Chapter 6:

This is a pen

5 min stories to keep you company

Everyday I would try to arrive as early as possible to class.


There is a girl I’m interested in.

At first, it was just simple curiosity.

My classmate, the foreigner girl.


«Tap, tap, tap»

I ran as fast as I could.

“I’m so stupid” - I said to myself. “The class starts at 16:00, not at 6pm”. That’s what I get for not checking the schedule properly.

«Tap, tap, tap»

Just a little bit farther to the class.



The black haired girl opened the door as slowly as she could. Alas, it still made a sound.

The sudden noise made every single student to look in her direction. The girl turned all red in shame.

“Sigh” - The teacher quietly complained and turned back to the blackboard. He was a grumpy old man.

Slowly, one by one, the rest of the students did the same.

The girl, still embarrased, looked for an empty seat.

Too bad the only spots open were too far away from the board.


The girl sighed, and simply sat down on the first chair she saw.

She quietly took out her notebooks and pencil case from her bagpack.


The girl turned pale.

«clink, clink, clink»

A single pen had fallen to the ground.

The girl nervously pretended it hasn’t been her. However, it was indeed obvious who had dropped it, and so she could fell eyes looking at her once again.

She had gotten too anxious, so she stopped paying attention to the class.



The door opened once again.

It was a light-brown haired girl with green eyes.

“Again?” - complained the teacher, and looked in her direction.

“Oh...dasdsa dedefrre!” - said the girl while laughing nervously.

As usual, it sounded just like gibberish to others.

What language was it, again?

“Hurry and sit down” - sighed the teacher.


“Oh my god, I’m so stupid” - I thought to myself.  “Today had to be the day I came to class without even showering. I even fell asleep and I didn’t even check my face in the mirror.”

The auburn haired girl looked curiously at me, the girl who had been looking to her lap all this time. Since I had been too focused on my internal monologue, I haven’t even realized the foreigner girl had sat next to me.

“Dsa? Dsa? Dsa!” - the brown haired girl poked at my face.

“Huh? WHa-”


I fell.

“Fgadte dsa?” - The foreigner girl looked worried.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean it! I was just startled and hahahaha-” - I laughed nervously while sitting down on the ground.

“Dsa?” - She looked confused.

“Oh no, she doesn’t understand me, does she?” - I thought to myself.

I looked around to see if somebody had been looking at me being an idiot again. Luckily, it seems the class had long ended without me realizing.

“Sigh” - I was relieved. Now I can think clearly.

Since the girl in front of me still looked confused, I thought I should at least try something. Anything would do as long as she could understand me.


I quickly grabbed the pen I had dropped a lot earlier and showed it to her.

“Diz. Iz. Ah. Pen” - I clumsily said while pointing to the pen in my other hand.

The girl looked perplexed for a second before bursting to laughter.

“Hahahaha! No, no, no” - She said while trying to control her laugh.

“This. Is. A. Pen” - She pointed at the pen while speaking beautiful english.

Normally, I would had teared up in embarrasment for my horrible pronunctiation, but her pretty smile washed all the nervousness away.

“Zann...kyu?” - I tried to pronunce it as good as I could.

The brown haired girl smiled kindly once again and wrote something on her hand.

“Nice to meet you, friend” - It could be read.