Chapter 11:

Round 1, Match 4: Daisonia vs Bubbles. Bubbles:

Community Sudden Fiction Tournament Arc

Round 1, Match 4: Daisonia vs Bubbles.

Prompt: Bikinis and Watermelons

Participant: Bubbles (



Judge's Feedback

znf: This reads fine, has an interesting ending paragraph and dialogue, but I take issue with the fact that I don't think it really did anything with the prompt. Had the prompt been "straw hat" it would've just been as tangentially applicable here I feel.

OscarHM: Solid interpretation of the prompt, more serious than I was expecting. Does a good job at establishing characters, conflict and a resolution within the word count. Was a little dry at points, feels a little melodramatic to me sometimes, not a huge issue but something to note. You were unlucky to be going up against Dai’s entry, would’ve won in other rounds.

otkrlj: liked it overall. felt the characterization was well done and plot solid. also great use of the prompt. you got screwed to be honest. in most rounds, you would have won

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