Chapter 19:

I’ve Been Down So Long, It Looks Like up to Me

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

My eyes slowly open to the morning sunlight beaming me right in my retinas through my eyelids. Ah, I must have forgotten to close the blinds, I hate waking up early on Saturday mornings because of it. I try to keep my eyes closed and reposition myself in bed away from the light in my eyes. There is something on my bed that’s in the way. Did I leave out some laundry on my bed, why is it so heavy? I try to push it off my bed but it springs back and hits me in the face.


“Ow, what the hell~”

My clothes… They are alive~ I sit up and open my eyes, there is a leg on my chest.

I try to wake up and reanalyze the situation.

Yesterday I got beat up by some dude, I brought some girl home then we went to lay down in the same bed together…

Did I… Just...?

No way right?

“Oh my gosh stop moving Shiki!” A voice mumbles from the bottom half of the bed.

That sounded like my childhood friend that I have a massive crush on. She is upside down on my bed with pillows everywhere and my bedsheet is on the floor.

“You’re a terrible sleeper.” I say I push her foot out of my face.

How did she even end up like that? It’s like we got hit by a mini tornado in my bed.

“Hmph.” She grunts and mumbles something I can’t hear.

Saya… is in my bed. Everything that’s happened after seeing her by the vending machines on the way home replays in my mind. She wants to live here for a while, I am going to be waking up by getting bonked in the head every day from now? I might have to sleep on the couch or something.

*knock knock*

“I thought I heard someone awake, does anyone want breakfast? I made omurice!” My mom peers her head through a crack in the door.

“Mmmm, yes pleaseee.” Saya mumbles half asleep.

“Well, come to the table when you guys are ready!” She heads back to the kitchen to finish cooking.

Saya rolls over me to get out of bed.

“That wasn’t necessary!”

“Food~ it’s been so long since I had something your mom cooked.” She completely ignores that she squished me.

“Well, enjoy.”

“You won’t come?”

“Breakfast is for losers.”

“I’ve never had someone make me breakfast in a long time so I will be a loser for today.”

I roll over and close my eyes. I need a few minutes to shut my eyes and get some more rest in peace.


After I finally get out of bed I make my way to the living room to explain the situation to my mom.

“I was planning to move out of here soon, this place is so old.”

I hear my mom and Saya talking in the living room.

“Where were you planning to move to.” Saya asks.

“There are some really nice apartments in the next town over. But I didn't want Shiki to switch schools and lose all his friends.”

“Oh we have friends that go to school in that town. Shiki’s really close with a guy named Touma there.” Saya says with a big smile on her face.

She is really cutting it close by telling her about Touma.

“Really? Well then I guess I will look more into moving.” My mom says as she realizes I’m awake.

“Good morning...” I say to both of them as I take a seat on the couch next to Saya.

“Shiki, why didn't you tell me your girlfriend would be living here with us!” My mom says with a slightly annoyed look on her face.

“My girlfriend?”

“Saya will be living here for a while, you didn't tell me yesterday!”

“Girlfriend…?” I say as I look over to Saya who just grins back at me.

“O-oh yea my girlfriend hehe.” I say as I scratch the back of my head.

Saya is my girlfriend?

“I've always wanted a daughter!!! Saya I’ll be the best mom for you okay!”

“Shiki would make a great daughter, I mean just look at him! So submissive and-”

“MOM, I planned to tell you this morning!” I quickly yell something out to cut off what Saya was about to say.

“I'm so happy for you guys! Saya, you are such a beautiful young girl. I’ve been waiting so long for the day for Shiki to man up and ask you out!”

“Hehe thank you, I can say the same for you!”

“Aww, what a sweetheart!”

“Hehe.” Saya giggles.

“You know the neighbors told me they always saw a cute young girl entering my apartment, so I always had suspicions.” My mom starts to stare at me with a finger on her cheek.

“Oh really?” Saya looks directly at me and smiles.

I know why Saya is staring at me but why is my mom?

“Shiki is bringing girls back home while I'm gone… I hope you guys are using protection! Being safe is important, especially because you guys are so young.” She preaches to both of us.

“When that time comes I’ll be sure he does it.” Saya is trying her best to not burst out in laughter.

“You know I had him when I was still a teenager so I know how it is sometimes.” She winks at us.

“MOM STOP PLEASE!” I yell out as I know she thrives on making things awkward.

“Hehe he's so immature.” Saya says with a giggle.

“Look at how red he is, so cute!” My mom also laughs at me.

This is so unfair, it’s like it's 2 vs 1. My mom and Saya seem to feed off the same energy. There is a saying that guys are attracted to women who act like their mothers. Guess I’m no exception.


We open the door to Saya’s apartment and are instantly greeted with the smell of cigarette smoke. We decided to get her things as she has nothing with her at the moment. I follow her inside the small entrance and into a small room on the left. The room is very empty and not the cleanest. There are clothes and empty cans scattered on the floor. I notice there is no desk, tv, or anything much to be honest. Not even a real bed to sleep on but an unmade futon on the floor.

“Saya what do you want me to do?”

“Just take everything out of the closet and put it in the suitcase.”

I get to work and start folding her clothes and putting them inside the suitcase. Saya on the other hand is just dumping stuff in her bag that's in her drawers.

Since we are working in silence I decide to ask her about this morning.

“Why did you have to complicate things and tell my mom you are my girlfriend?” I say as I get a shiver down my spine thinking about how annoying my mom will be.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? To be my boyfriend?”

“Yea but I know you are only joking…”


I knew it, she was only doing it to mess with me.

“You don’t look happy. Say thank you right now.”

“What, no!”

“Shiki, don’t forget what I told you last night. Anything I tell you to do, you have to listen. I’m still prepared to ruin everything if you don’t haha.”

“Saya you can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m dead serious. After all you did to me, you should be grateful I’m being so nice. I could be doing mean things like forcing you to call me Saya-Sama hehe.”

“Thank you Saya-Sama.” I say jokingly.

“You are mine now Shiki…” She mumbles.

I finish putting all the clothes from the closet into the suitcase and close it up. I look at Saya's dresser and notice she has some of the same fancy makeup brands she mentioned yesterday.

“Where did you get all this stuff from anyways?” I ask as I start packing them away.

“Sometimes ya know... places have a 100% discount sale!” She nervously laughs.

“So they were free?”

“Free... if you don't get caught.” She winks at me.

I simply can only sigh at that answer.

We finish packing her stuff and finally head back outside back to where there is fresh air. She closes the door and stares at it for a bit.

“I’m free.” She whispers.

She walks over to a sewage drain by the house and bends down to drop the key to the apartment down it.

“I'm never going back so I won't need it anymore.” She casually walks back to pick up her bag.

“It’s a new life! Me and my pet Shiki! This is so exciting.” She lunges at me and squeezes my neck with her arm.

This is my life now… I guess things are fine like this.