Chapter 8:

Shower and Spacing out

Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

 « Ahlalala » a feminine voice can be heard singing with the sound of a shower.Bookmark here

Eheheh. Hoshiko-chan you can't hide anything from me... Stay still and let me remove that shower curtain...Bookmark here

Slowly move forward... No noise... Eheheh.Bookmark here

It's here... I feel like something is wrong so I'll open it quick...Bookmark here

1, 2, 3 !Bookmark here

Eh. Louis' Face ?Bookmark here

« You thought is was an ecchi scene but it was I, Louis ! Actually you can't see anything since this is only text. Not like there's much to see anyway...Bookmark here

WOAH.Bookmark here

« You're speaking in your sleep. »Bookmark here

You... You ruined the best part... rrrrrrgh.Bookmark here

« Actually, how do you sleep if you don't exist ? »Bookmark here

You fool ! Even narrators have dreams ! And I have bigs ones that I will realize the moment I lift this curse of narration !Bookmark here

« No, I mean... You don't even have a brain. »Bookmark here

Okay I'll kill you now.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Louis was, for once, looking really grim for some reason. He was daydreaming throughout the entire morning. Of course, this isn't a normal behaviour coming from him so Hoshiko-chan noticed it. At the end of the class, she tried to talk to him but to no avail. He was just nodding or shaking his head from side to side. Not a single word came out of him.Bookmark here

« You also noticed he was acting weird but you're not helping... »Bookmark here

And why should I ?Bookmark here

« Don't you want to make me happy ? Right ? Come here and lend me your ears. »Bookmark here

I don't have ears but yes, I will listen.Bookmark here

« *whisper**whisper**whisper**whisper* »Bookmark here

You do know you're whispering to air right now, right ?Bookmark here

« Then where are you ? »Bookmark here

I'm a narrator. I am nowhere, I don't exist.Bookmark here

« … »Bookmark here

Bookmark here

« Then I'm wearing sportswear for nothing ? »Bookmark here

Yes ! You shouldn't bother yourself with them ! Don't worry about it !Bookmark here

« No I think I'll keep wearing that. »Bookmark here

Dang it.Bookmark here

« I'll just ask him what's wrong... »Bookmark here

She approached the target and changed her attitude to make Louis spurt out what's wrong.Bookmark here

« Ara Ara. Won't you tell this onee-chan what wrong ? »Bookmark here

« … »Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

« BAHAHAHAHA Onee-chan ? What do you think you're calling yourself ? You're younger than me ! AHAHAH »Bookmark here

That's rare to see him laugh. Well... With the sudden change of personality it sure is comprehensible.Bookmark here

« Urgh. I wanted to know if you were okay but you seem fine huh ? »Bookmark here

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