Chapter 6:

Getting to Know You

One Wish They Never Wanted

A small thud came from the wooden mailbox when Takuma was about to enter the Takashiro house, so he opened the top of the mail section (that was shaped like a house's roof)...

...only to find a small male fairy with cicada-like wings amongst the junk mail and cobwebs.

"U-Um," the fairy broke out into a sweat and began to mumble to someone Takuma couldn't see, "Mr Spider, can he see me? He's looking at me..."

A daddy-long-legs spider, presumably the fairy's spider friend, crawled out from the right corner furthest away from Takuma. Before the boy could react, Ember fluttered out of her hiding place and sat on a section of mailbox furthest away from the spider, not even daring to make eye contact with it or this new fairy arrival.

"Quartz! You shouldn't have left the forest!" she barked at the male fairy, causing him to visibly cower. "You know you have absolutely no sense of direction."

"You were with that human," Quartz pointed a tiny finger at Takuma, "so I'm not the one at fault here. Your rage meant you were trying to fool around with humans in the name of 'revenge', right?"

Both glared at each other in defiance as they kept arguing. This gave Takuma enough time to properly observe Quartz's tunic and pants - like Ember, he lacked shoes - were made of a white fabric that looked a lot like cobwebs, or maybe dandelion fluff. His hair was the same kind of white and short (although his fringe did cover his eyes a bit), contrasting with both his young yet ragged appearance and Ember's waist-length hair that rippled when her wings moved. However, Quartz wasn't sending off sparks of magic like Ember was, making Ember's situation a little more understandable.

Meanwhile, the two fairies had seemingly come to a consensus and had set off for an open window of Takuma's house. With a small sigh, he closed the mailbox and followed them in.
Takuma was softly snoring away in his nest of blankets while the fairy duo were sleeping on a new volume of "The Familiar of Forty" manga, the plastic smell of the new book filling the air around them.

The red headed fairy tossed and turned a lot, so the white fairy rose while he was still half asleep and slid himself right next to her so she wouldn't continue.

As if she were thanking him, Ember softly smiled in her dreaming state...
In the morning, Quartz peered at the anime figures on the desk from his spot next to Ember. They were all about his height, if not taller, and arranged with the tallest in the middle of the desk behind the human's contraption with the large screen and rounded independent object.

Takuma sat up in bed, still shrouded in blankets, when he put on his glasses, then spied the fairy duo huddled together. By the sorry state of Ember's wings, she probably hadn't been very comfortable sleeping on the books.

"So, what harem did you have to run away from?" he asked the male fairy, the sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Sorry, Mr Human-er-Ta-Takoo-" the fairy ran multiple syllables into one word, but stopped when he failed to pronounce the boy's name. "Mailbox human," the fairy finally settled on after many attempts, prompting a very visible facepalm from Takuma.

"Never mind," Takuma looked away for a second, mentally berating himself for using a joke a fairy wouldn't have gotten.

"Say then, mailbox human," Quartz began, "normally involvement with magic gets you involved with fairies and allows you to see us, but you're completely powerless. Did you anger Ember?" He didn't look angry, just curious. As if he expected this.

"Er," Takuma turned away and nervously shoved his glasses further up his nose, "I tried to crush her." The two began to laugh awkwardly in unison at their realisation Ember would have surely used magic on him for that.