwasaki used to visit when she was little. Even though it's the Iwasaki private beach, the residents are still allowed to visit it sometimes. Not that the beach has a lot of people visiting it anyway. Bookmark here

"Today was fun. But I'd kill for a bath that matches today excitement to." Says Miss Nakano. Bookmark here

"Well you're in luck. Because I'd asked the caretakers to prepare a nice warm bath for all of us." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"Awesome you're the best Iwasaki." Nakano hugs her. Bookmark here

"Hey there! Don't hug me like that all of the sudden!" You're one to talk Iwasaki. Bookmark here

Anyway I'm looking forward for the bath. Since I've been on the one in her house, I'm pretty sure the standard are the same. This guest house has a lot of rooms in it. Including those rooms they include three bathrooms, the main bathroom, the second bathroom and the guest bathroom, and individually their both huge not a surprise. Bookmark here

"Oh no. I looks like I forgot my toiletries." That sounds like Miyura talking. Taki and I could clearly hear other side of the room. Bookmark here

"Oh really?" that sounded like Iroha. Bookmark here

"I could have sworn that brought them with me while I was packing." Miyura continues. Bookmark here

"That's funny, I sometimes forget stuff like that when I go somewhere to. Like for instance I always forget some..... thing...... small." That voice sounds like Nakano. Bookmark here

"You forgot something thing two, didn't you?" That one sounded like Matsuyama's voice. Bookmark here

"I forgot my shampoo." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"Don't worry, you're free to use anything that you forgot in the house if you want." That one sounded like Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"Really, Thank you very much Iwasaki." Miyura says. Bookmark here

"Yeah, you're a big help." Nakano follows.Bookmark here

"You're welcome. What are friends for." Iwasaki says. Bookmark here

"Hey Iwasaki I forgot my bra and panties could you lend me yours." that last one sounded like a Matsuyama saids. Bookmark here

"NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!" Iwasaki shouts after Matsuyama's last remark. Bookmark here

"It's sure is lively over there." I said.Bookmark here

"I know right. I can't wait until I get a nice Pic on them bathing. This is going to be fun" Taki says with a creapy laugh. Bookmark here

"Hey you! Now normally I'd let you go so that you get what you deserve. But this time is different. Among those girls put the my sister and not to mention our guest, my girlfriend, on the other side. So I cannot allow you to perv on them." I said with a furruous tone while stopping him from going out. Bookmark here

" C'mon man out there is a haven of naked girls that bathing out and don't tell me you don't want to see something that beautiful. " he says. I waited for a moment and before he knew it I tied him up with a rope and taped his mouth to not he could talk. Bookmark here

"That's what you get for trying to perv on the girls." I said as he mustered to talk but couldn't because of the tape.Bookmark here

One of the caretakers came to our room that minute and showed us our individual bathrooms. The girls used the main bathroom, while Taki used the other bathroom, while under supervision, and I used the guest bathroom. I was so relieved Iwasaki remembered my situation. We all finished bathing and we're all wearing fansy kimono's and where eating a fancy traditional dinner for the night. Bookmark here

"Wooooow that bath was so niiiice. You sure live a dream you know that Iwasaki." Nakano says and Iwasaki followed with a light, short giggle. Bookmark here

"Yeah the bath was sorta great but it would have been better if I would have seen at least a glance of heven too." Taki says. Bookmark here

"You're lucky that I didn't show you hell before you attempt of getting that glence." said. Bookmark here

"Hmmm, what are you to talking about. Iroha asked. Bookmark here

"It's nothing that you have to worry about." I answered. Bookmark here

"Ahhh is because the two of you are busy drooling over how cute all five of us look in a kimono or is it that you're discussing how disappointed the two of you had to share a bath with each other?" Matsuyama says just to mock us. Bookmark here

"Actually I we both bathed separately." I said to counteract her mock. Bookmark here

"Wow seriously. Do you have some kind of sickness or something? " Nakano adds. Bookmark here

"No and I think it's best if we stop discussing about this." I say if as bite the food on my chopsticks. And the conversation diverted to something else. And after dinner we all played some cards until nighttime. And our rooms where separated from boys and girls. Bookmark here

"Hey Ayato." Taki says. Bookmark here

"Go to sleep Taki." I said. Bookmark here

"But I really can't sleep." he said. Bookmark here

"Why don't I knock you out to help you sleep." I said. Bookmark here

"Ouch that's cold. But I just want to talk a bit." he says. Bookmark here

"What am I your girlfriend." I retorted. Bookmark here

"sigh You have 10 minutes." I said. Bookmark here

"At least it's better than nothing." he said. Bookmark here

"While we're talking, I was wondering, why the soccer club. " I said. Bookmark here

"I thought I was the one who's doing the conversation. And don't you know the answer to that one." he said. Bookmark here

"If only I could believe it that. You take it way too seriously, that you're always half dead when I see you walk in the hallway now and then. You practice until late in the evening. You're more serious than the third years who joined before you. And you always over do it. All of that is not for a guy who's doing it for a petty eason like that." I said.Bookmark here

"It's really scary how you would figure me out like that." He says. Bookmark here

"I was just assuming things." I said. Bookmark here

"But my reason are not that way off. You could say I'm doing it for a girl." he said and stopped for a moment. Bookmark here

"Taki, you......" I said regarding his answer and he interrupted me. Bookmark here

"Gosh look at the time. Now I feeling a bit sleepy. Thanks for the conversation man."  He changed the subject and went to sleep. Bookmark here

"It hasn't reached even 3 minutes yet." I said and went back to sleep. Bookmark here

The next morning when I woke up I couldn't see Taki in his futon. Oh crap don't tell me. I rushed out of my futon and went straight in the dining room and I saw Miyura sitting and reading a book. I approached her. Bookmark here

"Miyura where is Taki?" I asked Miyura while holding her two shoulders and it looks like she got spooked.Bookmark here

"Sorry, I just woke up and couldn't find Taki so I figured he was up to no good again." I said as I let go of him. Bookmark here

"He just stepped out after I sat down. But it looks like he's out running." she says. Could it had to do with what we where talking about yesterday?Bookmark here

"Yawn g'morning everyone how was your night?" Nakano says with a sluggish tone. Bookmark here

"Oh, good mor-NIIIIIING! HAAAA NAKANO YOUR KIMONO YOUR YOUR KIMONO." I say after turning around not to look at her exposed naked body that was covered with her kimono so sloppy. Bookmark here

"Hmm...... AH......... I'm Soooooorrrrry" she says while she fix her self and after she just realized that I'm in the room and her kimono is a mess. Thank goodness Taki wasn't here. Bookmark here

"Hey everyone morning." Speak of the devil. Hmm. He's now wearing a track suit and is all sweaty. Bookmark here

"Hey guys what are you all doing here the breakfast is out back." Iroha says after showing up. Bookmark here

"Oh breakfast I'm down for it. I mean I'm so hungry you don't believe it." he gets closer.Bookmark here

"Nope you're not joining us until you take a bath." I said while I hold my nose to not smell his intoxicating aroma. Bookmark here

"Huh, didn't I tell you that I'm hungry." he complains. Bookmark here

"I don't care if you lived of salvation or not. Just go hit the bath now. You smell like a hot garbage." I commanded him. He then did it while complaining. Bookmark here

After we ate breakfast we all went to the beach for the second time to have round two of fun. I looked at Taki, still thinking what he was hiding yesterday. Bookmark here

Later that night we all met in the balcony. Where the caretakers said to have a surprise. After we changed onto our clothes, we where drove to a mountain hill near shrine. Bookmark here

"Here is our destination." says the caretaker. Bookmark here

"So our surprise is a scary looking mountain?" I said. Bookmark here

"Indeed I it is. You all be participating in a test of courage." she saids.Bookmark here

"I see. That makes sense. I think I'd be fun what do you think guys?" I asked. Bookmark here

"I think it's scary." Miyura says. Bookmark here

"Yeah me too." Iroha follows. Bookmark here

"I also think it's a little scary but it does kinda look fun." Nakano says as well.Bookmark here

"Yeah I think I could handle it too." Taki says. And Iwasaki stood silent. Bookmark here

"Verry well then why don't all of you take turns by following the path to the tip of the mountain top in pairs." Bookmark here

"But there's seven of us. If we go in pairs there will be one person left." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"I have thougt of that. So you will all draw sticks. In the sticks there are 2 pairs of sticks with the same colours. And the three other sticks are in the same color." the caretaker explains. Bookmark here

"That seems fine." I said. Bookmark here

We all drew sticks and the pairing results where Iwasaki and I, Nakano and Taki and finally Iroha, Miyura and Matsuyama. Bookmark here

"I can't believe I got paid up with you of all people." Nakano complains. Bookmark here

"Hey don't blame me, blame fate." Taki says. Bookmark here

"Nakano. When he doesn't anything wierd or strange. You have my permission to kick the crap out of him." I said. Bookmark here

"You got it." Nakano said and then punched Taki. Bookmark here

"OW. HEY I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THAT TIME." He responds to the punch he received earlier. Bookmark here

"The first group please line up and take this flashlight and move to the designated area." Bookmark here

And of Taki and Nakano goes. Fifteen minutes later Iroha, Miyura and Matsuyama went second. Then finally it was our turn. Bookmark here

The atmosphere of the mountain felt kinda eerie. This atmosphere does have spooky elements and thus the eerie. Bookmark here

"Wow this is kinda scary isn't it?" I said. Bookmark here

It's kinda weird that Iwasaki didn't say anything since the test of courage started. I wonder if she planned all of this. As soon as we reached the second turn, the mood became more scarier as we keep hearing wierd sounds. Suddenly Iwasaki clingled to my hand out of fear. Bookmark here

"Wow. Iwasaki what's...." I said while surprised and stopped that thouht after seeing how terrified she looks. I think I'll let this go for now. Bookmark here

The mountain keep getting scarier and scarier as we move closer and closer to the top. Bookmark here

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! THIS IS TOO SCARY!!!!!!! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE" She suddenly ran away to the other direction. Bookmark here

"HEY, WAIT . IWASAKI!" I shouted to get her attention. But she kept running. Wait which direction did she go? This is bad. I ran towards where she was running to. Bookmark here

I ran towards her direction until I saw her silhouette. But looks like she's running towards some sort of pond. Bookmark here

"WAIT IWASAKI STOOOP YOU'RE GOING TO FALL IN THAT WATER!" Damn it I gotta hurry before she falls in there. I finally reached her but it looks like she's going to fall. I pushed her out of the way and I fell instead. It wasn't that deap but I still got soaked. Bookmark here

"Are you alright?" she asked after she got back to her senses. Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. It's just a little water. I think we should head back to the group. I think we had fun for one night. " I said and we went back to the others. Bookmark here

"So you guys finally showed up. Ayato you're all socking wet. What happened?" Iroha says. Bookmark here

"Well Iwasaki ran out of fear and she almost fell in some sort of lake or something back there. It wasn't that deep thought." I explained. Bookmark here

"Oh you didn't divert from the path didn't you?" the caretaker asked. Bookmark here

"We did but we found our way back here." I said. Bookmark here

"Thank goodness. That concludes our test of courage so let's head home." The caretaker said. Bookmark here

The next night we SA heard that the town neighbors are holding a summer festival so we decided to hop by. The girls decided to wear kimonos, so right now they are currently changing. Bookmark here

"This summer was awesome. Despite the fun we had these two days, we get to Finnish with a bang." Taki says. Bookmark here

"Yeah you're right we fibnish with fireworks is kinda awesome." I said Bookmark here

"Neh not that. I'm talking about those maiden that are gonna come out with their kimono. They will look hot."Taki says. Bookmark here

"Do you want me to tie you up again?" I said. Bookmark here

Finally the girls came out with their kimono. They all looked beautiful but what stunned me the most was Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"What!?" Iwasaki says whle being all flustered. Bookmark here

"No nothing. I think your Kimono looks good on you." I said. She blushed. Bookmark here

"You're right she does look like a real princess." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"You guys that's just embarrassing. Come on we still got an hour left until the fireworks display. Let's go somewhere to pass the time." Iwasaki said. Bookmark here

"Yep no arguments here." Matsuyama says and after we got to have some fun. Huh I feel kinda hot. Must be a fever or something. Bookmark here

We continued to have some fun in the festival. It was kinda roudy and lovely. But I think these much people are too much for Miyura to handle so I have asked her to stay close to us. Bookmark here

Finally the fireworks where about to start.Bookmark here

"Guys over here. I found a great spot for us to go view the fireworks." Taki says. Bookmark here

"Great job man. This spot is a great place to view them." I said. Bookmark here

"Yeah, Not bad." Nakano followed and the rest did the same. Bookmark here

"Hey, You're Iwasaki from my school right? I could tell because of that amazing concert you guys played before. "A mysterious girl says. Bookmark here

"So you're from our school hey?" Iwasaki answered. Bookmark here

"That's right. Huh? Hey you there don't I know you? Didn't you have a brother or something? "She talks to Iroha. Bookmark here

"Huh, Hey Hayashi do you know......" as Iwasaki says that as she ends with a huge gasp because of seeing my eyes filled with terror. Bookmark here

"LADDIES AND GENTLEMEN SORRY FOR THE WAIT. BUT THE LONG AWAITED FIREWORKS WILL START I 5....4....3...2....1"  The first firework exploded in the beautiful blue night sky filled with shining stars, I collapsed to the ground and everyone gasped of surprise. Bookmark here

"HAYASHI WHAT'S WRONG!!!" shouts Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"ONII-CHAN ARE YOU ALRIGHT." shouts irohaBookmark here

"HEY AYATO GWT IT TOGETHER." shouts TakiBookmark here

"HAYASHI!!" shouts Miyura, Nakano and Matsuyama together. Bookmark here

"OH NO HE'S BURNING UP. COULD IT BE A FEVER FROM YESTERDAY!? BUT IT'S WORSE THAN I THOUGHT LET'S TAKE HIM TO FIRST AID!" Iwasaki suggested. My body feels hot. My mind feels fuzzy I can't think straight. I.... I.... IBookmark here

Bookmark here

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