Chapter 35:

*** Author's Note ***

Midnight King

Hello lovelies!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for supporting my novel, for taking the time to read, and for all your wonderful comments! I'm really glad to be a part of this community and I have met so many people that I want to continue to keep in touch with! 

Some closing thoughts...

This is my first published work! (aside from fanfiction *ahem*) I made Honey a little bit before Honeyfeed and didn't have any plans to do anything with her, I just liked to draw her from time to time. It's cool to see how far I've come with her story and her character. She's become very dear to me now and I want to write a little more about her and her two idiots! (possibly a short sequel type thing!) 

Although there's a lot I would like to rework with Midnight King, I am proud of having seen it through until the end! Usually, I never finished stories and I have pages and PAGES of random story beginnings that never get developed haha....

Nonetheless, I don't know if I'll continue writing light novels (I will continue simple writing that's for sure) but I have a multitude of comic ideas in development! 

If you enjoy the cover and the character sketches my art Instagram is under the same name! 

Thank you all so much again!! All your support has made my day countless times and has made this experience absolutely amazing!

Love ya'll lots! <3


Also, big thank you to Pearlyn, author of Realm Assassin, for introducing me to this contest, for all the love and support, and for always knowing how to raise my spirits even when I was really struggling! She is a very beloved friend of mine and I will always appreciate her love and support!! 

Joe Gold