Chapter 17:

The Date

heaven's hell

Somewhere on top of a hill at night.

"Haruna is dead"

The guy with the Oni mask says to a women who is standing at the edge of the hill.

"Well, she was strong, didn't expect her to die"

Says the women as she doesn't make any eye contact with the Oni mask guy, gazing at the night sky which is filled with stars.

"She released the information so most probably your name is also released"

"Wasn't her son cursed??" 

"The curse only stands if the person who upholds the curse was alive while breaking the deal. She was somehow able to release information after she died"

"I guess I have to pay a little visit to the god's representatives then"

The women suddenly turns her head towards the Oni mask guy.

"I have a history with them"

The women pulls out a cigarette from thin air and lights it, revealing her stunning face which has a cut in the left eyebrow .

"You sure do

Reyna. I leave it all to you"

Says the man as he turns around and leaves, vanishing into the darkness.


Toshiro's room

"I never thought she will be the one asking you out on a date"

Says Toshiro with a voice which clearly indicates that he doesn't much care.

"I know right. Fumino just called me and said that we are going on a date, actually she said that Kia will be the one on the date but it doesn't really matter, they both look the same"

Says Kakoroshi with excitement in his voice as he gets ready in front of the mirror.

"Ofcourse as Kia is a spirit inside Fumino but they both are completely different in terms of personality"

Says Mio as she stands at the door, leaning on the edge of it.

"Fumino is rather calm, well mannered and diligent while Kia is aggressive and thrilling. And if you look closely, Kia has a little bit more cut body than Fumino."

Says Ino who is sitting in the chair inside Toshiro's room, with Toshiro's clothes on her lap which was previously was on top of the chair on which Ino is sitting.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rings as everyone goes downstairs to see who is at the door. As Ino opens the door, she sees Kia standing outside wearing a beautiful black split A-line dress, looking gorgeous with straight open hair to add to the look (Fumino prefers tied hair while Kia prefers open). Everyone looks at Kia for a moment to admire her beauty.

"I was here for Kakoroshi"

Says Kia to break the silence.

"Weren't we suppose to meet at the mall?"

Kakoroshi pushes his way through to the front as he was standing at the back.

"I actually I arrived there 30 minutes early so I thought of picking you up"

"You could have called me"

"Or come to pick you up"

Kia gives off a brightening smile 

"Shall we go then. To our date"

"Yeah sure"


Kia grabs Kakoroshi's hand and gently pulls him to her Porsche.

After a whole day of fun, roaming around the city, they are finally at a restaurant.

'I can't believe she paid for everything. So pathetic of me to let her pay but she insisted on paying'

Thoughts run wild inside Kakoroshi's head.

"I had a lot of fun today with you"

Says Kia with a bright smile. 

"Me too"

Kakoroshi looks at Kia's beautiful face which is shining because of the sun light falling on her.

"Here's the bill"

The waiter comes in with the bill.

'This time I definitely have to pay'

Kakoroshi suddenly has gentlemen look on his face.

"Allow me to...."

"Thank you"

Kia gave her card before even Kakoroshi could even complete his sentence.

"Kakoroshi, its totally fine for me to pay as I am the one who called you on a date and I feel extremely happy with you being with me"

Says Kia, realizing what he was about to say.

"I wanted to ask though. Why you called me out on a date? Surely you can get a better guy than me"

Asks Kakoroshi.

"I only get fridays to have control over this body for the whole day and I wanted to apologize for that day (The day Haruna died), also, I kinda like you"

Kia again gives off a huge smile which flatters Kakoroshi, making him blush.

"I hope you know about how a representative stays a representative for his or her entire life"

"Yeah I do"

Kakoroshi face turns serious as he didn't expect this sudden change in topic.

"Fumino asked me to inform you as you are one of the leaders"


"After Haruna died, she left few documents which had crucial information on devil's representative and as it seems, there are rogue representative helping the devils"

"Rogue representative?"

Kakoroshi is confused

"Representative stays a representative until they die, even if they abandon his or her household and duties. Those representative are called rogue representative"

"I see"

"And one of the names which came up in the document was Reyna's, the previous leader of the household of creation"