Chapter 28:

The Curtain Falls - 11th Angle

Last Wish

If you are confused, let's head back in time to understand what happened. The killer pointed a knife at me and was about to attack when I made my wish, “I wish the killer of Dakio Chieki would become the human puppet of the person he next lays eyes upon.”

“Wish accepted. Bound.

And the very next moment, the killer warped into an exact identical copy of me.

“What’s happening to me?” he freaked out. I moved my limbs with the thought of controlling him and he followed identically like him. He freaked out even more. I put the knife in his hand against his throat, “Shut up,” and surprisingly he copied my speech as well.

“Shut up.” This was too good. Now I didn’t have to predict Yua at all and let her take that dummy.

After that everything was simple, I just controlled him from the shadows. Whenever he didn’t understand anything, he would text me through Myra’s phone.

Which leads us to the present. Both the killer and Yua were taken out and Myra just awe struck at what was happening. But one other person that was surprised was Dee.

“Looks like you finally found someone useful, Jack” the Queen commented.

“Queen, you were here?”

“As expected, you didn’t notice. Then also, my own host did not. The only one that did was your host alone.”

Dee gave me a stare as if he wanted an explanation. “It was simple once I thought of my own case but with a more sensible Jinn. I had lost my memory. And if instead of you, I got a veteran Jinn, who knew the importance of staying hidden inside us, I wouldn’t have remembered either. Not to mention Myra was in the middle of a suicide attempt. And she is already paranoid enough to call the voices in her head of her Gramps or something.”

After explaining, I walked towards Yua who was almost dead by now.

“You…. monster,” she said with the last of her strength.

“No hard feelings, Yua. It was a game and we both knew what we had gotten ourselves into. But if it is any reassurance, know that the person you killed was the murderer you wanted to catch.”

Despite my words, she did not show any signs of gratitude as she closed her eyes. The Jinn behind her also fade to dust.

“Guess that’s that. Let’s go back. It has been a tense battle,” I said stretching, as I proceeded outside the building.

But the cold stares on my back caused me to stop midway.

“Okay, what do you want?”

“You never told me about the Queen.”

“You never told me about secondary wishes either, you have no right.”

“But then what about Auz. I thought our plan was to exhaust the other player’s wishes to knock them out of the game. That is why I agreed to do that fading away trick in front of them.”

“Aw, you didn’t think a measly human could kill you with just a party trick,” and I finally got him back for the Raj Gupta incident. “Well, I could. I didn’t gamble that the wish I made would be so strong. I gambled that the first hunch I had about Myra being the Queen and her secondary wish being absurdly strong due to a parameter as abstract as emotions could kill you Jinns. And now you know that you are not invincible. So, know your place Jinn,” I laid it out on him and walked away.

“You made enemies of the same queen too.”

“Oh did I now?” My words caused Dee to look at Myra who was on the ground. But she wasn’t shocked or anything.

“I am glad Negai is alive,” she was euphoric that I was alive. I may have used 5 wishes up until now, but I had gained 9 more.

And we were now back to square one to find other wishers. But little did I know I had a guest for me at home.

“Oh, dear, you are back,” in the Hoshino household, Amaaya greeted her husband.