Chapter 4:

Life at the edge

A conversation with the taxi driver

"What's with that photo?"Bookmark here

Stephanie looked at the photo with a sad face.Bookmark here

"I-I won't force you to tell me if you don't want to, obviously!" stuttered KevinBookmark here

"No, it's ok. That is the last photo I took with my dad... Shortly after that he committed suicide."Bookmark here

Kevin was petrified. He wasn't expecting that the photo would have such a sad story. He didn't know what to say... The next words came from his mouth without him even realizing:Bookmark here

"And why is it cut?"Bookmark here

Stephanie remained silent. After a few seconds Kevin realized how rude he was.Bookmark here

"Um-" he was interruptedBookmark here

"Hahaha you really have no shame huh?" laughed StephanieBookmark here

Kevin was red as a beet. He tried to apologize but Stephanie calmed him saying that it's ok, and that he finds it funny how hopeless he is.Bookmark here

After that, the atmosphere in the car changed. They both had a nice conversation, with nothing interfering. But there was still a problem. The ride was coming to an end.Bookmark here

"Ok I still have a few more minutes until we arrive at the destination. I have to ask her for her... phone number! But how do I do that?"Bookmark here

Instinctively, Kevin looked at the pair of dice. It showed a 4 and 1.Bookmark here

"Not good enough..."Bookmark here

"Hey! Are you even listening? Said Stephanie"Bookmark here

"Sure, sure! You were talking about your high-school life!"Bookmark here

"No, that was 10 minutes ago. Seriously, are you ignoring me? I asked you if your destination is on the left side of the road or the right side."Bookmark here

Kevin smile disappeared as he told her that it was on the right.Bookmark here

"I knew it..." said StephanieBookmark here

But Kevin didn't hear her. He was mustering the courage to ask her her phone number.Bookmark here

"I don't have much time... let's see.. the pair of dice? Bad luck. Let's look around the car... I might find something... no, there is no time. I have to do this now! But maybe I can just get the licence plate number when I exit the car and after that find more about... What am I even thinking, that's too creepy! There is no other choice... is do or die right now!"Bookmark here

Die...die...die...Bookmark here

The word "Die" echoed into his mind...Bookmark here

"Oh that's right. Why I even came here... to this destination... is to... meaning that it doesn't matter anymore... even if I get her phone number... It won't help me if I kill myself..."Bookmark here

Real Aire
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