Chapter 10:

Cap 10 - The Corrupt

Eyes of the Mind

"Haruka, all right?"

He asked Jean for the girl who seemed to be distant in his thoughts.

"What? I'm fine, I wish I was less screwed up but I'm fine."

"Are you sure you want to go? You've done enough to defeat that woman... You don't have to work hard, in your condition it would be better if you didn't participate."

"I did not defeat that woman... " said Haruka as she looked at her left hand covered in her glove."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I was just lucky... Nothing more than that, tell me what your plan is to save the lamp."

Knowing that jean was short time was straight to the point, they didn't know what might be happening to Hyper at that time, fearing the worst he had decided to invade the front place.

"I'm going to tell you drums... What kind of shit plan on?"

"We don't know what's going on there... As far as we know the people who are taken to that place, they don't come back."

"I understand what you're trying to say, but storming that front is suicide, are you freaking out? You said yourself, there are two others like that aunt, she almost killed me and fought both of us alone."

"And what do you think would be better to do Haruka?"

Despite Haruka's words, neither of them had a plan, however, they both knew that time was short and something needed to be done.

"Lady... Why are you going? You're not in a good position to fight again. "Cristy said while pulling haruka's t-shirt."

"Relax little creature, I'm just going to beat up a crowd and then I'll come back."

"You're crazy that yes... You're going to kill yourself. "Evy spoke as he stared at the girl from the back of the room."

"Do what? I like to live dangerously... Drums, call the rock boy, if we're going to get beat, then we'll be right there."

The girl might appear to be calm, but Haruka was indeed afraid, she knew that in her current state it would not contribute much to the fight, but she also wisely that letting Jean and Vitor go alone would be her worst choice at that time.

After leaving the abandoned facility, the hunters headed to the radio building that would be the base of operations of the mercenaries.

"And then... What's your personal plan? "I asked Vitor while analyzing the place."

"The guy, we hit them, rescue the hyper and leave, just like the Portuguese did with Brazilian gold, you know?"

"That's crazy, right? Jean what's the plan?"

"That's exactly what she said, we don't have many plans..."

Vitor was sure that plan was madness, but he also wise that he had no other way to get into that place without attracting the attention of the mercenaries.

"Then, we're going to do the following guys, you two are going to get the attention of the guys, and I'm going to take a 007 and sneak into the place, then I'll save the lamp and i'll leave."

"What? Why do we get the worst part?"

"What Haruka said makes sense, she's not in the best position... " said Jean as she prepared to begin the invasion."

"Do I close it then, without complaining? three, two, one let's go!"

After saying this Haruka ran over the buildings toward the radio building, soon after Jean jumped to the bottom to draw the attention of the mercenaries to the other side, Vitor even being half-pensive ran to the opposite side of Jean to draw attention as well.

The place did not seem to be much protected by the sight of the hunters, although the mercenary forces already proved to be present in the most unexpected places, did not seem to be around.

"I see we have visitors..."

Before he even arrived near the building, Jean was confronted by a man in a gray suit, wearing black glasses and white hair that appeared to be waiting for him.

"Would you mind answering a few questions?"


"Which one of you killed Biyu? You the girl or your other friend?"

"Who knows..."

"Apparently it's going to be the hard way, isn't it? I'm a man of class, don't worry, no one's going to interfere, your other friend must have been arrested by Scarlet by now."

"How did you know about us?"

"You are very careless... Our scouts could have eliminated you several times as you talked at the top of the building, but at the request of our master we directed our forces to the building to wait for the girl."

Keeping in mind how strong Biyu was, Jean did not think twice, preparing for the worst the hunter entered the battle position.

"How many of you have here?"

"Does it matter to you? Anyway, you're going to die, I'd worry a lot more about your friend."

"What's she got?"

"Her path is going to be a lot worse than yours..."

With a slight touch of feet on the ground, the man made the ground around Jean open, creating two walls that turned ready to crush the hunter.

In quick movements Jean managed to escape the attack, when his eyes turned forward the man was already on his side.

"Your reflexes are good, but I don't believe you killed her, it's just to think that it was that boy or at worst that girl."

In a quick attack Jean turned his electrified spear in the man's direction, however, before the spear hit him, the man created a wall that stopped the hunter's blow.

"Let's see what you're capable of, hunter..."

As Jean clashed with the strange man, Vitor found himself in such a bad situation.


"Boy, you've got a cool hair. "The strange woman who had entered Vitor's path said."

"Thanks for the compliment..."

She had a somewhat strange appearance, had brown hair with a ponytail, green eyes, wore a striped t-shirt accompanied by a green jacket and a denim shorts.

"Let me think... You're a water user."

"Who told you that?"

"Humm? The excuse I didn't even introduce myself to, did I? My name is Scarlet, some call me oracle."

"Oracle? Why do they call you that?"

"It's very simple, I can see and change things, everything you can see I see I double."

After hearing that information Vitor raised his arm forward and created a pressure jet with water towards Scarlet that hit her hard.

"An oracle seems to be quite useless in a fight. "Vitor said as he watched the girl lying on the ground."

"You're completely wrong."

When Vitor winked the girl on the floor was now on his side completely unharmed.

"Didn't I tell you? Everything you see, I see double."

Vitor then punched the girl who disappeared from his side.

"You're so... Innocent, isn't it?"

"Where are you?!"

"I'm everywhere, I'm on your side, behind you, far closer."

"That's a unique joke."

"Do you feel bad? Ever wonder why people treated you like that?"

In another blink of an eye Vitor was taken to a strange location, a kind of playground.

"I... I know this place..."

"Hey you! Why don't you react? "Said a boy while kicking the other child."

At that moment Vitor found himself in a situation that he could not understand, that boy who was being oppressed was himself.

"What the hell is that?"

"It is your thoughts, the deepest thought of your mind, a time when you were weak, unmotivated and a complete useless."

"Where are we now? When did you take me?!"

"What you're talking about, we're in the same place."

When Vitor returned his senses he was stood in the street where he had come to Scarlet.

"Why don't you give up? We can end your pain, your useless life will be used for something other than being a burden in the lives of others."

"Shut up! "Vitor was screaming as he fired shots of water with a gigantic pressure toward the girl."

Each shot when hitting Scarlet caused damage similar to a shot from a firearm, however, the girl, even being visually injured, did not present pain or anything like that.

"What the hell is going on..."

"You are far from hurting me, I am in your mind, everything you are seeing now, is nothing but a simulation created by me, made to destroy you, here I am like a Goddess and you, a mere ant, observe."

Suddenly the girl appeared in front of Vitor and gave a slight punch to his chest, at the same time Vitor regained his consciousness in the real world, he felt a unique pain that made him spit blood at the same moment and fall to his knees on the ground.

"The human mind is powerful... It does much worse damage than physical ones, if I wanted you dead, you would already be dead..."

"Damn Haruka... I knew that wasn't a good idea..."

"Haruka? You mean that girl who ran towards the radio building?"

"Who else do you think? "Vitor said as he stood up."

When Vitor's eyes turned forward, Scarlet was with a frightening smile.

"That's great..."

"What's great?"

"She just cut short our work of having to pick her up, the mouse went straight into the trap."

After hearing those words Vitor again fired his water bullets toward the girl who quickly hid behind a pole not to be hit, taking advantage of the girl's distraction, Vitor ran toward an alley trying to distance himself from the girl.

"Did you really think you were going to run away?"

At the same time Vitor found himself in a completely different place, he was now in a sports equipment room of a school, looking around he again saw himself when he was younger, he was sitting in a crying corner.

"I remember that day, they locked me inside the school shed, it took them almost two days to find me because of the holiday..."

Slowly Vitor began to approach his younger version, however, before he had a chance to interact with her, something stuck to his back, as Vitor looked back he saw a black figure with completely ghastly eyes.

Before he had a chance to react, it pulled him back by throwing him back to a different location, now he was in a location that looked like an abandoned dam.

Looking around Vitor saw his younger version being tormented again by three children.

"Hey, you idiot, why don't you take a dip over there? "One of the boys said as he tried to push the boy into the water."

Vitor remembered that day well, it was at that moment that his magical powers had awakened.

As his old self had just been pushed into the water, while the children laughed at the situation Vitor continued to sink, as he sank into his anger and frustration began to take over, his magical powers began to control his body, in a few moments Vitor began to become one with water.

Out of the water Vitor remembered well what happened after he sank in the water, in a few moments emerged from the water a blue colored being that seemed to be made of pure water.

The children who were previously laughing now demonstrated a unique fear of that creature.

"You must remember that day well, don't you?"


"To be honest, it was surprising to find out for me."


"How special should you be? The first human who became a corrupted and managed to return to normal."

"Shut up!"

"That way of yours was really cool, you would have done a lot of work, but then that woman came..."

"Don't you dare talk about Mary!"

While arguing with Scarlet's voice that disturbed him mentally, Vitor came across Mary when she was about to kill her younger version that had turned into a corrupted one, however, before Mary struck the final blow, for some uncertain reason Vitor returned to his normal form.

Mary, seeing the boy who had just returned to normal, began to take an interest in adopting the boy as his apprentice.

"Why are you showing me this?"

"It's very simple... The human mind is weak and anything emotionally strong for the individual can make it fall apart, the question here is how much more you resist."

At that moment Vitor returned to the real world, looking around he was looking for Scarlet, after not finding the girl Vitor instantly thought of retreating to some safe place.

"Are you really thinking about running away and leaving your friends behind?"

Scarlet's voice ran through Vitor's mind, looking everywhere Vitor sought to find out where the girl was hiding.

"Where are you?!"

Scarlet's long laughs went through Vitor's mind, it was as if the girl was inside his head, this was driving the boy completely mad, freaking out vitor began to shoot several shots of water around him in the intention of finding the girl.

"Your time for rest is over..."

After hearing those words Vitor again fell into the world of thoughts, while sinking into a black sea of emotions his vision allowed him to see again the face of his master.

"Hey, kid... Raises... Come on I'm going to help you..."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Mary, I'm going to be your master now, let's hold my hand..."

Vitor unconsciously held the hand of what was supposed to be his master and plunged into the sea of darkness that had formed in his mind.

Physically in real life Vitor instantly turned into the corrupted one he had once transformed.

"Now yes... I was wondering how long it would take for your mind to break... but now I have a cool toy..."

Scarlet said she now had complete control over Vitor in his corrupt form.

"Now... How's your little friend turning around? She's probably already arrived in the building, what do you say? Shall we surprise her?"

While Scarlet led Vitor in his humanwater form to the radio building, Jean fought a complicated fight that he himself did not know if he could win.

"I didn't realize you'd last out for so long..."


"Since you're a lightning user you're already used to getting around at high speed, that's good... That's what kept you safe so far."

"What are you doing here?"

"Of all a little, i traffic spiritual stamps, mass production of magical biological weapons, things like that."

"Magic biological weapons? Corrupted?"

"Looks like you did your homework."

"That doesn't make sense... Normal people can't turn corrupted, only users tend to turn corrupted."

"Your thinking isn't wrong, but it's not right either, maybe I'll tell you a little more about it, in case you survive a little longer."

Quickly the man put his hands on the ground causing several stakes-shaped stones to rise from under Jean, using his reflexes the boy managed to dodge, when Jean turned his eyes to his enemy the boy took a blow in the stomach causing him to fall to his knees on the ground.

"You're fast... but it depends too much on your magic."

After saying this the man kicked Jean who threw him in the direction of a car causing the boy to collide violently with the vehicle.

"It seems that you are not very well boy... still planning to fight?"

His opponent was indeed strong, but was not invincible, Jean then used his support spear and got up ready to fight again.

"... I haven't been defeated yet, it's not going to be you who's going to beat me here either."

"Great words..."

Jean then set off on the man by throwing several attacks with his spear, quickly the man began to defend the attacks with stone plates that was removed from the ground as he was pressed back.

The boy then began to accelerate his attack mode, his speed began to grow even more as he struck the man with his spear, his attacks were so lethal that each time they hit the thick layer of stone several rays came out of the impact and the stone was instantly obliterated.

"You have potential boy, a lot of potential, no interest in joining forces with us?"

"Is it a joke?"

In that short sentence Jean was hit by a stone that came from his side, because of his high reflection he managed to use the spear to defend the attack, at the same time the man created a stone hammer and struck a violent blow towards the boy, before the blow hit Jean, a shot caused the hammer to break.

"But what is this?!"


In a clear shot using a rifle Evy saved Jean from taking a full blow, taking advantage of the carelessness the man Jean attacked with his spear causing him to retreat back.

"What are you doing here?"

"This is my fight too, this is my town."

"Splendid... not to say unexpected, but what now? This battle is beyond your girl forces."

"Evy get out of here now."

"No, I'm going to fight too."

Evy's sudden appearance had saved Jean from receiving a blow that could have decided the fight, but his presence in the fight could end up hindering the hunter, even so, she remained steadfast in her choice.

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