Chapter 7:


Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

« Hmmmm. Hoshiko ? You alright ? » said Louis after Hoshiko-chan stopped running.

« I never... ran so fast... in my entire life... »

… ahah... AHAHAHAH His confession triggered her fight or flight response AHAHAH

« Wait... That was a confession ? He wasn't trying to kill me ? I'll need to apologize...»

AHAHAH I don't have to worry about anything ! You will be mine Hoshiko-chan ! Just wait for me and one day we will be one !

« I wanted to refuse but if he can find a way to kill this bastard I might reconsider... »

Agh. Okay, okay I'll stop for now... I'm sorry... I was a bad narrator... Forgive me for I have sinned my goddess... ahah...

« I'll go now... This might be more embarrassing from him than a simple confession... »

Hoshiko-chan walked away and left Louis and his confident narrator in silence.

« What did you say just a moment ago ? Huh ? You want to die ? One day we will be one ? I'm getting more and more embarrassed at the idea of you being my narrator... »

I'm sorry... I will repent my lord...

It's finally the end of the day... After joining up with both Hoshiko-chan and the dumbass Sugiru, the situation was properly explained and everything settled peacefully...

« I'm sorry again for what happened... This is entirely my fault... »

« No... No... I should have spoke more clearly and with more confidence... »
And less strengh as well.

« Should we walk to the train station together ? »

« Yeah let's do that. »

Finally arrived at the train station, Louis couldn't help but make a remark about some people he saw a few tens of meters in front of him.

« Why do these students sit like that Sugiru ? They look constipated.»

Louis then pointed to 4 tough looking students. They had grim looks on their face and were sitting in a strange manner.

« That's yanki zuwari... Just ignore them... »

« So they're not constipated ? »

« Don't say that in front of them... Actually now that I think about it... If you don't know what they are... That means you don't watch anime ? »

« I do but I don't remember seeing this... »

« Oh... Then who's your waifu ? »

 « Hit the brakes. You're driving on a slope. »

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