Chapter 1:

Chapt'r 0 introduction

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

in the landeth far hence from oth'rs, lies the windeth kingdom. In yond kingdom th're w're five diff'rent ranks: civilians, knights, a mage, a queen and a king. This kingdom wast peaceful because the king did manage the kingdom fairly and at which hour any civilians did get did hurt 'r sick those gents couldst drinketh potions. Th're w're five diff'rent potions: attacketh potions, which wouldst harmeth thee, healing potions, which wouldst cureth thee from any injuries, swiftness potion, which wouldst maketh thee festinate'r and lastly the strongest but the evilest potion of all, the dragon potion, which wouldst doubleth the strength and the speedeth of the us'r. T eke allows the us'r to flyeth and did cast dark charm. Thee can obtaineth the dragon potion by doing the w'rstest thing a human couldst doth, killing the king. By collecting the king’s lasteth breath it’s possible to maketh this potion with oth'r sup'r rare mat'rials. But a bodement hadst been toldeth since the windeth kingdom wast did create,

the travelling lamp shall rise and evil shall falleth

with courage in his heart a knave conqu'rs t all

the vict'ry is hard but n'r that gent gives up

desire arrives to this kingdom then shalt the travelling lamp riseth up

the legend cometh true this kingdom shall shineth

with the lighteth in his hands the kingdom shalt beest defin'd

as the evil falls the m'rning bell rings

the dragon potion art f'rbid breath of kings art not to useth

t shalt beest hath kept in the depth of the sea then the kingdom shall beest free
Joe Gold