Chapter 29:

Epilogue- The game goes on

Last Wish

In the dark room atop a large casino, a man was dragged before a woman.

“Hey, what are you doing?” the man protested.

The woman gave one signal and the men holding her released him.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t cheating or anything to win the games,” he gave explanations on what might be the cause of his apprehension.

“I know. It wasn’t a trick, just the ability of your Jinn,” the man lost his words on the woman’s statement. His tension was clearly visible.

“Relax. I am not here to exploit you. But to give you an offer.”

“I finally have the whereabouts of all the wishers. Five of us remain. Two of them have banded together. I want the two of us to join forces for the time being as well.”

“Why me? There is another one too, right?”

“Yes, but he is no ordinary man. To be honest, I want him to not only drop out of the game, just drop dead in general. His organization had been a thorn in my side. My plan is to let the three of them face off first. And then we can take out the remaining ones. With my resources and your luck.”

“And what about after that?”

“One week of truce. We don’t attack each other. Or even investigate or spy on each other. After that, the same rules as now. What do you say now?” she stretched out her hand.

The man looked around the array of armed men around the room, sighed and shook her hand.


He was about to go to the bathroom to freshen up, when a peculiar item on his side table caught his attention. It was an envelope with no stamps or addresses on it.

“Amaaya, what is this on my table?” he asked his wife who was in the kitchen.

“It’s a letter from Negai.”

As soon as he heard Negai’s name, a smile appeared on his face. He opened up the envelope to reveal a letter. He read through it.


We’ve had our differences in the past. And they still exist. But it is time that you and I have a discussion. Just to make it clear, I don’t want to speak to you about our family or past or anything. I don’t want to talk to you as father and son. As Agura Hoshino and Negai Hoshino. I want to talk to you about my future and your plans. As Agurashi of Lemah and his named successor.”

Reading through it only made his smile deeper.