Chapter 10:

The Temple of Death | Part 3

The pearl of God

Chapter 10

POV of Kriti

I can’t believe my eyes! He… He is my Brother! Ronoj! As well as some more people with him! Who are they? They are in the same outfit! But where is mother? I can’t see her.

I approached him

“You are… Ronoj Right” - I asked

“Wait! Baa! What are you doing here!” - He said

Note: Baa is an Assamese word meaning Big Sister. It’s actually short for Baideu but Casually we use Baa while formally Baideu. We also use this term for our teachers too.

“Where did you go! It has been years since you left! And where is mother!” - I scolded him!

“Mother? She’s dead. She came into my way so I killed her.” - He said

I can’t believe what he said. He killed our mother. Our only mother! I’m tearing up! How can he do this!

And who are these guys with him!

“Ronoj why! Why did you kill her! And who the hell are these people!” - Father asked

His voice cracked up like a grown man trying to stop him from crying.

“Good Question; I shall answer them! I’m the leader of the Extermination Squad. My name is Takehito. I’m from the capital of the east kingdom.” - A tall man with a robe, A beard and an intimidating gaze.

He had the key of the temple in his hands!

“Hey is that the key! What do you plan to do with the Pearl!” - Chatur asked

“Oh, this? My goals are beyond your understanding! And we are leaving now!” - That man said

His eyes glowed and then the room was filled with smoke. And they vanished!

I can’t believe what happened! He killed our mother, and they went out and disappeared. We also got transported outside somehow! But, we don’t know what their goal is. We cannot let the Pearl get into someone’s hand carelessly.

“C’mon, We’ve gotta go! Our next goal is the North Kingdom!” - I said

And with this, we started going on our journey with a failure in this temple.

Narrator: This Concludes the Temple of Death Arc

Authors Note: Sorry for the short chapter. I am thinking to start a hiatus. I don’t know how long it will last. But, I’ll be uploading another WN. The thing is, the plot of this WN is like a generic shonen so, it’s going to be long. I guess it’ll be more than 100 chapters. So, I’ll be planning out the story. 

The pearl of God

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