Chapter 0:

That Dream. A Bright Sunset.

The Moon That We Saw That Day

Here i was, once again. This dream, again. The sky is filled with dark clouds. The rain is the same as usual, and it keeps getting in my head. How many times have i seen this in my dreams? It almost feels stupid. I keep looping back to this over and over again.

Well, its no use asking myself the same. I have to find out what is this dream. I got out of bed, and i left the dark apartment i was staying at. I didn't even bother to try to turn a light on or anything. I dressed up, and left straight away, to find... Something.

The road i expected was here. I could still hear the rain, and it was still the same dark day. But, ahead of me everything was pitch black. Nothing to see. Nothing to feel.
But, this isn't all of it. Im sure it isn't.
I started going through the pitch black road, when i sudenly started to see something picture like.
It took me a few seconds to realize, these are my memories. In these pictures, i can see them. The person that i valued the most and is no longer with me. As soon as i realize this, the picture turns into a video as i remember.
"Mom, where are you going?" i said. I was 8 years old.
"Im going to buy some food for both of us. Don't worry, Akane. I will be back as usual, ok?"
"Ok. Just make sure to come back, ok?" 
Her look turned grim and uneasy as i said this. Now that i see this as a third one, i can easily realize this.
"Don't worry. I love you, ok?"
Back then, these words took away all of my uneasiness.
But she didn't come back. 
I know already. This is what i told myself. No matter what, i want to get through this pitch black road.
More, and more noisy pictures of my memories appear. It gets so loud, i can't get a hold of myself anymore.
But i push through, until the curtain dissappears.

I see there, a girl. And a orange sunset appears right before my eyes. She takes off her hat, and she turns back to me.
But i can't see her face. Who is she? And why is she in my dream?
I was starting to wonder this in my head, when i heard a whisper right next to me.
"I hope we can rely on each other from now on, Akane."
And then, the bright orange sunset that i saw for the first time, vanished.

My breathing was out of control. My eyes were open again, and i was again in this plain dark room. I realized it now. I woke up.
Its raining, just like that dream. I turned on my lamp, and looked at my phone.
"6:00. I guess its time for me to leave, right?"

And, as if nothing really happened. I started getting ready, for my first day, and my first day of school.
But, as soon as i tried to think about that dream, my head started aching heavily. It took a while, but the pain went away.
Wait. What dream? What was i talking about?

Not like it will matter anyways. I never dream anything, im surprised if i even remember one of them. 
I closed my apartment's door, and started walking towards the stairs. I pulled out my umbrella so i could cover myself from the rain, as i saw a girl just staring at the clouds, in middle of the rain.
What is she doing? I hope she doesn't have a stupid reasoning to do this. 
I looked around and there was no one here. Guess i'll have to ask.
"Hey, you. Do you have a proper reasoning to be standing in the middle of the rain like this?"
The girl didn't even turn back to me, but she probably heard me.
"Hey. Do you think this rain is ugly?"
"Not at all. It is annoying though."
"I see." She finally turned to face me, and i couldn't help but think that i've seen her face somewhere...
"I was just thinking that even this rain has its pretty side, right?"
I nodded. She has my same uniform, so she is a student from my school aswell.
"What is your name?"
It was a bit direct, so i hesitated but i gave the girl my name.
"Tsukishiro Akane." 
"Im Maki. Ayasaki Maki. I hope we can rely on each other, Akane"
Have i lived this already?  My head started aching again when i tried thinking about it.
"I'll be in your care, Maki."
Huh? How did i answer? I didn't speak. Or did i?
This whole sequence of events is weird. The rain is also clouding my line of thought.
But in that moment, the scene before my eyes was a lot more different than what i once saw.
I suddenly remembered the dream. The orange sunset wasn't here. But, Maki was still the same girl i saw in that dream.

In this moment, i couldn't quite picture what was going on. But what i did know, was that i wanted to find the truth about that sunset. No matter what.
And maybe, this is what i was looking for. Something surreal, that could go beyond my own mind and my thoughts. 

Joe Gold