Chapter 94:


New Leaf!

A few days later, when I didn’t have work, I was bored. Is it bad that I’m complaining about boredom? I mean, I can just easily create something for myself… But it’s so hard to decide — eh, I guess I value my time that’s gradually becoming wasted… Bookmark here

Currently, I’m just pacing between my room and the living room… Any amount of exercise is good exercise, right? Uh… Bookmark here

Hm… Bookmark here

But as I was pacing, I stopped in the middle.Bookmark here

Ren’s room, huh? I wonder what it’s like. When I first toured his place, I purposely avoided his room to respect his privacy. And after a month, I still never went in there.Bookmark here

Hm… There’s probably nothing, right? And he won’t mind if I enter, right?Bookmark here

So, I entered, and… Bookmark here

This room was disgusting. Dirty, inappropriate, obscene! Gah… I wanna leave! It was terrible. The floors were littered with empty beer cans, cigarettes, ashes, and lewd magazines. There was a desk with a computer, but sprinkled all over were figurines of mostly naked women and toys based on cartoons. There was also a bottle of lotion and a box of tissues — I knew what it was used for, it was best if I didn’t mention it! The bed was all undone and there were many wet stains on them. And the smell… I wanted to puke. There were unsightly posters. And there were crumpled pieces of paper with coarse drawings. And there were multiple spills of who knows what. And, and, and… Bookmark here

And of course, all of this wasn’t real!Bookmark here

Ren didn’t seem like the person to have a room like the one I thought of — was it just an expectation?Bookmark here

But I sighed… Bookmark here

Well, I really wish I were fully joking…Bookmark here

What is this?.. Why?.. This is very abnormal... It’s nothing like the rest of the condo...Bookmark here

The room I walked into was about the same size as mine. The inside was fully furnished with a desk, dressers, wardrobes, and a bed, but that’s to be expected… Bookmark here

But it was the inside that truly confused me… Ren’s room… was extremely messy… Bookmark here

There were papers and folders sprawled all over his floor, and similar papers also littered his desk. Not only papers but there were many clothes unorganized — shirts, socks, pants, and underwear were spread all over his floor. And then I looked at his bed. It wasn’t made — in fact, the bedsheet was slowly slipping off his mattress… Were they too small? No, they look like the same ones I used to use, and the bed looks the same size as mine. Bookmark here

I tilted my head in confusion as I walked towards his dresser. The wardrobe and some drawers were opened. I put my finger on the top, and it was extremely dusty… Bookmark here

...I’m glad I’m not his personal housekeeper anymore… No, I shouldn’t joke about something like this. I mean, it felt so… eerie — it felt like it was significant. Like, this room does not match with the rest of his condo at all. So why? Is it because this is his room, and he doesn’t need to clean it as much. No, I doubt that… In fact, this room… seems intentionally messy… Even I have days when I’m lazy, but I never leave things this messy… Hm…Bookmark here

And then I turned around… And I became extremely perplexed… Sitting in the corner of the room was a large grey safe. And not like the one I saw at the hotel, this one looked like a heavy-duty mini bank vault with a complicated lock system… Hm…Bookmark here

Then I put my finger on my cheek as I slowly walked out of his room and sat on the couch.Bookmark here

Really… how much do I really know about Ren. I’ve been living with him for a while, but this is the first time it came to me. Bookmark here

I barely know anything… He works at Comeffecient… He’s a former classmate of Connie, Valerie, and Bailey… And… nothing much.Bookmark here

But the only thing I could think of was Ren when I first met him… He seemed so sad… He seemed so helpless… He seemed so worried… But I saw zero reasons for him to exhibit any of those emotions…Bookmark here

As I deeply thought, I put my hands behind my head.Bookmark here

Jeez…Bookmark here

New goal — I wish to depict more things about Ren’s past!Bookmark here

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New Leaf!

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