Chapter 8:

Hello, Daughter

I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

After cradling my daughter for awhile, she falls asleep. She has a cute expression on her face.Bookmark here

I am glad that she seems to be alright.Bookmark here

Maybe it was just my feeling, but just now, I felt like she tried to tell me that she was already full. Hmm, must be my motherly intuition.Bookmark here

Or have I gone into the doting mother type now, for considering my child to be cleverly talented from the beginning?Bookmark here

Oh come on, me, she is barely a few days old.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Today is the first time I can cradle her again in my arms.Bookmark here

A few days ago, I only managed to hold her for awhile, before she got taken into the intensive care unit. For she was not yet stable.Bookmark here

I spent a few days recovering from giving birth to her… and during that time, I never missed a single day to pray for her safety.Bookmark here

I was so excited when the nurse came in earlier. I could not even keep my mind straight--I only had one thing in my mind : my newly-born daughter. I would be glad if I have the chance to apologize to the nurse who came in today… If memory serves me right, I replied her in an unfriendly way, so…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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After my distraught and unfriendly reply to the nurse, she handed my baby over to me.
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The moment I held her, I saw her innocent face, looking at me.Bookmark here

Ugh. I feel… guilty.Bookmark here

“Sorry,” I murmured.Bookmark here

Sorry for giving birth to you prematurely. I must have paid more attention and care during my pregnancy. Bookmark here

Sorry for not being there for you during your first few days of life.Bookmark here

I hope you did not feel lonely. For I will be there from now on, guiding you, my beloved daughter.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

[ Rihtes h¯ælu onbescêawung (Detailed health examination) ] I casted a magic spell while she is asleep.Bookmark here

After all, I cannot help but to be worried.Bookmark here

Hmm...Bookmark here

Alright, she seems to be all healthy and well. I am so relieved that her premature birth didn’t affect her health in the long run.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“I hope you will like your home, Lyra.”Bookmark here

Aah, I want that person to quickly take a look at her. To know how lovely she is. She takes after that person a lot.Bookmark here

Fufu, I smile at those thoughts.Bookmark here

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