Chapter 40:

Epilogue: Nia's Resolve

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Day: 9/16/991; Time: 12th hourBookmark here

Several people in red cloaks were gathered in a thick forest near the House Eris manor. These lands were called the "Pure Woods"; the beauty of the forest was unadulterated by the presence of man. Few lived here because it was easy to get lost and there were plenty of poisonous plants to ruin someone's day. Even though this meeting was done in broad daylight, it was the perfect location for a gathering of villains.Bookmark here

"We strike in two weeks. Are we ready?" said an old man in a sinister voice. He was dressed in a black cloak that was on top of the red cloak. Even among the Blades of Malice Commanders, he was special. He was Dios, the most veteran member of the Blades. No one knew his real age and most of his abilities were shrouded in mystery. Dios was the only man that the Great Commander trusted. It was only through Dios that the Blades of Malice knew what their leader desired. Dios was their mediator.Bookmark here

A brown-haired woman in her early 30s replied, "I don't think so. Nia can barely control the Emerald's power in its current state. Her chances will only get worse once the tenth month begins. She is too weak."Bookmark here

"Don't be so hard on the kid, Beatrice. She's got two more weeks. I know that Nia can do it," replied Addas, in defense of the young girl that he treated like a little sister. He was not wearing his hood today and everyone could clearly see his face. Addas had wavy black hair, amber eyes, and olive skin. He had a scar on his left cheek, but most girls would still consider him attractive. Bookmark here

"You are too optimistic, Addas! There have been no observable results. We have had the Emerald for months now, but she still connect with the stone. We need to start the war with Gamma by conjuring a powerful storm, and Nia will not be able to produce it!"Bookmark here

"You better be careful, Beatrice. She outranks you," responded Addas, mocking the woman. Beatrice glared at him and was about to say something when Dios interrupted her.Bookmark here

"That's enough bickering! Why not ask the girl about how she feels about all of this? Nia, will you be ready? We are counting on you to succeed," said Dios in a soothing voice.Bookmark here

Nia was a young and timid girl with silver hair and light-green eyes. She was slender and had an innocent look on her face. Her frail-looking body and countenance seemed out of place for a Blades of Malice Commander. It was a position that she was thrust into, but it was not one that she wanted. She was the best wind mage that the Blades had. Unfortunately, being the best was not good enough. "I promise to be ready by then," said Nia in a sweet and melodious voice. Her voice was hesitant and lacked in confidence.Bookmark here

"I cannot believe our hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of this child! The gods of Ethos have decided to curse us all!" exclaimed Beatrice.Bookmark here

"Do not frighten the child, Beatrice. Nia has the talent; it is only the confidence that she lacks. We must support her," replied Dios, trying to quell any further outbursts from Beatrice.Bookmark here

"Nia will be ready at the start of the tenth month. We must believe in her," said Addas. There was nothing else left to discuss; the meeting in the Pure Woods had reached its conclusion.Bookmark here

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