Chapter 12:

Chapter 12: Crystalized Family (Part 3)

Grimson: Blue Future

"I am good from here on out, you may go and join the other now."

"Understood, see you later, aunty."

The great advisor and miss Chidori bid each other a goodbye.

Miss Chidori politely bow before the great advisor before she left.

"Let's go."

"Yes, ma'am."

The great advisor turns around and walks away in the opposite direction.

We oblige and follow her.

Back in the limousine... the great advisor kindly asks us a favor.

She asks us to accompany her waking up a princess.

Which I would assume the other mistress.

I just recently start working here, so I do not know much, but just how many mistresses exactly do we have?

Also, why did she even bother to "ask us a favor" to help her with such trivial matters?

She can just order us to do it for her and be done with it.

What exactly did someone with a position like her want?

And that's not even the last thing that I am curious about...

".. Excuse me, great advisor, but... aunty..?"

The young butler humbly asks.

"Well, I am the emperor elder sister, which makes all of the princess my nieces."


"HUH!?" "You're the emperor's elder sister..!?" "But you're nothing but a child!"

Our steps came to a half and the young butler shouts in surprise.


I shout at him.

He quickly realizes his mistakes and covers his lousy mouth.

That shout of his just now caught the attention of every other butler and maid near us.

While most of them are confused, some of them express a great deal of displeasure.

This idiot didn't learn a thing, didn't he?

The great advisor raises and waves her hands, dispelling and calming everyone that there's nothing wrong.

"I am sorry, great advisor, please properly punish me the way you see fit!"

The young butler bows and apologizes.

"It's alright, I am cool with it."

The great advisor smiles and walks away with her arms crossed behind her.

"But having said that, I am afraid you still going to get punished, so steel yourself."

The great advisor smiles weakened.

"Eh? so I am forgiven but still get punished..?"

The young butler asks out of confusion.

"Of course.. you think you are so special that you can keep getting away from insulting the great advisor not once but twice in front of the others?"

I scorn him and follow the great advisor trail.

The young butler silently follows us from behind, his expression expresses deep guilt.

"Well there's that, but there's also the fact that my nieces are listening as well." "Sooner or later, you will be summoned and handed a punishment."

The great advisor explains.

...They what??

"They're listening to us even as we talk right now..?"

The young butler sounds no longer surprised.

Understandable... at this point, after witnessing everything that our mistress is capable of, nothing surprises us anymore.

"Don't make such gloomy faces, I make sure to talk to them and lightened your punishment." "I do not know of how much I can persuade them, but I can guarantee that you won't lose your life." "Your life alone that's it."

The great advisor looks at us and innocently smiles like that of a child.

Instead of feeling reassured, the young butler feels even more depressed.

I mean, is it necessary for her to emphasize the "life" part twice??

"Here we are."

The great advisor suddenly said.

Our steps came to a halt and we arrive in front of a steel door with a small scanning device next to it.

The great advisor presses her right thumb on the device.

"It's me, F.A.B."

The great advisor said and look at the door.

"Affirmative, please come in, Ma'am."

The same A.I voice as the one in the limousine echos from the device and the steel door automatically slides away.

The great advisor walks in and we silently follow her from behind.


We simultaneously scream the moment we step inside.

Clothes... no, piles of clothes swarms the entire room, there's hardly anything but piles of clothes insides.

Clothes, pants, underwear, skirts, you name it and it's all there..!

It got to the point where it's difficult for us to take a step inside.

What the hell with all of these clothes?!

"Follow me."

The great advisor said and carefully traverse the sea of clothes.

We were unsure of what to feel about all of this, but since the advisor asks us there's no other way...

We carefully traverse and follow the great advisor, taking one step at a time.

Along the way, there are many instances that I feel like I step and broke something.

I have no idea what even I broke, I can hardly see what's underneath my feet with all of these clothes.

After what feels like minutes of walking, we reach deeper insides with even more piles of clothes.

The only thing besides clothes here is the velvet blue curtain further in the back with the sunlight illuminating the room from behind the curtain.

Is this room supposed to be a bedroom or something??

"Aria, you're there? c'mon, it's time to wake up~"

The great advisor kneels, raises the blanket near her, and talks with whoever is underneath it.

"Hmm..?? aunty..?"

Voices of a little girl echo from underneath the blanket.

Seconds later, the little girl slowly woke up from beneath the blanket and reveal herself.

"Good morning, aunty.."

The little girl rubbed her left eye and yawn as she woke up

And whoa, she's a cutie.

She heavily resemblance the one from the limousine before, with the same long silver hairs and velvet blue eyes, except being much younger and less developed.

...Wait, developed..?

The beauty that she radiates caught my attention so much that I simply ignore the rest of what I view.

The little girl was butt naked without even a single string of thread covering her.

I can see her private areas.


Both of us exclaimed and instinctively look away.


The young butler shouts out of embarrassment.

"...So noisy.. what are you freaking out for?"

The little girl calmly says before yawning.

The way she says it sounds like she didn't even understand the necessity of wearing a cloth.

"Are you having trouble in picking up clothes again, Lavenza?"

The great advisor kindly asks and gently pats her.

"Humu... I feel so sleepy when picking up clothes to wear last night..." "The next thing I know, it's morning already..."

The little girl called Lavenza answer.

The sounds of her answers imply that she's telling the truth.

Sounds so innocent and pure.

Which is... probably the root of our problems...

"I see, then let's go to aunty's room, I pick some dresses for you."

The great advisors kindly suggest with smiles on her face and Lavenza simply nods.

"Then I leave the tidying to both of you."

The great advisor stands up and smiles at us.


We said at the same time.

"Tidy and clean this room, also take the clothes out, and don't forget to laundry them." "When the princesses return home, you may pause and attend the welcoming ceremonies here in the manor before resuming your work."

The great advisor instructs us while wrapping the blanket over and around Lavenza.

"Wait, we're supposed to clean all of these with only two people?"

The young butler looks at the great advisor with disbelief.

"Of course not, feel free to asks the other to help you with your job." "We will be taking our leave now, good luck~!"

The great advisor grabs Lavenza hand, waves us goodbye, and left with Lavenza.

Now it's only the two of us remain in this sea of clothes.

"..What to do now..?"

The young butler asks me.

"Isn't that obvious? let's call everyone outside to help us with these, like hell we can tidy all of these by ourselves."

I coldly retort and make my way outside.

The young butler sigh and follow me.

Afterward, we went outside and asks every single coworker we saw to help us with the job.

Thankfully they agree and lend us their help.

We pick the clothes one after another and put them into multiple baskets.

When one of the baskets is full, we would take turns to take it to the back for laundry and return with another empty basket.

We repeat this process over and over again until we picked up all of the clothes.

Or at least that was the plan.

After few hours in, one of us waltzes in and tells us that the mistresses have arrived.

We immediately ditch our work and rushed outside.

We take up our position in front of the manor and stand side by side to each other while waiting for our mistresses to arrive.

Five minutes... ten minutes.. we were waiting for our mistresses arrival, yet there's still no sign of them.

For some reason, today feels strangely hot and I sweat a lot.

No, that's wrong...

It's not that I feel hot, I am simply nervous...

Nervous from the fact that I am might screw my very first formal job here and bring shame to miss Aoi.

She's the last person that I want to disappoint.

Then that moment arrives.

The first lines of servants standing near the stairways raise a dark blue flag with the symbol of Sakura Empire engraved on it.

The Sakura Empire symbols take the form of a black abstract swirl that resembles a comma or tomoe with four pink cherry blossom petals surrounding the swirl.

Three figure clad in armor arrives seconds later, walking side by sides.

From left to right, they are miss Rei, miss Freya, and miss Yuki.

Miss Rei is the least armored when compared to miss Freya and miss Yuki.

Miss Rei only wears armor that covers her from the bottom up to her neck.

She didn't wear any helmet, therefore her beautiful long blue hair is flowing along with the wind.

In the place of her helmet, she covers half of her face with a mask and wears no capes.

She wears a pair of gauntlet with unusual sharp edges protruding from underneath her wrists.

Her armor is also the most striking one in appearance compared to miss Freya and miss Yuki.

Sharp edges and cool design asides, there's a visible marking that resembles a long string of lines that runs across her armors.

The same marking and strings of lines are also visible on her visor.

I want to have my hands on that armor of hers if can somehow get them.

Then there's miss Freya and I cannot tell exactly how she looks beneath those bulky-looking armor of hers.

That's asides, there's a strong wolf-like motive going with her armor design...

Her helmet takes the shape of a silver wolf head and she wears a white mantle made from wolf fur.

A pair of wolf heads protrude from each side of her shoulders and wolf claws motive is engraved on her gauntlets and leggings.

Her armor gives a strong impression of a foe that you do not want to mess with... a strong leader of the pack of wolves.

And lastly, we have miss Yuki and she stands out the most.

Her color theming did not match miss Freya and Rei at all with red, black, and purple being the most prominent colors of her armor.

In addition, her armor takes the motive of a raven with her helmet's sharp lines resembling a raven beak and black feathers surrounding her neck.

Nevertheless, their mere presence alone is more than enough to alert and warn us to worship them.

"Welcome back home, miss Freya, miss Rei, and miss Yuki!"

We loudly shout as we wholeheartedly welcome them and are grateful for their safe return.

They simply just walk past us without batting an eye and enter the manor.

And that's all for the welcoming part.

We disband after the welcoming and each of us return to our work.

If I can just do the tidying quickly, I can still join Maria and the others in preparing for the party this afternoon.

Ah, who am I joking? it's not possible to clean this one hell of a mess until this afternoon, like it or not, I will have to skip the party later.

Talk about missing a good meal and chances...

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