Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


The Kitpup cried as she nuzzled against the body of the recently deceased Kitsune, “Mama! Mama!” She sobbed. She then sat back and hung her head as she continued to sob. The light from behind her soon became covered in shadow. She growled as she rose and turned to attack. She slid to a stop as she noticed her father standing over her. She was a bit frightened as she saw him covered in blood. He lowered his head to her and sniffed around her face,

“Are you alright?” He asked, his voice seeming to be heard from closed mouth communication, “Did they hurt you?” He then licked the side of her face to clean her before she began to sob again,

“N-No! Th-They hurt Mama!!! They came into the cave and grabbed her!! They cut off her tails!!!”

“Yes, I see that.” He responded as he looked up before looking back down to the Kitpup, “They took her life as well.”

“Why would they do this?!”

“Because some humans are just pure evil. However, you must not confuse all humans for a few wicked ones. Do you understand me, Odachihime?”

“Yes, Papa.” She sniffles as she wiped her tears with her paws,

“Come on, we should get going, there’s no telling when they’ll come back.”

“Okay,” she sadly stood up and began to follow her father through the forest.

“Don’t look back,” he said as he caught her from the corner of his eye, “If you look back, you’ll never be able to go forward. Your mother would’ve wanted you to move into the future.”

“What’ll I do now that she’s gone…?”

“You’ll be spending more time with me.”

“What if I don’t want to…” Odachihime asked as she stopped, “What if I want Mama…?!” He came to a stop before he turned around and lowered his head to hers as she began to cry again. He nuzzled his face against hers before he gave her hears a gentle nibble.

“I know you loved your mother very much, I loved her as well. There isn’t much we can do now that she’s gone, if I could bring her back I would.”

“I don’t know what to do…” she sobbed,

He sighed as his eyes softened. He then laid down and looked her in the eyes as he said, “Would you like me to take you to where your mother was born? You can see the home she loved and cared for. Perhaps you’ll be able to feel her spirit there.”

“Are you sure…?”

“Only if it’ll make you feel better.”

“I…” she then looked down and said, “Okay I guess…”




“Can you carry me…? I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up…”

“Of course,” he said just before Odachihime walked to his side. She bit down on his ear and started to climb up. He gave a dull growl as he felt her claws sink into his neck but then he gave a sigh of relief once she had fully gotten on top of him. She rested near the base of his neck kind of in between his shoulder blades. She rested her head down as he stood up and began to walk through the forest.

Present Day

Odachihime was laid on her back in the field by the Eternal Harae camp. She made out the different shapes in the clouds before she’d close her eyes and feel the sun on her face. “Hey! Odachime!” Yama’s voice came from the distance. She opened her eyes and turned to him and a group of people with horses and carts, “There you are! We were looking all over the camp for you!”

“Yeah, sorry,” she said as she sat up and stretched, “Just clearing my head!”

“Are you ready to go?” Kara asked,

“Yeah! I’m ready,” she responded with a smile as she stood up, “Let's get going!”

“Of course,” Kara said as the group then headed off. As they walked down the road Odachihime looked at the different men in the group, aside from herself, Kara, and Yama, there were only two other Eternal Harae members with them. Another man, and a rather androgynous looking person. However, Odachihime suspected this person was a woman in man’s clothing. “Are you alright?” Kara asked,

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Odachihime responded, “Why are you asking?”

“We can put you in the cart if you need us too.”

“No, I’m fine. I seem to be keeping up with you and your horses just fine. Thank you for offering.”

“Of course,”

“Yeah! That’s Kara alright!” The other man said, “Definitely the big brother of all of us! He’s always making sure that we’re all okay!”

“Is that so?” Odachihime responded,

“It is indeed, Kara doesn’t leave anyone behind!” He then looked up at Odachihime with a smile as he said, “I’m Tabata! And this here is my sister-“ The androgynous person then gave a groan which seemed to be mixed with the clear of their throat, “I’m sorry, my brother, Tomoe.”


“Tomoe believes dressing like a man will make her seem cooler.”

“It’s not that,” Tomoe responded, “Dressing like a man means I’ll be seen as one. A strong and dominant warrior that people can trust.”

“You say that, but are you forgetting that Kaguya literally formed the Eternal Harae?! Just loosen up a bit!”

“Just because it’s created by and ran by a woman doesn’t mean it needs a woman as a warrior.”

“What’s wrong with being a woman and a warrior?” Odachime asked, “I’m a woman, and I make quite the warrior.”

“Even if that’s true, no one is going to look to you for help. Women are supposed to be fragile and pretty, and I don’t want that. If I’m going anywhere in this world then I’ll have to dress like a man.”

“You say that, yet you never go out without a shirt on.” Tabata said as he rubbed his chin,

“J-Just because I dress like a man doesn’t mean I need to expose myself like one!!!” Tomoe snapped,

Odachime gave a soft sigh as she softly said, “You two are cute.”

“Odachime?” Yama asked,

“What is it?” She responded,

“I was wondering, how do you manage to carry around such a large sword? Isn’t it heavy?”

“It’s not that heavy,” she responded, “After I got used to it, it honestly felt kind of light. Even now I don’t even feel it.”

“Wow, how do you fight with it?”

“The same way you would any other sword. However, because it’s so big I need to be cautious of my surroundings.”

“Yeah,” he said as he scratched the back of his head, “You did kind of slice up Kyoto, but if you didn’t then it would’ve been utterly destroyed.”

“Yeah…” Odachihime responded feeling a bit guilty,

“However, you did save hundreds of people. And almost no one got hurt! So it’s definitely a win in my book!”


“Don’t be so down,” Kara responded, “In every fight there is someone who gets hurt, something that gets destroyed, it’s all a part of combat really.”

Odachihime’s face responded with a soft blush before she cleared her throat and said, “I-, yeah, thanks.” She then cleared her throat and said, “So what’s this girl like that we’re picking up?”

“From what we’ve been told she’s really sweet, kind, and caring. We shouldn’t have any problems with her.”

That was the last thing Odachihime remembered Kara saying before they arrived and were greeted with, “NOOOOO!!!!! I DON'T WANNA!!!!” Whined the girl as she ran back into her house,

“But my dear, we already agreed to this.” Her father said as he walked back into the house after her, “We’ve already put this wedding off for so long.”

“I DON’T WANNA I DON’T WANNA!!!!” She fried and whined as her father dragged her from her house.

“So much for being sweet, kind, and caring…” Odachihime said to herself softly,

“Tell me about it…” Yama responded,

“Please my love, these kind people came all the way here for you. The least you could do is behave properly.” Her father said,


“My dear, please-“

“If I may,” Odachihime cut in, “We know that it’s going to be totally safe.” As Odachihime talked with the girls father the young shrine maiden looked up at Odachihime as the feeling of fear sank into her heart. She then screamed before she ran for the house again,


“My dear, please!” Her father responded.

After about a half hour or so of the young woman and her father arguing and fighting she was eventually put onto the back of a wagon and they headed off. She sniffled and hiccuped as she wiped the tears from her face as they continued down the trail. “So tell me,” Yama said to the young girl, “What’s your name?”

“M-Me…?” She responded,


“I’m Ika Hanako…”

“It’s nice to meet you, Ika-San, we’ll take good care of you.”

“I hope so…” She said as she turned back to looking at her feet. She then looked around before she looked at Odachihime, “S-So, what are you…?”

“Hm?” Odachihime responded before she turned and looked at Hanako, “Me?”

“Mm.” She responded with a nod,

“Well, technically speaking, I’m a God. However, I’m only half of a God. My father is Horkew Kamuy, and my mother was a Kitsune. However, what you’re seeing is my human form. If I didn’t adopt any form of humanity I’d still be about this tall, but I’d look vastly different.”

“What’s Horkew Kamuy…?”

“He’s a High-Ranking God, ever heard the legend of the White Wolf?”

“Yes, I’ve heard it.” Tabata said, “However, I heard his name as Retaruseta Kamuy.”

“Both are correct,” Odachihime responded,

“Didn’t he mate with a court lady?”

Odachihime’s eyes popped before she rubbed the back of her head feeling embarrassed, “W-Well, uh, that was before I was even born, but yes that’s him.”

“Why would he then choose to mate with a Kitsune?”

“W-Well, he actually really loved my mother. She saw things in him that no one else ever has.”

“What was your mothers name?” Hanako asked,

“Vulpesaki.” Odachihime responded,

“What’s she like?”

“She was very beautiful, and very kind, she loved me with all her heart, and my father just as much, if not more.” She then sighed as she began to think back, “However, she was killed by some hunters. They were after her tails, but then they turned to me and thought mine would be more valuable. My mother hid me and then they killed her in front of me. After a while they decided that I was just an illusion so they walked off.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Hanako responded, “I lost my mother when I was young too. She was very weak from a sickness, and after having me she nearly died. After I turned a year old is when she died. I didn’t know she died until a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Odachihime responded, “So why don’t you want to get married?”

“I just don’t…” She said as she wrapped her arms around her knees and leaned toward, “I just want to stay at home with my dad…he’s always been there for me, and I don’t want to be staying with some random man…”

“That makes sense,” Odachihime said as she rested her arm on her sword, “However, I’m sure it’s for the best. Perhaps he’s a really great person. I’m sure he’ll allow you to see your dad whenever you want.”

“I don’t know….” she sighed before she then laid back on everything in the wagon, “I just hate the idea of growing up…”

“Yeah, I get that.” Odachihime responded as they continued down the road. Eventually, the sun began to set and the group made camp. Odachihime returned to the camp soaking wet and with a huge net full of fish. “I got dinner!” She said as she set the fish down near the fire pit,

“Wow!” Yama said as he stepped out of his tent and looked at the net of fish. “I guess there was plenty in the stream!”

“Yep,” Odachihime said as she shook herself dry. She then stretched with a yawn before she then sighed…followed by her hair poofing up. She looked around before saying, “So where’s Kara?”

“I think he’s off training in the woods,” Tabata said as he began to untie the net, “He’s never not training.”

“Oh, well, maybe I’ll go look for him!” Odachihime said as she put her sword in the ground, “I’ll see you in a few!” She then turned and ran off into the woods.

“Wow,” Tomoe said as she picked up a fish and went to sit beside Tabata to clean it, “She’s fallen hard.”

“I could’ve told you that,” Tabata said,

“How long until you think she confesses?”

“She has to realize it first.”

“I’m sure she’ll realize in a few weeks.”

“We’ll probably get a confession when we reach the destination.” He then looked over his shoulder as Yama finished helping Hanako set up her tent, “That is if Yama doesn’t interfere.”

“That’s right,” Tomoe said before she scratched her chin, “Maybe she’ll confess by the time we begin to leave the destination and come home.”

“Ah, I see.”

“How long until Yama confesses?”

“If we keep Odachihime and Kara together probably never, the moment he gets time alone with her that’s when he will.”

“How sure are you?”