Chapter 1:

The Start

The Sky’s Limit

A long time ago, in the land of the wind, there lived a young boy named Dawn. That boy dreamed of one day flying through the bright blue sky. Many years had passed, and he had become 12. He has been training tirelessly to enter the kingdom's knight test. If he were able to pass the test, he would go on to become a knight. He practiced day and night, learning how to hold a sword to kill monsters. At long last, the day of the big test arrived. He walked into a stadium filled with many other people standing and waiting for the trial to start. In the middle of the stadium, weapons were lying there; Harpoons, Swords, Shields, Flails, Boomerangs, Tridents, Nets, Bows, and Arrows. "Attention! All candidates, please gather at the middle to pick two weapons," A voice echoed throughout the stadium. When he looked up, there he was, standing above everyone else, the royal knight's leader, then he walked up to the middle to pick two weapons, a sword and a shield. The leader announced the challenge. We would have to team up with another participant to do the challenge. He looked around, and everyone was starting to find their partners. But there was one person that still didn't have a partner yet. So he walked up to her and said, "I don't have a partner yet. Do you want to team up?" "I would love to!" she replied, "The name's Dawn Hywell" "My name is Elysia Vividian Laurier, but you can call me Eliz." Then the kingdom's greatest mage cast a portal for the teams ready to start the challenge.

Real Aire