Chapter 11:

Cap 11 - Sudden Change

Eyes of the Mind

A few months before the incidents in tokyo...

"Evy... Why did we leave the house? Where are we going?

"Let's go to a friend of mine's house... Let's spend some time away from home Cristy.

"But for what reason? Mom and Dad are going to be sad if we stay away from home too long...

"Their choices have made me make this decision Cristy, we can't go home for now.


"Cristy, I need you to trust me, I'm doing this for your sake.

"All right, Evy.

After a while waiting at the bus stop, a car approached them, inside it there was a boy who appeared to be 19 years old, he had half a long hair, wore a black T-shirt and blue pants accompanied by a white sneakers, was one of Evy's friends who had arrived to take the two to his house.

"Hey Evy, how are you?

"Hey Satoro, I'm fine... Thanks for the help, you have no idea how you're helping me now.

Cristy's current situation was what most upset Evy, his younger sister had been identified as a magic user, for his parents that was great news, but for Evy, just the thought of seeing her sister fighting the threats was already something that took away her sleep at night, and evy tried to convince her parents to abandon the idea of letting Cristy be a hunter, but her parents did not listen to the girl, for they Cristy would be safer if she were trained to use her skills.

The girl wanted to protect her sister, but she also had no fond memories of hunters, in the early years after the cataclysm, Evy saw all his classmates executed in cold blood by hunters, their justification for all those deaths was to prevent the contagion they had suffered from coming into contact with a creature from the spirit world from spreading further, the creature was a being that was known to be practically a weapon of mass destruction because of its powers of contamination that made humans become blood-mad zombies.

The justification was understandable, but Evy knew the truth, that day the hunters were eliminating anyone and everyone on the spot, just to spare the trouble of checking who was infected, Evy was just no longer one of the victims because that day she witnessed the discussion of the hunters about what they should do with the contaminated, Evy knowing what was going to happen still tried to warn his classmates, however, in that situation no one believed the girl, so they believe that their saviors would have this kind of idea was just a madness created by Evy.

Knowing that she would not be taken seriously by her colleagues, Evy decided to flee, by the time the hunters began to execute people, the girl had already fled from that place, even after reporting the events, the organization responsible for the hunters in the incident muffled the facts, this began to generate in the girl a deep feeling of disgust about the hunters.

"Evy, what do you plan to do now?

"I can support both of us... I just need to think a little, I'm got a lot on my mind at the moment.

"You know this isn't right, Evy, you can't take your sister, take her away from your parents and choose to run away with her, I'm here to help you, but I need you to understand that this is wrong.

"Satoro, they would turn her over to the hunters, my little sister would be killing or dying just because she was identified with this curse which is to be a user.

"I... All right Evy, I understand, you can count on me.

The first days after Evy took the initiative to take his sister away from home, everything was among the conformers, often his parents tried to contact the girl in the intention that the two would return home, however, Evy had no intention of returning, Satoro helped the girl in what she needed, he proved to be a great friend in the girl's vision.

The day after leaving her job, the girl planned what she was going to do around the day, her parents had stopped calling her in the last few days, this was something totally abnormal, but Evy didn't care about it, after thinking a little Evy got a call from Satoro, when she answered her cell phone she just heard the glitches on the call.

"Hey Satoro, all right?


"Where are you? The connection's jamming a lot.


"Then I'll call you back, I'm going to go straight home.

The place where Evy lived with his parents and later after fleeing to Satoro's house was in one of the regions that had been isolated from tokyo, after the attacks of the creatures and the constant lines of magical trafficking that existed in place the association of hunters along with the army isolated the region, the place now had half the movement that had once existed.

On the way home Evy noticed that something was wrong, she realized that some of the blocks before Satoro's house were completely empty, even in the current situation of that region, it was not something normal and Evy wise of it, at the same time Evy took his cell phone and called Satoro, after the cell phone rang a few times he answered.


"Satoro, did something happen? The streets are empty, man.

"Where are you?!

"Easy, man, why are you yelling? I'm near your house.

"No, no, no, no Get out of there now, they're probably still out there!

"They who guy? What are you talking about?

Before Satoro had a chance to answer the dropped call, Evy then headed toward an alley while looking around.

"What's going on here Satoro...

Evy's question was not long before it was answered, looking from Evy's corner saw a strange movement near one of the buildings on the street, when she focused her gaze she realized that there were armed men next to a black truck, at the same time she realized that those men could not be military, their clothes seemed to be civilians, but something about them was weird, Evy then saw some of them leaving the building with handcuffed people, soon after they put them inside the truck.

At that moment Evy only thought of his sister, Satoro's house was not far from that place, as the girl had lived in that place for a few days, she had a notion of how to get to her friend's house without passing near those men, Evy then put into practice his plan and ran towards Satoro's house, as she walked the path she managed to see several trucks transporting the people who had been kidnapped.

"What the hell is going on here?

Arriving at Satoro's house, Evy saw one of the trucks approaching, at the same time she entered the house and called her sister, Cristy after hearing her sister calling her name was at the same time seeing what was happening.

"You're early than usual.

"Cristy, be quiet, don't say anything and come with me, we have to get out of here.

"But why? Satoro hasn't come home yet, aren't we going to wait for him?

"We can't waste time here, there's a crowd that doesn't seem very good coming here.

"What do you mean?

Evy then heard the noise of the truck stopping in front of their house, at the same time she grabbed Cristy in her lap and ran to the second floor of the house, there was no way out the back and Evy was out of ideas, so she took her sister to her room and started looking for a gun to defend herself.

After a few minutes one of the men broke down the door of the house and came in looking for someone, he was accompanied by another man and the two then began to search the house.

After they found no one downstairs they went to search the second floor, climbing the stairs they began to check Satoro's room, soon after they went into Evy's room, after finding nothing they went towards Cristy's room, one of the men then broke down the door and came across Evy who at the same time used a baseball bat that Satoro had to strike the head of the man, however, for not having much physical force his blow even took effect, after receiving the blow the man then went up to Evy and knocked her to the ground.

"It was a good try...

"What do you want?!

"Shut up! If not, I'll blow a hole in your head.


While one of the men held Evy on the floor the other soon after entered the room and the two handcuffed the girl, while the girl was immobilized her sister watched her under the bed.

"All right, now get up and take her to the truck.

"I think she's crazy to tell us where the others are, don't you think?

"You're right... and then girl, where are the other villagers?

While the men focused their glances on Evy, Satoro silently came up behind what was at the door and applied a lion forest on the man, at the same time the man pushed himself back, shocking Satoro against a wall and soon after got into a body fight with the boy, seeing this the man came out of Evy to help his colleague, the girl then even struggling got up and advanced towards the man throwing himself at him, with the impact the two hit the protective bars of the ladder and fell to the lower floor.

The man at the same time after the fall was unconscious, Evy on the other hand was still awake, however, after the fall she was totally dizzy and could not move, while satoro upstairs was being pressured, on account of having no experience in combat he could not defend himself from the other man's blows.

After being punched in the belly Satoro fell to the ground while the man came back to pick up his gun.

"Were you trying to be a hero? Save your little girlfriend?


"It's a shame, if you had maybe triple experience you could last a little longer in this fight, we didn't get orders to kill, just capture, but we were also instructed that if someone fought us we would have complete freedom to execute the person.


"I think you fit right into that.

The man then pointed a pistol at Satoro, in that situation the boy did not know what to do, it was then that the man out of nowhere stood still as if he had frozen, the two were not understanding anything, it was then that Satoro saw that behind that man was Cristy who used his magical powers to stop the movements of the man.

"What's going on here?

"Unfortunately for you... we have a user here. "Satoro said as he rose from the ground.

At the same time that Satoro stood up, he realized that Cristy was at his limit and could no longer hold the man, without thinking twice Satoro took the gun from the man's hand and shot him in the head without giving the man any chance.

Cristy seeing that scene was totally unreacted, the shock of seeing it left the girl totally paralyzed, Satoro didn't want to do that, but he knew he had no choice.



"We need to go... Let's get out of here, okay?


Satoro then approached the girl and held her hand as he pulled her away from that place, as the two descended the ladder Satoro noticed that Evy and the other man had disappeared, realizing that she might be in danger, Satoro began looking around the house looking for Evy, after not finding the girl there was no other place to look if not outside, after leaving the house Satoro came across the man using Evy's human shield while pointing his M4 in the direction of the boy.

"I didn't expect you to leave, after I heard the shot I figured you were dead, kid.

"Let her go, you don't have to do this...

"And why would I do that?


"Tell me something, do you trust your aim? I'll give you two choices, the first you drop your gun and put a handcuff on the girl next to you, after that you will come along with the two and get in the truck behind me, in the second you can try your luck and shoot me, if you miss I'll kill you and then kill her, so what's it going to be?

"... Why are you doing this?

"Money, we are mercenaries after all, now make your choice.

Satoro had no experience with firearms, the fear he had of hitting Evy was even greater, so in that situation the boy dropped the gun on the ground and raised his hands up.

"Apparently he's thinking of you girl, it seems like he likes you.

"Satoro, don't call me, you have to protect Cristy...

"He can't do that... and on the other hand, we're not in a fairy tale.

The man then pointed and fired several times at Satoro who fell to the ground shortly thereafter, for a few inches the shots did not hit Cristy.

"No! What did you do your... wretch!

"Shut up.

The man soon afterwards threw Evy to the ground and went towards Cristy to handcuff the girl, at that point Cristy was still in shock and could not move, the man then held the girl's hand and pulled her close to him while taking out a handcuff to arrest the girl, before he finished handcuffing the girl the man was shot in the neck by Satoro who was still conscious.

After receiving the shot the man fell to the ground while trying to stop the bleeding, Evy seeing that situation struggled to get up, after getting up still in handcuffs, the girl went towards Satoro to see how he was, however, after approaching the boy, she noticed that he was no longer alive, Evy at that moment could only express a totally sad and terrified look.

"Cristy... Take the key to my handcuff, she must be with that guy on the floor.


Even reluctant and terrified the girl approached the man and after rummaging through his pockets she took the key of the handcuff that was inside his jacket pocket.

Slowly Cristy headed to Evy and released her handcuffs, Evy then went to the truck and opened the doors to see if there were any more people, to the girl's surprise the truck was full of handcuffed people, without thinking twice she let go of those people's handcuffs, after talking to some of them the girl didn't get any important information of what was going on in that place, in the current situation Evy took Satoro to his room and said goodbye to his friend.

After changing clothes, the girl took the weaponry of one of those men along with a radio they carried and left the house, the goal of the girl was to understand what was happening in that place.


"What was Cristy?

"How did it end like this? Why did we have to kill those people?

"You didn't kill anyone Cristy...

"I helped Satoro kill that man, I used it...

At the same time Evy stopped and looked at Cristy, the girl had no reaction at that moment, Evy then approached her sister and hugged her.

"It's okay Cristy...

"But... You asked me not to wear that, you said it was a curse...

"Listen, Cristy, you did the right thing, you don't have to blame yourself for anything, if it wasn't for you Satoro and I would be in a wees right now.

"But... but Satoro...


After some time the girl discovered that that region of tokyo had been taken over by mercenaries, she did not understand how any hunter organization had come to interfere in it and not even why the army had also closed its eyes to their situation, this ended up making the girl extremely frustrated and nervous about all that.

A few months later, after losing contact with another of the civilians who had not yet been taken by evy mercenaries was already hopeless, it was when a bang caught the girl's attention, at the same time she went to check what was happening.

Arriving at the site Evy came across Haruka beheading Biyu, after a few months in that place the girl knew that there were humans with powers similar to those of the hunters working with the mercenaries, so she also had familiarity with Biyu's face, after seeing that scene the girl no longer knew what was going on, but after seeing Haruka falling to the ground she instinctively went to help the girl.

It wasn't long before Vitor and Jean found the tracks left by Evy and found her, even reluctantLy Evy trusted the hunters and took them to Haruka at that moment, even after relying on the words of the hunters, Evy was not entirely calm with their presence, so they went out to attack the radio building, Evy wanted to change hiding places and run away again.

"Come on Cristy, we have to change our hideout again, you'll know what can happen to those people, if they end up being captured they can deliver our location.

"Evy, why don't we help them?

"What are you talking about? We can't help them, we're normal Cristy people.

"How long are we going to run away and let the others fight for us?

"What can we do Cristy!

"Are we going to let them die?! Like Satoro?!

After hearing that Evy totally changed her expression, the girl felt a deep sadness that did not allow her to answer her sister.


"Let's go Cristy...


"This city is ours, not theirs, if they will fight, then we will also Cristy.

After saying that Evy took her rifle and along with Cristy they went to the battlefield to help the hunters, after getting close to the scene, Evy noticed that the battle had already begun between Jean and a man she knew as Thay.

After observing the fight between the two she hoped to find the best time to help the hunter, the girl was completely motionless in fear seeing that fight, the movements of the two were practically imperceptible to her.

Even though afraid Evy did not back down, she continued with her stare fixed on the two men, at the moment she noticed that Jean would be fatally struck she quickly aimed at her rifle and fired by breaking Thay's stone hammer.

"But what is this?!


At that moment a cold rose down Evy's spine, she had never entered such a serious fight like that, her fear was totally visible to Jean's eyes, yet she was determined to fight.

"What are you doing here?

"This is my fight too, this is my town.

"Splendid... not to say unexpected, but what now? This battle is beyond your girl forces.

"Evy get out of here now.

"No, I'm going to fight too.

Thay then stepped on the ground again erecting a stone barrier that he kicked forward soon after sweeping everything that was in the way of the barrier, Evy then hid behind the wall of the alley she had left and Jean using his lightning magic climbed part of a building jumping over the barrier.

After going through the barrier Jean went head-to-head with Thay who came to meet quickly, the fight between the two began in an accelerated and deadly way, Evy now could not even see what was happening, his eyes could not even accompany the two, Jean after receiving a blow fell to the ground when Thay became visible to Evy at the same time she aimed at his rifle at him and began to effect several shots, Thay then raised another stone to fend for himself from the gunfire.

"Unbearable creature...

Jean took advantage of Thay's moment of distraction and raised his arms forward creating a wave of lightning that threw the man away, however, the damage of lightning was not enough to hurt the man in a serious way, so as he was flung away Thay created several stone stakes where Evy was, Jean realizing that he used his magic by speeding up his body and managed to save Evy from being impaled by the stones.

"We're even now.

"Are you forgetting that ridiculous amount of magic stamps I spent on your friend?

"Don't you think you're very calm?

When Jean and Evy turned their eyes back Thay threw a punch that hit Jean's face in the face, throwing him back soon after, grabbing Evy by the neck.

"What's up? Is the show over?

"... Is this a show for you, you clown?

After receiving the punch Jean got up and picked up his spear from the ground ready to return to fight, however, after seeing that Evy was now a hostage the hunter stopped his movements without knowing what to do.

"Life is funny, isn't it? She came to help you and ended up digging her own grave.

"Let her go...

"And you're going to do what to let her go?


"Hold that spear of yours firmly on the ground, if you don't hear me, I'm going to break her neck.

Without having many choices Jean stuck her spear with all the force on the ground with her pointing down, soon after stood in front of the spear with it on her back.

"Let her go now...

"That's not how it works, you know?

"... I know very well how this works, you're going to take me hostage and kill him later, aren't you? But that's not going to happen again, I usually have an immense hatred for hunters, but this time I'm going to make an exception and give it exactly 10 seconds...

"10 seconds? What are you talking about? "Asked thay confused.

After hearing those words Jean joined his hands and began to carry an absurd amount of magical energy, his powers soon began to hit him on his spear and vice versa.

"What are you doing want me to kill her?

"You're the one who's going to die here, asshole. "Evy said as he pulled a light grenade from his pocket and pulled out his pin.

When Thay turned his eyes to Evy it was too late, the grenade exploded on the side of the two leaving Thay blind, instinctively Thay tried to retreat away.

"Now Cristy!

Using his magic Cristy stopped Thay's movements, at that moment the rays that struck between Jean and his spear rose towards the sky and descended with a surreal power, after hitting the spear Jean used it as a conductor and pointed his arm forward, the power of the beam that Jean designed had been called by him as.

"... Super electromagnetic cannon.

A fast-paced project of pure electricity, an attack so deadly that it melted and deteriorated everything around it, after hitting Thay's back the electric blow broke the man practically exploding his trunk.

"... What's that you did?

"After receiving full that blow your heart was destroyed along with all your internal organs outside your head, you are still alive because of the shock of the impact that must have kept your consciousness without realizing that your body has been destroyed.

"That..." it's impressive...

After saying this Thay got an empty look and said nothing else, his mind at that moment died.

"So... Is he dead? "Evy said that he was slowly approaching Jean.

"You'd better stay there.


"If you get closer than that you will die without realizing it.

Using that ability would leave Jean's surroundings on a high electricity that could kill anyone who got too close to him without the person even realizing it.

"What's the plan now?

"I don't know, my magic ended up destroying my radio, I can't get in touch with Vitor and Haruka.

"And what are we going to do now?

" With 10 seconds to go, in 10 seconds the electromagnetic field around me will disappear, so I can go help them, this magic totally unbalances my flow of magic, so in addition to my body suffering damage I can not use my magic right for a minute which is how long that field of electricity is around me.

"Magic... hunters really must have a hard life, don't they?

"A hard life?

"Forget, something else, don't comment at any time on my sister's magical ability, I don't want to see her in the same life as you.


After Jean's waiting time ran out, they headed towards the radio building, meanwhile Scarlet had just arrived at the building accompanied by Vitor in her corrupted form.

"What a lot... " said Scarlet with a gloomy smile on her face.

In front of the girl there were dozens of mercenary soldiers who had been commanded to capture Haruka, all had been mercilessly killed by the girl while watching that scene Scarlet could not contain her evil smile.

"That's too much... What kind of toy will I have when I find your friend in Vitor? This whole killing, this unreal force, it excites me in a way that you have no idea, when I get my hands on it, I'm going to have an uncontrollable monster.

"Commander... Scarlet...

"Humm? Oh, look at that.

"That girl... She's not normal.

"Notice Vitor, all these men who were killed by your friend, are equal this garbage dying in front of you, humans who can not use any magic skill are nothing but garbage, are all slaves of ignorance and only serve to be used as mere tops ...

"Commander... Scarlet?

"Finish him Vitor...

After hearing Scarlet's orders, Vitor in his corrupted form advanced towards the wounded mercenary soldier and killed him in the most brutal way possible, behind him was Scarlet laughing silently as he watched the scene.