Chapter 6:

That Obnoxious Boy

Second Chance At Life

Before I came to this world, I remembered an old man aimed his firearm at Rin's head.

Catherine joined him, followed by Anthony, and then I was next.

I woke up, confused.

I thought I was in Valhalla (I’m Norse Pagan), but the mirror would say otherwise.

My face was not the same, and this was not my body.

Trying to gather information, an unfamiliar face startled me.

The previous life returned to me, and my reflexes kicked in.

“Woah, calm down! Are you alright, Juliana?”

My roommate explained everything to me, but there were questions I still had.

Not from him.

I needed answers from an entity as to why I existed in this realm.

It was obvious I reincarnated elsewhere, in an environment I wasn’t familiar with and a rich history I knew nothing of.

I didn’t want to cause any suspicion, so I played the role of Juliana until I could find the answers I’ve been yearning for.

As Juliana, I would be attending Ultiminia Academy—amongst the students, rumors were being passed around.

Something about peasants attending the university for the first time in history.

Apparently, the princess had an argument with her father which resulted in him recruiting peasants.

Normally, nobles attended the university.

I hardly remembered what the principal was saying, but she passed the microphone over to the princess.

She made a small speech before giving the microphone. to the new students.

The first man was cute and tall, but he didn’t say much.

However, the second boy was so obnoxious.

Everything about him shouted Rin in terms of vibe.

I couldn’t believe that annoying boy reincarnated to this world too.

He may look different, but I was sure he was Rin.

I was more annoyed when I learned he had the same class as me.

Well, to be precise, I had the same class with all the new students.

I witnessed Rin getting bullied by those bullies, but Cassiopeia escalated the fight.

As days passed by, there was something that always involved Rin.

He always became the center of attention every day, getting into fights with the new students.

Any day that didn’t revolve around him was a peaceful day for me, even if my day was rough, it was bliss.

I didn’t understand why other students would be fixated on him.

They either came in two variations: talking about their academics, or they spoke about Rin.

It was like this guy was stuck with me until the end.

“You wish to speak to the princess, Dame Juliana?”

I nodded.

Rank-Up Selections were coming up, and I had enough.

The maid escorted me to Cassiopeia’s room where she was studying on her own.

“Lady Cassiopeia, you have a visitor. She wishes to speak to you.”

“Who is it?”

“It is one of your classmates, Dame Juliana.”

“Come on in,” she invited me to her room.

I comfortably took a seat.

“What did you want to talk about? And sorry, if it looks like I’m not listening, I’m getting ready for the upcoming exams.”

“I was wondering if you have the authority to expel a student.”

“I don’t. I may be the princess, but that doesn’t give me the power to do whatever I want. Why do you ask?”

I sighed roughly.

It was worth the effort to ask.

“It’s the new student, Tsubasa. He’s been disturbing the school environment. He and Kaito are always fighting, doesn’t that concern you?”

“Those two are always fighting. Nothing I can do about it. And besides, when they are fighting, the students pay more attention to their academics and magick. So it’s beneficial for students to be engaged whenever Tsubasa and Kaito are fighting. Everyone feels encouraged to improve.”

I wondered what that asshole said to her that made her believe this was acceptable.

Knowing Rin, he was a manipulator and a liar.

“I don’t see how that’s beneficial when two dudes are fighting every day. We obviously know the winner is. Rin is—I mean, Tsuba—,”

“How do you know that name?”

Something didn’t feel right when Cassiopeia asked that.

I thought Cassiopeia would have the answers I was searching for, but it seemed she was also in the same position as me.

Now that begged me the question.

Who was Cassiopeia in her previous life?

“What name?”

“Don’t play dumb. Who are you?”

She was slowly seeing through me.

I needed to play my cards right.

“I’m Juliana,”

She slowly nodded, doubting my answer.

“You’re Jennifer, aren’t you?”

But how?

“You have to be Jennifer, for sure. The only person who hates Rin this much is her. And Alex.”

My heart started racing briskly.

Anxiety slowly emerged from my stomach, and I felt the urge to leave my seat.

But if I did that, she would win this battle.

Then she lost interest in me, stroking her chin.

“So my theory is correct. I’m not alone in this world. And…those who died also retain their memories from their previous life…which means Anthony and Rin are here.”

“Is that you, Catherine?”

“Yes, Jennifer! What other female employee got shot on that day?”

I turned my head in an angle with a raised brow.

She was right.

Nidalee no longer worked at the store, and Lilith quit a long time ago.

I assumed Izzy was shot.

“So what now?” I asked.

“We gather Anthony and Rin here.”

I knew she would say that.

As much as I didn’t like that decision, it was for the best.

It was clear who Rin reincarnated to, but Anthony was different on the other hand.

“How do we find Anthony?”

“I think I have a clue who Anthony is…”

She turned to her maid.

“Marissa, can you bring both Archie and Tsubasa here please?”

The maid inclined her upper body forward and did as she was ordered.

As we waited for them, Catherine and I tried gathering information.

How we reincarnated to another world?

How did we retain our previous memories?

Could there possibly be others like us in this world?

The maid knocked on the door.

“Milady, I have brought both Archie and Tsubasa.”