Chapter 2:

Chapt'r 1 the starteth

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

A longeth timeth ago, in the landeth of the windeth, th're hath lived a young knave nam'd dawn. Yond knave dream'd of one day flying through the bright blue sky. Many years hadst hath passed, and that gent hadst becometh 12. That gent hast been training tirelessly to ent'r the kingdom's knight testeth. If 't be true that gent w're able to passeth the testeth, that gent wouldst wend on to becometh a knight. That gent practic'd day and night, learning how to holdeth a sw'rd to killeth giant monst'rs. At longeth lasteth, the day of the big testeth arriv'd. That gent hath walked into a colosseum did fill with many oth'r people standing and waiting f'r the trial to starteth. In the middle of the colosseum th're w're weapons falsing th're, th're w're harpoons, sw'rds, shields, flails, boom'rangs, tridents, meshes, bows and arrows. “attention! all candidates prithee gath'r at the middle to picketh two weapons” a voice echo'd throughout the colosseum. At which hour that gent did look up, th're that gent wast standing above ev'ryone else; the royal knight’s leadeth'r, then that gent hath walked up to the middle to picketh two weapons, a sw'rd and a buckler. Then the dare wast did announce. We wouldst has't to team up with anoth'r participant to doth the dare. That gent did look 'round and ev'ryone wast starting to findeth their partn'rs. But th're wast one p'rson yond still didn’t has't a partn'r yet. So that gent hath walked up to h'r and hath said “i don’t has't a partn'r yet, doth thee wanteth to team up?” “i wouldst loveth to!” the lady did reply, “the name’s dawn hywell” “my nameth is ellisia vividian lauri'r but thee can calleth me eliz”. Then the kingdom’s greatest mage cast'd a p'rtal f'r the teams yond w're eft to starteth the dare