Chapter 18:

The End and The Beginning

Villain of Technology

*Anthony finally killed Villain X , but at what cost.Bookmark here

“Margo… Margo… Huh…”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Instead of using Margo, Anthony type to command his robots to clean the area. Anthony can’t believed that Margo is gone. He wander and see Leos dead body.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*He next go to Neil.Bookmark here

“Neil… Neil… Can you hear me? Please say something?”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Anthony, how are you?”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry! You’ll survive, okay!”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Anthony.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“What?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“Next time, you should not be cold to other people.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Neil”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Neil died. Anthony is suffering. The squad that survived, approached him.Bookmark here

“Anthony!”, Squad 6 member said.Bookmark here

“You all should rest. I call the ambulance already. Every expenses will be mine.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“What about the bodies.”, Squad 8 member said.Bookmark here

“The agents bodies will go to their families to have funeral. I’m gonna take the brutes, I can’t let anyone get a sample of the brute serum.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“What now?”, Squad 10 member said.Bookmark here

“You’re not agents anymore but the traits are still in you. I’m also gonna take AVA’s equipment.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*The robots take the the bodies. Anthony go to see Lizzy, Sam and Eugene.Bookmark here

“Anthony! Those mutants, we capture them. Can you turn them back into a human.”, Squad 4 member said.Bookmark here

“I’ll try my best. You should all rest now.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*The robots take the mutants. Anthony is shocked to see Lizzy.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for your loss.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Why are you sorry? We chose to become an agents.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“What about Sam?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“She’s unconscious.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“I will take care of her. What about you?”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’m fine.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“What will you do now?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“My goal is to kill that sniper over there. Now that he died, I don’t know what to do.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“There must be something you want to do.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I want to kill every villain in this world.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“Am I included in the list?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“I don’t know. I’ll meet my death soon, if I hunt villains.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“You will not die. If you really want to kill every villain in the world then I can lend you my gadgets. Your gonna have to do it yourself.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“That’s better, does that mean I’m working to you.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“Kinda!”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Thank you, you won’t be on my list.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“You can rest now.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Lastly he goes to Hera. Hera run up to Anthony and hug him.Bookmark here

“I thought you’re gonna kill me.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I don’t know, I’m being immature for trying to kill you.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“But I killed your father.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“When is the killing will stop?”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“That’s a good point. What are you gonna do now?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“I’m the one who should ask you that.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“You lost your parents. You lost Margo too. What are you gonna do now?”, Hera asked.Bookmark here

“I probably gonna go back to what I was doing before.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Your not gonna go back to the university?”, Hera asked.Bookmark here

“I don’t know anymore.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“What about you stay with me.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

*Hera kiss Anthony in the lips.Bookmark here

“Anthony, I love you! You said you haven’t experienced love and it seems that I fall in love with you.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I don’t know what to say. I haven’t been in this situation, ever.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’m not waiting for response, that kiss is a reservation for the future.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Huh.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Are you gonna live with me or not?”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Alright, I’ll live with you.”, Anthony is blushing.Bookmark here

*The fight finally ended. The bodies of the enemy is now in Anthonys base as well as the mutants. The agents promised Anthony to keep his identity secret. The agents are now getting aid. Sam is now in great condition. Anthony contacted every relative of the agents that lost in battle. Lizzy go home. Anthony go to Heras home instead of his base.Bookmark here

REPORTER: There is an attempt on take over the government in the SONA but a great group of agents stop the villains.Bookmark here

[1 Month Later]Bookmark here

After the fight last month, my life is finally better. My identity is kept hidden and I’m living in Heras house since we’re both alone. I turn beck Leo on his human form and give Leo and Neil a proper burial. I also save the mutants and they go back to their families. I hope I could have save more. Sam and Lizzy graduated and they both want to kill villain so I lend them my gadgets and they called themselves X Agents. What a weird name. With all that happened, do I stop on being a Villain of Technology or Spectator? No, my goal now is to monitor the world and also go to school. I missed not doing anything and just commanding someone. I missed Margo.Bookmark here

“Are you done, the food is ready.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I’m almost done.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony is looking at his programs and see a corrupt code. He tries and reprogram it and he fixed it.Bookmark here

***BOOTING***Bookmark here

“Hello Anth!”Bookmark here

“Welcome back, Margo.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

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