Chapter 9:

A New Home

I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

The moment I woke up, I underwent some health examinations along with my mothe—mommy.
(Note : To give an illustration, if this were a Japanese novel, Reinst she used to address her mother as “Haha-ue”, while as Lyra, she’s supposed to call her mother as “Okaa-san”).Bookmark here

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Afterward, it seems like we are free to go home already.Bookmark here

I am a little bit curious on how the Hartmann household is doing. As far as my past knowledge serves me, the Hartmann family’s main house is so huge and extravagantly decorated. I assume there would be at least two dozens of maids and butlers combined working for the house and the members of the house.Bookmark here

Hence, I keep wondering why did nobody accompany me and my mom during my birth in this hospital? And then I assumed that I might be a child of a concubine. That would explain everything.Bookmark here

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Now we should be able to prove it by two scenarios.Bookmark here

One, Mommy and I will not be in the main, big rooms in the main home. Back in my previous life, since my mother was the legal wife of the head of the family, I could occupy the so-called main rooms. They were bigger and more luxurious than the rooms for my half-brother and his mother.Bookmark here

Second, Mommy and I will not even live in the main house, but maybe somewhere else like the branch house or the family’s personal villa. I have heard of some nobles who did that to either their distant relatives a.k.a branch family, or to their concubine(s) or illegitimate spouse(s).Bookmark here

I am not familiar with the Hartmann’s area so I cannot guess in which direction are we going right now. Also, it has been quite awhile since we were moving inside the carriage and the road got shaky at times. So, before I know it, I seem to have fallen asleep...Bookmark here

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When I regain my consciousness (ah, it was a good sleep, I admit), I directly see an unfamiliar ceiling.Bookmark here

Looking at my surroundings...... ah no, I am inside the baby crib, so I cannot see really well, but I see a medium-sized room that feels so “homey”. It is not as luxurious as my old room, but I seem to prefer this kind of room better.Bookmark here

May I safely assume that I am indeed a child born from a concubine? At this rate, it is impossible to assume that I am gonna be the heir of the family, or that my mom is the main lady of this house. Oh boy, there we go again with disadvantageous situations.Bookmark here

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Just then...Bookmark here

“Whoa whoa whoa, she woke up!”Bookmark here

A young female voice can be heard—but it’s not mom’s voice. She seems to be around the same age as my mom. Who is it? Bookmark here

“Daa?” I tilt my head to the source of voice.Bookmark here

A young female beastwoman wearing a maid uniform is there besides me. Her golden eyes are sparkling while looking at me. Her hair and her wolf-like-ears are both silver-colored. Beautiful.Bookmark here

“Oh, she is looking at me! Chloe, look!” the beastwoman maid turned her head towards another woman—an obaa-chan with a cooking apron. Her name seems to be Chloe, from what I can understand.Bookmark here

“Ahaha, calm yourself, Niina. Look, Lyra-sama seems to be confused.”Bookmark here

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So, the beastwoman maid is called Niina.Bookmark here

“Ah, my bad. But, she needs to be introduced as soon as possible! I will go and fetch Vince!”Bookmark here

And then, Niina runs at an incredible speed to go and get someone called Vince.Bookmark here

I wonder who are they? Uhm, but where is my mom, more importantly?Bookmark here

Just as I begin to think so—the door is opened again. Niina? That was fast!Bookmark here

“Ara, what’s with all this commotion?”Bookmark here

Oops, my guess was wrong. It’s mom!Bookmark here

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“Cassie-sama, please excuse us! It’s just Niina, she got so excited when Lyra-sama opened her eyes.”Bookmark here

“Ahaha, that is to be expected from Niina. Ah, Lyra, come here.”Bookmark here

Mom takes me out from the baby crib and hugs me tightly. It feels warm and good in her arms. Now I can see my surroundings better!Bookmark here

“Alright, Vince is here! Ara, Cassie-sama? When did you get back here?”Bookmark here

Oh, hi, Niina! You’re back! And the old man wearing casual jeans and plain shirt over there would be Vince, right?Bookmark here

“Fufu, just now. Thanks for gathering everyone here, Niina. Now, let me introduce you to our new family member!” Mom lifts me higher, so I can see everyone and so everyone can see me.Bookmark here

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Everyone? Family member? Bookmark here

“You might already know this, but she is my daughter, Alrescha Lyra Hartmann. Just call her Lyra! And Lyra, it’s your first time meeting the three of them. The young energetic woman over there is Niina. She is the maid here and she will also assist me in taking care of you from time to time. And the obaa-chan over there is Chloe. She is the chef in this house, her foods are delicious! Too bad you need to wait until you can eat them, though. And the ojii-chan over there is Vincent, the gardener and fix-it-all man of this house!”Bookmark here

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...Bookmark here

Mom... I am only a few days old. Aren’t you taking the introduction too seriously? But thanks though, since it clears off my confusion!Bookmark here

“Lyra-sama seems to be such a good girl. She has been so calm all this time,” said Vincent.Bookmark here

“Oh yes, she is! And don’t you get the feeling that she understands everything we said?” asked Mom.Bookmark here

“Yeah, she seems to understand us, but well... it might be our feelings, she is still but a baby after all,” answered Chloe. Everyone burst out laughing after that.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now things are getting weird.Bookmark here

From what I get, the other three that were introduced just now are just people who work for my mom and this house. I am surprised on how friendly are they with one another—and with my mother, too. Back then, my family had numerous people working in the house, but not a single one of them was as friendly as Niina, Chloe, and Vincent.Bookmark here

Well...Bookmark here

It might be weird, but I don’t hate this kind of situation. Rather, it feels pleasant.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*creak!* Bookmark here

I can hear a door is being opened. Looks like the front door of this house? And then, the sound of incredibly loud and powerful footsteps!Bookmark here

“I’m home! Cassieeeeeeee! Lyraaa, are you born yet, you little one?!”

Bookmark here

Goodness, what a loud voice!Bookmark here but excuse me, who is that?!Bookmark here

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