Chapter 7:

Grocery Store Reunion

Second Chance At Life

Tsubasa and I were getting ready for the second exam.

We spared matches relentlessly, and I managed to learn a few tricks or two.

Exhaustion overwhelms us, drenching in sweat everywhere.

At the same time, both body and mind wish to keep going despite exhaustion.

Before we plan to continue sparring, one of Cassiopeia's maids approaches us.

"Sir Archie and Sir Tsubasa, the princess wishes to see the both of you."

Tsubasa stares at me, but I shrug.

What does the princess want from us?

I know we didn't do anything bad.

We follow the maid to the hall.

She takes us into the furthest room.

Voice can be heard…something about reincarnation?

“Milady, I have brought both Archie and Tsubasa.”

“Let them in,” she answers.

We proceed forward to the princess’ room.

It’s more spacious, colorful, and cleaner than the dorms.

“Take a seat,”

We grab one of the chairs and sit next to the princess and the other student.

I believe her name was Juliana.

She was one of the top students.

This would be our first time meeting.

“What did you want to talk about?” Tsubasa asks, resting both arms behind his head.

"I called you two for a reason…"

The tension in the room increases, Tsubasa remains unfazed, and my questions are slowly being answered.

The princess turns her head to me.

A smile envelops.

"How's your day, Anthony?"

My brows raise, and my eyes widen.

It’s my first time speaking to the princess.

And after all this time, I finally found the person who might have the answers I’ve been searching for.


Tsubasa looks confused.

“I think you got the wrong person. His name is Archie!”

Cassiopeia shakes her head.

“I know I got the right person.”

She turns her attention to me.

“Can you guess who I am?”

The perplexing question confuses me.

Maybe she’s not the person I’m looking for.

I shake my head, unable to answer her question.

“Come on, try to guess! I’ll give you a hint. I’m one of your coworkers.”

Is that she summoned us here?

I look at Juliana, then to Tsubasa, and back at Cassiopeia.


She carries the same vibe as one of my friends.

A special friend I care so dearly.

Yes…she reminds me of her

As much as I want to deny it, I have a gut feeling that it’s her.

“You’re Catherine…”

She smiles, “I knew you would get it, Anthony!”

“And how about me, Anthony?”

Juliana waves at me, smiling.

I try to think of all the other female coworkers during that day.

That incident…it still engraves into my nightmares, haunting me even in this other world.

“Um?” Tsubasa raises his hand, catching everyone’s attention.

If I’m around my coworkers, then Tsubasa has to be Rin.

It’s so obvious!


He tilts his head in confusion.

“What’s going on? Why are you guys calling each other different names?”

Catherine blinks her eyes, stupefied.

“Tsuba—I mean, Rin, we’re your coworkers! From the grocery store! I’m Catherine. This is Anthony, and that’s Jennifer!”

“I’m Rin?”

He points at himself.

“Oh my god, stop playing dumb!” Jennifer seems annoyed.

I try to take a different approach.

Maybe Rin doesn’t remember his past life.

“Tsubasa, do you remember anything unusual?”

“What do you mean ‘unusual’?”

“Do you remember having a life different from this? Or working at a grocery store?”

He shakes his head in response.

I turn my head to Catherine and Jennifer.

Both Catherine and I shrug, unsure what to say.

“I think he’s trying to mess with us. He probably remembers, but doesn’t want to tell us.”

That could be a possibility.

Knowing Rin, he can be a manipulator at times.

I can understand why Jennifer has a distaste for him.

When he does it, the reason is for comedic reasons.

Plus, he’ll always admit to his faults and take responsibility.

That’s just the kind of person Rin is.

He’s really a simple guy, who may seem to have an ulterior motive but really doesn’t.

Tsubasa certainly shares the same trait as Rin.

The competitive spirit, the friendly nature, they are all similar no matter how different their appearance may appear.

I can see where Jennifer is going, yet at the same time, I’m more inclined to theorize that Tsubasa may not remember his past life as Rin.

The chances of him not being Rin are low.


“I told you my name is Tsubasa,” he interrupts Jennifer.

“Shut up! Do you remember that letter you wrote me?”

He shakes his head. “Why would I write you a letter?”

“This is not getting anywhere. Maybe he doesn’t remember.”

The door creaks, and Catherine's maid enters the room.

“Milady, is everything alright? It looks like a heated conversation here.”

“We’re doing fine. Thanks for your concern,”

“Are you sure? You can always ask me for anything, and I’ll be happy to help.”

“Well, a friend of ours is having a hard time remembering something.”

“Is that so? Perhaps I can assist them!”

“It’s okay, Maris—”

“I have the ability to help individuals recall memories they once forgot.”

She instantly changes her decision. “That would be helpful!”

We turn our eyes toward Tsubasa.

“Are you ready?”

Tsubasa retreats a little.

“What? Scared we’re going to look through embarrassing memories of yours?”

“Yeah! It’s an invasion of privacy!”

“Please, Tsubasa…we just need information…” Catherine begs.

He quickly declines, turning his head away from us.

I said Rin was simple and competitive.

He’s also naive and gullible.

Maybe Tsubasa will fall for the same trick as Rin.

“Tsubasa, if you do this for the princess, I can tell you the secrets to defeating Kaito!”

His brows raise in excitement, and a smile envelops.

“You know his weakness?”

I piqued his interest.

I nod.

“Alright! You can look into my past, then!”

Catherine quietly thanks me as her maid leads Tsubasa to his seat.

She sits in front of him as we watch her do her magic.

“Look closely into my eyes, Sir Tsubasa. Focus on them, and nothing else…follow my voice as I guide you to a trance…”

Silence grows into the room until Tsubasa becomes lifeless and hypnotized.

She gives a few commands, and he instantly responds—obedient as if he were her pet—the hypnosis is a success.

“Princess, what do you want me to tell him to do?”