Chapter 18:

Rogue Representatives

heaven's hell


Asks Kakoroshi as he leans a little bit forward.

"The previous leader of the weather household"

Kia leans a little bit forward as well as she softens her voice.

"She became a rogue representative 3 years ago, just one year after I became the leader of the weather household. She is the only one among the creation representatives which can use the art: Godly creations"

"Godly creations?"

"It is an art, specific to the household of creation and is a SS rank art"


Kakoroshi's eyes clearly showed amazement as he leaned back to sit straight.

"The art, 'Godly creations' allows the user to have total control over a aspect of this world which normal humans don't have total control over.

 Before Reyna became a rogue representative, she had 5 different 'Godly creation' art, two of which are known, lightning and wind"

"It has been three years now, definitely she will have more"

Says Kakoroshi

"Highly unlikely. As arts are granted by the gods to the representatives because of the trust they have on the them. As a representative becomes rogue, the trust is broken, though the god can't take back the art he granted, he can stop giving the representatives new arts"

"So that means she won't get more art. Thats a relief"

Kakoroshi's face lightens as he gives off a light smile.



Kakoroshi becomes tense again.

"It has been noticed before though its still not sure of but as representatives become more powerful and capable, they are automatically granted art. In the past, rogue representatives have been seen using arts which were not used by them when they were serving their household"

"So there is a chance that she might have more variants of 'Godly Creation'?"

"Highly unlikely, the new arts used by the rogue representatives were of level below B while 'Godly creation' is a SS rank art"

"We can only hope for the best"

Kakoroshi takes a sip of the coke.

"You will be able to handle her. Right?"

Asks Kakoroshi as he puts the glass down, staring at Kia.

"Me? No. Fumino, she will be able to definitely"

"Don't you use the same arts as Fumino?"

Asks Kakoroshi , being confused.

"I only use 50% of her arts. If only she didn't have hemophobia. She would have been more feared, not like she is not now"

Answers Kia with a smile.

They both continue to sit in the table of two, having their meal as Kia keeps looking at Kakoroshi with a gentle smile which makes Kakoroshi blush red.  As he takes a sip of the coke, his phone suddenly beeps a notification as he looks at his phone out of curiosity. Few seconds later, he chokes on the drink out of disbelief.


Kakoroshi shouts, hugging his phone as tears of joy drops out of his eyes.


Kia is not happy with this information.

"Do I deserve less???"

"YOU DESERVE MORE!!!! You were one of the major factors why we were able to get information out of Haruna. This is ridiculous! I will have a talk with the elders today, you at least deserve 10% of the revenue."

"Its fine Kia. I am really happy with the amount of money I got and I am thankful for this, I have never had this much money so I am glad that I was given this much, you don't need to talk about this with the elders. I am really happy."

Kakoroshi gives a big smile, showing his thankfulness which makes Kia feel a lot better and for some reason, happy though still, a little bit angry on the elders.

"I will let it go this time, but definitely not next time"

Kia sits with ease

"Oh. I almost forgot to give you this"

Kia puts forward a drawing of face.

"This is the Vav demon. The male elder looked into Haruna's memories to get some more information but every other demons had mask on except this guy"

Past: Into Haruna's memory of the meeting in Yokohama

It is a bright white room which is well lit by the bulbs fixated in each corner. There is an oval table with 5 chairs around where 5 devil's representative sits with the mask on as ranks are inscribed in front of them on the table.

Oni mask- Yodh 
Kitsune mask- Tet
Kabuki mask- Chet 
Yokai mask- Zayin
Hannya mask- Vav

Other than these 5 people with the mask, two more people are there in the room, Haruna who is casually standing behind the Vav demon and Reyna who is leaning on the wall, looking at her phone.

"This meeting is specially called for the replacement of the Vav demon"

Says the oni mask.

"Well, I saw it coming"

Says the guy with the hannya mask as he casually sits in the chair with concern to the topic.

"If you would have been a little bit more serious about your rank and power, we wouldn't have this useless meeting"

Says the Chet demon who is furious at the Vav demon.

"Its already getting late and I want to enjoy this city so do what needs to be done"

Says the Zayin demon as he is getting restless with excitement.

"Its not like I don't want to enjoy this pla..."

"I have already thought of what to do"

Oni mask breaks in between the conversation

"Haruna, would you like to be the Vav demon"

"You really expect me to become the Vav demon?"

Says Haruna who is not surprised by this.

"Well, I don't have any problem with this decision"

Says the Vav demon as he takes off his mask and puts his hand forward towards Haruna to give the mask, revealing his face. He has a slim face with red eyes and messy hairs, a sharp nose to go with it as well.

Everyone agrees with this decision, it comes down to Haruna to decide. She rethinks this offer for a second but then rejects it as the past of her husband and her only child comes in her mind as she stares at her engagement ring

"I refuse"

Answers Haruna

"Well, I can't do anything about it then"

Says the Oni mask

"So I get to be the Vav demon for few more months then"

The Vav demon puts his mask back on.

"What a waste of power"

Says Reyna as she stops leaning against the wall, standing straight, looking at Haruna.

"The amount of money you get from being the Vav demon is surely tempting but I guess your past is coming in between for that."

"Choose your next words carefully, it might result in your death if not"

Haruna is furious, the thing bought up by Reyna triggered her.

"Ok ok, I will not say another word"

Reyna gives a light smile.

"Reyna. I give you the responsibility for the other rogue god's representative who will be working with us"

Says the Oni mask.

"Yeah yeah. Just make sure I get paid well"

"Will do. For now, this meeting is dismissed, see you all in a month"

Suddenly the room turns dark as the lights are turned off.