Chapter 53:

Chapter 53 [EX]



Getting off from the motorcycle seat; I begin to look around the crowd, my eyes halt when I see her standing there while the moonlight shines upon her brunette hair, her big beautiful gold eyes watching me, and that cute freckles that she had on the bridge of her nose are still there. She was like a goddess that walks among us; my heart beat faster than the speed of a running cheetah.

But why is she here? 

That is the question that pops into my mind.

She supposed to be back home, why here, why now?

"Haru?" Cindy's voice wakes me from my conflicting thoughts, I shake my though away and focus on the mission.

"It okay, are you tracking the cops?" I ask.

"Yes. You got 15 minutes" Cindy said.

I press a button on my left gauntlet; turning on the loudspeaker outside my helmet then I unzip my hoodie halfway, just enough so I can take out my M1879 Revolver. The sight of my revolver in my hand causes people to panic; I could hear a snippet of people voice quivering before turning into full-on panic.

"QUIET!" I shouted, and the whole crowd stays silents.

"Nope, I see you there, drop it or I will start shooting randomly" I warned to the bodyguards hidden in the crowd.

The bodyguard that was amongst the crowd look at the old man for confirmation; the old man nods his head and the bodyguards start to drop their weapons on the floor.

"Kick them towards me" I ordered; the bodyguard kick the weapon and all of it slide toward me on the floor.

"Thank you for your cooperation," I said.

"Who are you?" The bald man asks while puffing out his chest.

"SSssshhhhh" I let out; as I aim the revolver toward the bald man.

"Please hold your question after the speech, is that okay, Mr. Nicholas?" I ask; the man nod his head as he watches me wave the revolver at him.

I tried to find the piece of paper that Cindy wrote for me earlier, I grunt as I remember that I accidentally left it back at the base. After grunting, I facepalm my helmet with the free hand and shake my head slowly

You know what I don't need a speech for this, I mean I can improvise one, right? how hard can it be?

"Why are you doing this?" Shouted one of the people in the crowd.

"I said hold your question after the speech!" I order, then firing a shot up into the ceiling breaking the glass and making the price of glass debris fall onto the floor. Fortunately, there no one under it at the time the glass debris fall.

People gasp and quiver after witnessing the warning shot.

"you know what? Fuck it, I'm improvising the speech" I let out.

"First off, who am I? is not important," I said.

"Second, why am I doing this? the actual answer is relatively simple. I'm doing this because of revenge, someone in the past tries to kill me and my uncle. They succeed in killing my uncle but fail to finish me off now I here to pay double for what they have done to me" I continue.

"Do you understand what I just say?" I ask the woman in front of the crowd, wearing a black short dress with laced tied on each side.

"no, I don't understand! we never did anything to you or your uncle" The woman snapped.

"I like your tenacity but it not you I'm after. I'm after a specific person who works for my uncle killer" I said; turning my head toward the bald man.

"I don't know what you mean?!" The bald man lied; I can see sweat appeared on his head.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to make you confess," I assure the bald man.

"Then what are you here for?" the bald man ask.

My eyes wander across the room; it stops as I saw a young boy with Aegis action figure in his hand hiding behind woman leg, the boy looks at me with fear his hands shaking as he grips her mother leg tightly.

I walk closer to the woman and squat to the same height as the young boy.

"Please, he just a child" the woman begged.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt him, what your name?" I ask.

"Leave him alone" Lina chides toward me from afar; my head turns toward Lina, her face show a mix of anger and pleading as she glared at me. my heart became heavy as I saw how she look at me

"I'm just asking his name," I said.

"My name is Johnathan, please don't hurt anyone here" The young boy who looks like the same age as Kusagi plead at me.

"I can't promise you that but what I can promise you are that your mom and you won't get hurt," I said; while smiling under my helmet. The young boy is on the verged of crying, he probably in a very terrifying situation.

"Come don't cry..." I said; the young boys sniffed as he wipes the tear on his face.

"Good, now what I want you to do is close both of your eyes, and don't open it no matter what. Okay?" I said.

The young boys bring both of his hands to his eyes and cover it.

"Please..just let us go" the woman begged again.

"Of course, after I finish what I came here to do," I said; standing up again, I turn my body to face the bald man.

"You don't know who you messing with! they will track you down and kill all of your family!" the bald man warned.

The crowd behind the bald man dispersed and an unobstructed straight path leading to the glass pane formed behind him; I walk toward him and he begins to slowly take a step backward.

"I'm counting on it," I said; the bald man stops when his back meets the glass pane.

I raised the revolver barrel to his head and uncorked the trigger.

"Please, I don't want to die!" he begged.

"You pick your path, now you have to pay for it!" I said after squeezing the trigger.

A loud sound of small explosion going off accompanied by the sound of breaking glass behind him; smoke flies upward after escaping from the barrel of the revolver. A small circular hole inside of the man head appeared; blood begins to flow out of it and drips to the floor 

After the sound of gunshot finally simmers, I bring my feet close to his stomach and kick him causing him to break through the glass pane behind him; falling straight down to the dark alley below.

"the guards reaching for their guns" Cindy warned; I turn my body and release a couple shot toward the bodyguards.

They all fall to the floor limply like a sack of potato. The crowd gasp and shake as the saw the body, one of the even scream and start puking on to the floor; I could see the look of terror in the crowd when my eyes wander to Lina, her facial expression says it all, she fears me.

I press the button on my left gauntlet and the Motorcycle light up; it engines roar and begins to drive away down the ramp without me.

"I got it under control, quickly finish what you were doing," Cindy said.


"Until next time, it nice meeting you all," I said; shooting grapple gauntlet at the floor, the hook planted itself in the cement floor; I run and jump off from the edge from the broken glass windows earlier; I rappel down quickly, stopping midway, I press the button, it releases the hook and I fall straight down into the Roro bin containing trash below me.

I climb out of the bin and drop onto the alley, I stretch my arms as I wait for my ride.

A sudden burst of wind brush me from my right side, I turn my head slightly to the right; there she is standing a few meters and her eyebrows furrow as she stares directly at me.

Pushing the button on my left gauntlet, I switch to the radio com "Cindy you better get my ride here fast" I said, then switching back to normal.

"Hi" I greet Lina.

"Hi?! It that the only thing you could say to me? After you left me? After all the stuff we have been through." Lina said after that she pause a couple minute and take a long breath before continue.

"Did you know what you just did up there?!" Lina ask.

"Getting my revenge" I answer with a cold tone.

"Revenge? you just kill an innocent man in front of a child, how could you do it? don't you feel anything?" Lina said; tears escaping her eyes and her hands are visibly shaking.

"Innocent?! Don't make me laugh, he was a bad man! You don't know what he did! don't you dare pretend that you know what is going on!" I hissed.

"He was still a human, you could have used a different way maybe expose him of his crime, you don't need to kill him" Lina retort.

"The question you ask earlier, whether I felt anything killing my own kind. The answer is no, I don't feel anything anymore" I said; my finger digging into my own palms.

"All this time, I been searching for you, with a hope that you could still be the same. The same kind-hearted Haru I know and love when we were still kids. But now that I met you and seen what you did, I realized you not him anymore, you are something else entirely, you have no regard for other, you are twisted beyond believe" Lina said; all those words was like a piercing arrow through my heart.

"Now you see it right, it just like what I said three years ago but you didn't want to believe me, I am a monster," I said; turning my back on Lina.

"Haru... You are, not a monster—there is another way to help you" Lina let out; my instinct flare up like fireworks.

I turn my body 180 degrees to face Lina and bring my gauntlet in front of me; tightening my fist, the X slot slide forward and a red color energy flows outward. The red energy quickly forms a see-through rectangle shield that enough to cover my whole body.


In just a few second after raising my shield, Lina already closing in using her flight speed and lay a punch on my see-through shield; pushing me a couple feet backward. The punch was like a shotgun blast at point blank or a car hitting me at 30 miles per hour; pain flares up in my left arms.

I could see the shockwave from the punch earlier cause the paper lying around the alley to flew up in the air and the trash that was stacked up to fall off.

"If you won't seek help yourself. Then I have to force you to get help!" Lina exclaim; her eyes looking me up and down as if she was scanning me.

I press the button on my left gauntlet and switch to radio comm.

"Cindy you got FIVE fucking minutes to get my bike here!" I barked; as I raise my defense waiting for another attack.

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