Chapter 27:

The Curtain Falls - 12th Angle

Last Wish

My mind was going numb with all the things that were happening so fast. Before me lay Negai, breathing his last breaths.

“Negai!” I called out his name telling him to hold on to his life. But like sand in a palm, his life kept slipping away, before he finally closed his eyes once and for all. I grabbed his wrist, and just as I had feared, he had no pulse.

“No, no. No!” It was like reliving the past once again. Losing someone close to me and getting myself hurt. But at the same time, this was also something that had not happened before. Because the culprit was also someone I considered close to me.

That is why I confronted her, “What did you just do, Yua?” But Yua had an equally dreadful expression as myself. As if she could also not believe her actions. And then all of a sudden she pointed her gun at me.

“Myra, don’t tell me. You are the wisher?” she had been going on about this weird thing for sometime now. And she was calling Negai one just a moment ago.

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know what that means.”

“Don’t play dub with me. If Negai wasn’t one, then you have to be the one.”

“What do you mean Negai wasn’t. You mean to tell me that you killed Negai for an experiment?”

“No, he was supposed to be a wisher, all the evidence suggested that. But somehow, he wasn’t,” she lowered the gun and pressed her head with her hand as if she had a headache.

“Even so, how could you? How could you even try to kill him, let alone succeed at him.”

“Because I thought he was dangerous. He was going to eliminate us.” she said with uncertainty, but then pointed her gun against me. “But to think that you were the one who was actually behind all this.”

“What are you talking about!” I was tired of going around in circles.

“Then tell me, that you can’t see him,” she pointed at the robed thing floating behind him.

“Wait, is he real? Am I not just seeing stuff?”

“So you can see him after all.”

“Wait, that means Negai really had a guardian angel too.”

“Stop playing dumb and why not just admit that you are the wisher,” she just kept sounding more and more desperate.

“But I don’t even know what you mean?”

“Drop the act already!” she shouted as if she had finally run out of patience.

What was this situation. Yua was threatening to kill me if I didn’t comply. Negai was dead. Even though he had a guardian angel. Yua had managed to kill that angel and kill Negai. And now she wanted me dead too.

I, on the other hand, wanted to avenge his death. I had considered her like a big sister, like family, but turns out it was never that way. Unlike Negai, who kept me behind him in a gesture to protect me till the very end, Yua showed no such loyalty. And I thought it was fine to kill her as I proceeded to retrieve the survival knife I had carried on me for today..

But then all of a sudden, his words rang through my head, “(Stop trying too hard. You know, sometimes you just need to pray. You just need to wish instead of taking matters into your own hands.)

His words made me laugh as I dropped the thought of the knife. Seeing me lose my weapon, Yua tightened her guard even more.

“You know what, Yua. I don’t even need to waste my time or energy on you. You are just crazy. I would just leave your end to fate,” I let the pent up emotions I had come out. “I- I wish that you would suffer the same death as you inflicted upon Negai!” I practically shouted with all my emotions loaded into those words.

As soon as the words left my mouth, Yua for some reason pulled the trigger. *Bang* came the bullet flying straight at my chest. But just before it penetrated me, light started forming into the shape of a bell around my neck, which deflected the bullet.

Next thing I knew, pure white light was pouring out from my chest, taking the form of a small lady, long white hair and a beautiful white dress with complicated patterns.

“Wish accepted. Prayer.” These words left her mouth as if played on a recorder.

The next moment, a wave spread out throughout the room, as Yua hit the ground in the very same fashion as Negai. And the spirit behind her started to break just like Negai’s angel.

“What just happened?” was the only reaction I had.

“What is this supposed to mean?” Yua said with her last breaths.

“What are you doing here , Queen?” and the next one to speak was the angel.

“So, it was your turn to fall, Auz,” the lady spirit that had emerged out of me, spoke in a royal tone. “How the king was wrong about it.” she mumbled to herself.

“Excuse me, who are you?” I finally grabbed her attention.

“Ah, we finally meet, child. We have to say, your dense nature bored the hell out of us. But I guess it could be all forgiven in the wake of the powerful secondary wish you just made. We are very satisfied with our choice to make you our host.” she nodded. And then she looked at the exit gate. “But we have to admit, you played us all like fools, human. You have earned our respect and enmity.”

As if on cue to her words, sounds of footsteps started to come from that direction. Soon, claps were mixed in them too. And a figure appeared from the dark. Gray hair, red eyes and a giant smirk on his face. It was Negai Hoshino.