Chapter 26:


Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

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I am well aware of the fact that my writing skills aren’t the best, but I still wanted to give it a try. I thought I will gain experience through this  and I was right! I also found a lot of incredible stories that I plan to read starting tomorrow!Bookmark here

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The time didn’t allow me to finish all my ideas, but maybe I will make a second volume.Bookmark here

I must warn you that if until now the story was tragic, what has to come will be even more painful for me to write and maybe sad for you to read.Bookmark here

Haru will start his journey in fighting against his society and Kibo will try to find a way of returning to him.Bookmark here

With every day that passes, the memory of each other is slowly fading so they must hurry and find a way to reunite.Bookmark here

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