Chapter 58:


Cafe Eris

“Tristan! You’re late again!” Mr. Scanta exclaimed. He carefully filled out a grey dot on the attendance sheet with his mechanical pencil. It seemed like he felt happy that I was late again. Like he had won. Ugh.Bookmark here

“At least I’m here at all Mr. Scanta,” I responded, already tired of him. “I don’t see Walter anywhere around here… Where is he, anyways?” Bookmark here

Mr. Scanta laughed, “Who knows?”Bookmark here

I walked to my seat at the back row which was on the right and beside a window. My seatmate, Lola, snickered as I sat down. I shot her a look, but I had to avert my gaze immediately. I didn’t want her to notice the blush on my face. Bookmark here

“Wow Tristan, speaking back to the evil Mr. Scanta? Who are you trying to impress today,” she teased. Bookmark here

“N-no one,” I mumbled back. I took a quick glance at her and she seemed… disappointed? Huh, I must’ve said something wrong. Great. Bookmark here

I looked up from my desk when I heard a loud voice booming through the hallways. I guess Cole was here. Bookmark here

“DO GOOD IN SCHOOL, SON.” I heard Ms. Park tell her son. I shuddered, she was so scary. And her voice was so loud too! I could hear her from here. Ms. Park was the head of the math department, and her son went to school here. A bad dynamic if you ask me, but it doesn’t seem like they have the best relationship anyways. Bookmark here

Cole came into the class surrounded by a bunch of girls. He was definitely the school’s sweetheart, there's no doubt about that. Bookmark here

Suddenly, his groupies had scattered. Penelope (Penny for short) had walked in, glaring at the girls surrounding Cole. Her crush was impressive, honestly. She was pretty much Cole’s bodyguard, but Cole was too dense to realize. Bookmark here

There were some rumors about her being kinda weird, though. I heard she would steal his dirty gym uniforms after P.E… Bookmark here

My attention had turned to Maisha. She seemed to be frantically writing down notes, something she was always doing.Bookmark here

Rahim slowly approached Maisha from behind, holding a stack of papers in his hand. Bookmark here

“NO,” Maisha yelled, not even turning to look at him. He jumped in shock, and walked away dejectedly. Bookmark here

Maisha’s friends, Sana and Jessica, sat beside her and laughed.. Jim was also there, sitting beside Jessica. He was trying to talk to her, but she was flat out ignoring him. I think he likes her, but I’ve heard he’s only trying to impress her because she comes from a rich family. Her parents are like lawyers or something. I don’t know. Bookmark here

Jim seemed to be fed up at his attempts to get Jessica’s attention, and he walked over to John and Ian. The two were clearly arguing, but they quickly stopped when Jim approached them. He must’ve said a joke, because they all started to laugh with each other. Bookmark here

“Hello there!” Scanta’s voice echoed out. I looked to where he was looking and saw three kids I’ve never seen before. They looked pretty young, too. Bookmark here

“U-um, hi. Is this room 203?” One of them asked quietly. Bookmark here

“Nope! You guys must be new, are you freshmen?” Bookmark here

“And what about it, baldie?” The one with the bowl cut snapped back. Bookmark here

Scanta laughed, “what are your names?” Bookmark here

“I’m Matsu, this is Mishti and this is Kulsum.” Bookmark here

“Nice to meet you all. Akaash, can you bring them to their classroom?” Bookmark here

“Hell no! I am not letting my brother show me around. Come on, I’ll find it myself! Let’s go,” Mishti huffed. They all left. Bookmark here

“Huh, Akaash, that was your little sister?”Bookmark here

Akaash, the guy sitting a couple desks beside, nodded and winced. “Yup…” Bookmark here

Scanta laughed. Bookmark here

The P.A beeped, and Ms. Lucky’s voice boomed through the speakers. “Could all grade 11 and 12 law students please head to the foyer, NOW. Thank you.” Bookmark here

A bit of shuffle could be heard, and it seemed like Ana (the guidance counsellor) now held the mic. “Could Matsu Kagneel please report to the guidance office, thank you.” The sound of the mic being put down played through the P.A before it finally stopped. Bookmark here

Damn, the poor freshman is probably having a bad day. Bookmark here

“ALL YOU BRATS THAT STILL HAVEN’T PICKED UP YOUR MATH TEXTBOOKS, COME TO ROOM 208 AT LUNCH,'' Rika's voice could be heard resonating throughout the halls. Bookmark here

She walked into Scanta’s class 30 seconds later. Bookmark here

“Mom- I mean Ms. Rika, how did you get here so fast? Didn’t you just make an announcement…? In the office? Like, the office that’s two floors below us?”Bookmark here


Cole stared at her in disbelief. “Were you just yelling?” Bookmark here

“OBVIOUSLY. NOW SON, HERE IS YOUR LUNCH. I FORGOT TO GIVE IT TO YOU.” She dropped a bag on his desk before leaving the room. Bookmark here

Right after she left, Pugh (the other English teacher down the hall) walked past Scanta’s class and gave him a dirty look. Two of Pugh’s favourite students, Ben and Katie, trailed behind him. They also shot Scanta with a dirty look. Scanta smiled back. Bookmark here

“Okay everyone, sit down! We’re starting!” Scanta yelled out. Once the class had settled down, Scanta stood at the center of the room. Bookmark here

“I’m going to start today’s lesson with a question.”Bookmark here

We stayed silent, waiting for him to begin. Bookmark here

“Does anyone here believe in fate?” Bookmark here

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