Chapter 5:

The fall(Series finale)

A conversation with the taxi driver

Kevin Miller. On the outside he seemed like a normal person, sure he isn't the most accomplished person and he struggled finding a job, but no one would suspect that he had suicidal thoughts.Bookmark here

From a young age, Kevin was forced to be the best at everything, and if he wasn't good at something, then he wasn't allowed to continue doing that thing. That's why he quitted so many sports, like soccer. This type of lifestyle slowly brainwashed him, if in the beginning, he didn't agree with it, and he was forced by his parents, after a few years, that was the only way he knew how to live.Bookmark here

So what happens if you are not number one in life? You quit living. What seemed like a decent, average life for others, for Kevin was a living hell. He felt bad about failing to secure a top job and not leading a perfect life everyday. The only thing that kept him from killing himself earlier was fear. Every living organism fears death.. No amount of brainwashing can delete that fear in a human's brain. But after living so many years in pain and suffering, he finally made the courage to do it.Bookmark here

"Are you sure... This is your destination?"Bookmark here

"Yes." responded Kevin coldlyBookmark here

He payed the taxi fee and opened the door. Before leaving, he took one more look at Stephanie, and one more look at the car's interior. He saw the photo, the pair of dice, the fallen cross, the pillow and finally he looked at himself in the mirror that was attached at the back of the driver's seat. He didn't like what he saw.Bookmark here

"See you!"Bookmark here

"Goodbye."Bookmark here

Kevin closed the door and walked away... His destination was... a famous suicide spot. People that wanted to commit suicide came there because the scenery was beautiful. There were no buildings, only the trees, the grass and a 40 meters drop. As he was walking towards the cliff, his life was flashing before his eyes... And now he was 5 steps away from it.Bookmark here

Step1: He saw his childhood. He saw the girl he liked, he saw the soccer team.Bookmark here

Step2: He saw his parents... the parents that brainwashed him, but he didn't hate them.Bookmark here

Step3: He saw his school friends, and his coworkers. He wasn't really close to anybody , but wasn't a loner eitherBookmark here

Step 4: He saw his boss, maybe his only close friend. He saw him finding about his death, and feeling sad. Kevin was also feeling sad.Bookmark here

Step 5:...Bookmark here

"Wait! You don't have to do this!" screamed StephanieBookmark here

Kevin turned around.Bookmark here

"You only asked questions about me, but I didn't discovered much about you in return! It's not fair if you die here! If you don't have anything to live for, then live for me!"Bookmark here

Tears were raining from the girl's eyes. Seeing how sad he made her, Kevin started crying.Bookmark here

"I've ben here before. I wanted to do the same thing as you did. But I had someone too stop me, like you have me to stop you!Bookmark here

"Who? Who stopped you?"Bookmark here

"My father..."Bookmark here

There were a few moments of silence.Bookmark here

"I-I love you!" said Stephanie breaking the silenceBookmark here

"Even if I am not perfect? Even if I am a failure?"Bookmark here

"Who decides that you are a failure? That's for you to decide! If you smile then you didn't fail! That's all you have to do! Smile!"Bookmark here

Kevin ran back and hugged StephanieBookmark here

"I love you too. Also... can you give me your phone number."Bookmark here

Stephanie laughedBookmark here

"You really are hopeless. You ruined the moment."Bookmark here

And they both laugh.Bookmark here

The end.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Step 5(Kevin imagines a bright future, one in which he smiles...)Bookmark here

Step 6: Kevin feels the sensation of falling, the cold wind, and finally, nothing...Bookmark here

As for Stephanie... He knew what Kevin was planning to do... But she didn't have the courage to stop him. She quitted being a taxi driver short after and moved overseas without telling anybody.Bookmark here

Author's noteBookmark here

Thanks guys for reading my novel! This was more of a passion project and an experiment, I tried writing something different from what I usually do. That's probably why the writing is inconsistent at times, I was trying different things. Nevertheless I put a lot of effort into planning the story before I even started writing, I wanted something short, with a lot of foreshadowing, and every little detail to count. I personally like how it turned out, but as expected it didn't do well, not a lot of people read it. The few people who did read it liked it(or at least I think they did judging from their feedback) so I am happy.Bookmark here

My main novel is called "Higher-Lower" and that's where I spend most of my time and effort, so I would appreciate it if you would check it out!(I couldn't miss the chance to promote my main novel sorry)

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