Chapter 2:

The Challenge

The Sky’s Limit

After he and Eliz entered the portal, they were sent into a forest. Then a message appeared from thin air “You shall use the weapons you’ve chosen to complete the quest” Eliz reads, “You’ll have to hunt down a pack of silver wolves. Good luck, young soldiers, you’ll need it”. Then the letters disappeared, and their backpack was filled with potions. Then the hunt is on. “Okay, Silver wolves are references to Artemis,” Eliz said. “Who is Artemis?” he asked, “She’s a Greek god of the moon and hunting. However, she always has a pack of Silver-coated wolves beside her,” Eliz explains. “Then what are we--” he said, but then he got interrupted by a Silver wolf. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, run!” he shouted. So the chase began. He and Eliz ran through the woods until they reached a river, “I think we’ve shaken them off,” he said, but then the river began to rise and form a shape “What the--” but the river formed a body already, it’s a human shape mixed with a bull. “Minotaur?” Eliz said with fear. “I shall say no, young lady,” The body said, “I’m the god of the river, Achelous” after that, it was silent. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, we are in the world of Greek gods now?” he asked. “Maybe...due to my calculations, the kingdom’s mage must send us into another realm, or in other words, he sent us into the world of Greek mythology,” Eliz explained. “Great,” he sarcastically said. “You shall not worry,” Achelous said, “I’ll guide you to the Silver wolf’s base.” So they walked along the river with Achelous, then he noticed the horns of Achelous. “Why do you have only one horn?” he asked. “Well, I can tell you if you want,” Achelous said. “Sure,” Eliz noted, “A long, long time ago, since Achilles was alive, I was granted Deianira the princess of Calydon, but then Achilles came and fought for Deianira. I lost, Deianira ran off with Achelous and left me alone” when Achelous finished, no one spoke, “But it didn’t tell how you have only one horn” Eliz finally broke the silence. “During the fight, Achilles broke one of my horns. My horn became the world’s first Cornucopia” Achelous said, “Really? I’m so sor--” he was rudely interrupted again with a Silver wolf. Still, Achelous just snapped his finger. The wolf dissolved into water vapor. “Phew, thanks,” he said, “You’re welcome,” Achelous replied. “We are close to the Silver wolf’s base, be careful,” so they walked along a big rock. Then what they saw was shocking, down there it was a whole kingdom. “What are we supposed to do now?” he asked.“The task said that we have to hunt down a pack of Silver wolves, but this is a whole kingdom!” Before their eyes, a pack of Silver wolves came through rock and howled. Every wolf bowed down, “I think we have to hunt that pack,” Eliz said, “Clearly,” he said. “I can help you,” Achelous said. Eliz asked, “How?”. Hence, Achelous pulled them together and explained the plan. After the discussion he jumped down into the kingdom “Whoo-hoo” he shouted, “This is fun.”

Achelous snapped his finger, which made him disappear and appear on the ground again. Then Eliz jumped down too. While in the airborne stage, Eliz screamed and appeared again on the ground next to Dawn. They were surrounded, wolves came everywhere, but then Achelous shouted out “NOW!” and Eliz threw a green potion into the air. As soon as the potion touched the ground, Achelous snapped his fingers to make Eliz and Dawn return. When they looked down, they were stunned. Down there was chaos. There was fire everywhere, even on water. “What in hades did you make me throw?” Eliz asked, then she gasped. “You gave me a Greek fire?” Achelous smiled and said, “Yes, dear,” then a portal appeared. “Well, it seems like you’ve completed your mission,” Achelous said. “It’s time for you to go” Eliz hugged Achelous. “This was a great journey. I will never forget you,” then Dawn said, “I agree” Achelous spread his hand to the portal. “Farewell, my friend,” Achelous noted, then they both jumped into the portal.