Chapter 25:

Their Epilogue

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” – Elizabeth GilbertBookmark here

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As she waited patiently at the reception, her heart started to beat faster and faster. She could feel the distance between her and Haru shorten. Bookmark here

She still couldn’t believe that he was brought here as if he had some kind of sickness, but it didn’t matter. All that matter was that he was ok.Bookmark here

“AIKO!” He screamed as the girl turned around to face him.Bookmark here

He wasn’t wearing his purple shirt. His body was covered by a white robe and he got visibly thinner. Bookmark here

“It’s still my happy boy!” She thought to herself as tears formed in her eyes. Bookmark here

They both run to each other, ending in a tight hug. They were parted for a week or two, but it felt like ages. They got used to hanging out together all day long. Bookmark here

“I’ve missed you…” She whispered only for him to hear.Bookmark here

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me!” His voice cracked as he showered the girl with affection.Bookmark here

Luckily, there weren’t a lot of people at the reception. The nurses that witnessed their reunion looked with widened eyes. Was he crazy? Maybe that’s why the Prime Minister’s son was in that place. He was out of his mind. Bookmark here

Chimon understood pretty fast the situation so he told the workers to stop staring and do their job. So she was the person that Haru’s father didn’t know about. Meiko told him about her, the universe traveler. Bookmark here

No matter how much she enjoyed the hug, she felt those strange glares that the boy got from the ones around. She slowly lessened her tight, letting her hands slide from his neck.Bookmark here

“Haru… You should let go of me. They think you are hugging this air.” She said with a sad tone, but his grip got even tighter.Bookmark here

“Let them stare! I need a reason for my presence in this hospital!” Bookmark here

“But you are a sane person. Don’t give yourself more problems!” Bookmark here

She suddenly felt his arms retiring. He made a step back just to look at her. She also looked a little sick.Bookmark here

“Lovesick.” He declared in his head with an amused look.Bookmark here

She was wearing the shirt from the first day they met, the blue one with flowers on it. It suited her the best.Bookmark here

“I’m also here, you know?” Hoshi’s voice broke the silence.Bookmark here

He looked at her with questioning eyes, but he answered himself shortly after. Hoshi was the visitor, not Aiko. The girl was invisible for the rest. He forgot because she looked normal to him, as always.Bookmark here

“Nice to finally meet you, Aiko!” A manly voice greeted from a corner.Bookmark here

He could see her? Was it because he had a special object?Bookmark here

“Aiko, he is Doctor Chimon. Doctor Chimon, she is that special someone I told you about.” Bookmark here

The doctor smiled and waved his hand in a friendly manner.Bookmark here

“CHIMON?” Hoshi interrupted again.Bookmark here

“Hello there, Meiko’s bully!” Bookmark here

“I’m not his bully!”Bookmark here

The doors behind her open and Meiko appears with a grinning face,Bookmark here

“You are not my bully, you pick up on people in general!” Bookmark here

There it was, Haru’s most precious treasure. Four out of six special object users and Aiko. Having them around was the greatest blessing that he could ever get. Bookmark here

They will have a lot to encounter on their path, but everything will be fine. They will support each other and achieve their goals in no time.Bookmark here

The five of them went into the garden for a walk and caught up to anything that happened when someone wasn’t there to witness it. With a little persuasion from Meiko, Chimon decided to join their group and entrust his life to Haru. Bookmark here

“Two more to go.” The boy thought to himself, but little did he know that his team will soon get larger than expected.Bookmark here

Will everything go well? Will they succeed? Bookmark here

No one knows. But they will find out together.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

Kibo took out a little note and handed it to Haru. It was the same one from before.Bookmark here

“Dear Haru,Bookmark here

Before my 100 days with you are over, I want you to know the truth. I already made my promise to the one I came here for. After all this time spent here, I can say, without any doubt, that the person is worth more than my promise. Believe me, if I could, I would give all the stars and the moon to him. Each star means a wish and the moon should remind that person of me.Bookmark here

I asked you the first day we met if you believe in such a thing as soulmates. If you would have asked for my opinion then, I would have said no.Bookmark here

But guess what? People change, so do their opinions. I’m not who you think I am or at least who I presented myself as, but I learned something that I wish to share with you.Bookmark here

Soulmate sounds exaggerated, but the right person does exist for everyone. We chose who is suitable for us and the rest comes naturally. Since you're blinded by the sense of being constantly high and having butterflies in your stomach, the one you like appears to be ideal in your eyes.Bookmark here

I want you to find your special someone just like I found mine. Everything might be temporary and one-sided, but it’s worth it.Bookmark here

                                                                                                                       With love,Bookmark here

                                                                                                                             Kibo Maboroshi”Bookmark here

After he read it, his attention fell on the name. Bookmark here

“Who is Kibo Maboroshi?” He asked trying to understand.Bookmark here

The letter was written by Aiko, but why didn’t she signed it herself?Bookmark here

“I am her. That’s the name I should have told you at the fountain.”Bookmark here

He looked even more puzzled.Bookmark here

“Then who is Aiko? What’s the point of telling me this?”Bookmark here

“I once asked if you believe in soulmates. Do you remember?”Bookmark here

He simply nods with his eyes focused on the girl as she took a deep breath.Bookmark here

“Aiko was my best friend, she was like a sister to me, but one day… She was shot and died.” She paused for a while but continued knowing she didn’t answer his questions. “We have this thing called ‘House of Cupid’ where you can find your soulmate by giving them some information about yourself. Before she died, she wanted me to act like her and find her soulmate. It turned out to be you, Haru. After that, you can guess what happened, but what you don’t know is that the promise I came to make was for you. She wanted me to find another girl for you, to replace her, and I did my best. Do you know what happened while I tried to find a good match for you?” Bookmark here

She suddenly turned her head, inches apart from Haru’s face.Bookmark here

“Tell me what happened.” Bookmark here

He waited for an obvious answer but hearing her say it would make his heart skip a beat. He wanted her to confirm his assumption.Bookmark here

“I grew fond of you and I must say that I’m not the type to share. I couldn’t bring myself to look for a girl.” Bookmark here

Their eyes were locked. Bookmark here

“I like you, Haru Chibana!”Bookmark here

“You are very lucky, suicide girl.” He said with a sly smile on his face. “From the moment we crossed the road up to this moment, you were the only one that wandered my mind 24/7. I also like you, Kibo Maboroshi!” Bookmark here

Before she could react, his arms slid around her waist pulling her closer.Bookmark here

“Haru, it’s not the right moment…” She tried to say while her whole face was burning up.Bookmark here

“It’s now or never.” He added as if he knew what was going to happen.Bookmark here

She felt a rush of helplessness, as her heart shrank to the size of a nail. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him the cruel truth. Even if they would stop and tell him, what would it sound?Bookmark here

“I’m sorry but we will never see each other again. I know I made you fall in love with me and I also confessed. What can we do, this is how is going to end.” It sounded so pathetic. Besides, he already knew about her 100 days, so he would understand soon why she won’t return, right?Bookmark here

“I know this isn’t the same park we met, but I will still remember this moment forever.” He said with a sincere smile.Bookmark here

He was right, screw the future. The present was the only thing that mattered now. Bookmark here

She felt a ticklish sensation in her feet and knees. Maybe it was because she started to disappear or maybe because she was melting into his embrace, but one thing was for sure. She waited so long for that kiss that it would be a shame if it won’t happen.Bookmark here

They both fell in love all over again as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Her orbs were like a chocolate explosion with little shades of honey in the light, while his orbs were a whole field with lavender. Bookmark here

She bent his head a little to the front and kissed him softly. He was fast to answer back, sending Kibo tremors along her nerves. His arms tighten around her, feeling the urge to not lose her. Bookmark here

Slowly, her body withered under his strong grasp. He tried to hold on to her, but in no time she was almost gone.Bookmark here

She reached with one of her fingers to wipe his tears as her lips parted into a smile.Bookmark here

“Until next time!” She whispered as she vanished right through his hands.Bookmark here

His legs felt week and an inexplicable pain shot his heart. The boy fell to his knees with tears of frustration rolling down his cheeks. This wasn’t the first time she disappeared in front of him, but he was afraid it was the last time. Bookmark here

What will he do if she won’t come back? Bookmark here

On the note that was resting near him, a small blue flower was placed right in the middle.Bookmark here

Unlike the rest Kibo left behind, this one wasn’t opened. He picked it up along with the paper.Bookmark here

He went to a round of beautiful flowers and dug a little hope between them. Then he placed carefully the little forget-me-not.Bookmark here

“As I thought, it outshines the rest!” Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A sad smiled bloomed on his face as the dawn painted the surroundings in dark colors.Bookmark here

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