Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: Crystalized Family (Part 4)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aoi POV*

"Hmm hmm hmm~"

Skadi hums while painting her fingernails.

"...Big sis, the meeting will begin soon."

Chidori calmly tells Skadi from across the table.

"There's no rule that says I can't participate while painting my nails, right?" "Not like this is the first time anyway."

Skadi shrugs and winks her left eye at Chidori.

"...As lax as always, big sis."

Chidori gives up and rests her back against her seat.

"Return back to you, you never did anything feminine, don't you think it's a good time for you to try some fashions?"

Skadi points her nail brush at Chidori.

"...Next time."

Chidori coldly retorts and closes her eyes, effectively bringing the topic to a close.

"Geez, you're no fun."

Skadi sighs and resumes her nail painting.

"Guten Tag, damen~!"

Rosse suddenly barges into the throne room.

"Wie geht es euch damen heute~?"

Rosse rest her hands on her hips and asks how we are doing in German language.

Lavenza join her from behind.

Lavenza looks sleepy and same as always and she wears the same clothes as aunt Rinne, her hair is tied with a pair of butterfly shapes ribbons and she style her hairs into a twin tail with drill.

As usual, she brought her yellow rabbit plushie and pillow into the meeting as well.

Let me guess, aunt Rinne dressed her up again?

"Wir sind gut, aber sind sie sicher, dass sie gerade nicht tagtraumen~?"

Skadi rests her elbows on the table and rests her chin on top of her hands.

She say that we are good, but are you sure you're not daydreaming right now?

The reason Skadi says that is here in the east Sakura Empire, we mostly speak Japanese instead of german.

Father established the rule where we talk Japanese when we're at east and speak german when we visit the west.

The reason was so that we can be fluent in both languages.

That.. didn't really work on me, not because father's policy is bad, the problem mostly lies on me.

I struggle to learn German language, I only know very little when compared to my siblings here and my head hurts every time German language is being brought up.

"...Big sis, please don't hurt big sis Aoi head any more than this."

Chidori interrupts their conversation.

Nice one, Chidori, thanks.

"Ohh~! I am so sorry, Aoi~!"

Rosse speaks in Japanese, she slides and closes our distance in a blink of an eye and hugs me.

"So sorry about that, here let me comfort and ease your headache~!"

Rosse hug and rub her ample breasts against my face and pats my head.

"I don't think it works the way you intended, but thanks, Rosse."

I said with a poker face.

My elder sis, Rosse, really loves me, like really really love me.

Since we were young, she would often spoil and showers me with gifts like a lover would do.

And I mean that both figuratively and literally...

"Good night..."

Lavenza walk to her seat, sit down, place the pillow on the table and sleep on it.

"See? even Venven is more stylish than you, Chidori."

Skadi look at Chidori and said with a mocking smile on her face.

"Aunt Rinne is the one who dressed her up, it doesn't count."

Chidori counters her argument.

"Look's like everyone is here already."

Freya said as she, Rei, and Yuki arrives.

Freya helmet then begin to splits and separate into multiple parts, the sides of her helmet went to her shoulders, while the rest slides on top of each other, flips and went to her back.

Freya long silver hair freely falls to her back and reveal her face.

Freya shares an almost identical look as Rosse and Lavenza, except Freya has crimson color eyes and styles her hair in ponytail style knotted with black ribbons.

Rei did the same and take off her mask and reveal her face.

Rei shares the exact same looks as Chidori here and just like Freya, the only difference is her hair has no style, just like me.

Yuki helmet then split and separate in the same manner as Freya helmet did and reveal her face.

She shares the same facial looks like me and Chidori, but unlike most of us here, Yuki has a free-flowing purple hair with a red hairband and crimson eyes.

She looks around and upon seeing me, she rushed to my side.

"Big sis Aoi, listen! listen! I got a story to tell you!"

Yuki shouts in excitement.

"What is it?"

I look at her with a smile and Rosse distances herself from me.

"There's this monstrously big mech that suddenly emerges from the ground and growls like rawr~!"

Yuki raises and curls her hands to mimic a cat's paws and growl.

She try to imitate whatever scary thing she trying to tell me, but the way she's mimic whatever she try to imitate was so silly and adorable.

"And it then begins crawling at us like rawr~!"

Everyone in the room except Lavenza couldn't help but chuckles and giggles from watching Yuki.

She is just so adorable.

Suddenly, purple sparks of electricity flash from behind Yuki, leaving a faint trail of cherry blossom petals.

"Save your story, the meeting will begin now."

Big sis Sakura suddenly arrives and sit in the chair in the middle.

Big sis Sakura appears in her usual purple and pink Yukata with red obi wrapped around her abdomen.

The symbol of our empire is engraved on the right side of her Obi.

For her lowers, she wears matching purple stockings and heeled wooden sandals.

Appearance-wise, big sis Sakura has a slim body build with long purple hair ties into a braid with a sunflower ornament as decorations.

Her purple eyes express a deep alluring and exotic feeling of something majestic and sacred like that of a cherry blossom tree.

...Yes, I think that's the most fitting way to describe big sis Sakura.

As our eldest sister and the next head of the family, this very woman is the very symbol of our empire, the sacred cherry blossom tree itself.

All of us immediately understand the very meaning of her presence.

Freya, Rei, and Yuki quickly sit in their seat.

Chidori quickly bring her feet down from the table and Skadi hid her nail painting tools.

Rosse was the last one to sit on her chair, unlike the other she was calm and had nothing to hide.

And with that, all of the seats with the empty seat in the opposing end of big sis Sakura as an exception has been filled.

Among us the sisters, there's a hierarchy and it is reflected in our seat position.

Big sis Sakura sits in the middle as our most feared, most respected eldest sister, hold the most power.

Rosse being the second eldest and I being the third eldest mean we hold the most power after big sis Sakura.

I sit on big sis Sakura right side while Rosse sits on big sis Sakura left side.

The hierarchy continues down with Skadi and Chidori.

Skadi being the fourth child and Chidori being the fifth child, they sit right next to me and Rosse.

Chidori sits next to me while Skadi sits next to Rosse.

It continues down with Freya as the sixth child and Rei as the seventh child.

Freya sit next to Skadi and Rei sit next to Chidori.

The last bit of power went to Yuki and Lavenza.

Yuki is the eighth child and Lavenza is the ninth child.

Lavenza sleep next to Rei and Yuki sits next to Freya.

The last and empty seat belongs to our youngest sister, who is not yet come to an age to participate and is currently not in the Empire right now.

"Then let us commence, the meeting will begin now."

Big sis Sakura declares the beginning of the meeting with a stern face.

"First, let me hear your report, Freya."

Big sis Sakura looks at Freya and order her.

"Very well."

Freya stands up and faces big sis Sakura.

"To sum our reports, I must regrettably inform that our investigation didn't lead us to King Jewel." "All of it was nothing more than a mere ruse done by a group of a cult."

Freya sums her reports with a stern face.


Big sis Sakura asked with a stern face.

"...We destroy them."

Freya expression change into disgust and hate.

"...Good job."

Big sis Sakura slowly closes her eyes and praise Freya.

"I am sure aunt Rinne will be happy to hear this~"

Yuki smiles and said.

"Or.. completely saddened by the fact that such activity continues to exist even today..." "Bio weapon and all..."

Rei says and voices her disagreement with Yuki opinion.

"You don't have to say it like that, big sis Rei!" "We're fighting exactly to ensure none of these happen anymore, right!?"

Yuki shouts and complains.

".. It's the truth.. but you are right.. my mouth slipped... I take back what I said."

Rei slowly close her eyes, smiles, and apologize.

Yuki returns her smiles and that's the end of their brief debate.

I do not know what my other sister would think of that brief debate between them, but as much as I love Yuki and her bright ideas, I must say that I completely agree with Rei opinion.

As long as humanity exists, then so will evil, no matter how much we fight to erase them, none of them will ever disappear.

Friend? peace? I believe in none of that nonsense.

"You may sit back down now."

Big sis Sakura order.


Freya nod and sit back in her seat.

"Anything new regarding Black Widow and King Jewel?"

Big sis Sakura shifts her attention at Rosse.

"Nothing yet." "That Black Widow does a good job in erasing her trail even from our surveillance." "She certainly has good people backing her up."

Rosse said with a pout.

"Ah but I do find something interesting after studying that boy~" "Let's see, what's his name again?"

Rosse rest her chin on her right hand and went into deep thinking.

"Who cares of his real name~? I just name him Hans and be done with it~"

Skadi smiles and shrugs.

"Alrighty then~!" "I believe I have found something, but I need a little bit more time to be certain, please give me a little bit more time."

Rosse kindly informs and beg big sis Sakura.

"Very well."

Big sis Sakura averts her eyes away from Rosse and look at me.



I respond.

"Bring that servant from this morning here later." "He has committed yet another grave sin by insulting aunt Rinne for the second time..."

Big sis Sakura informs me

...That insect again?

"...I know I should have finished him back then..."

Chidori expression changes, there's visible anger in her voice.

"What~? why don't you just leave it to me, big sis Sakura~?" "I make sure to teach him the best "lesson" possible~"

Skadi smirks and sharpens her eyes.

Her face resembles that of an evil villain that just come up with a new evil plan in mind.

"We cross that bridge when that moment comes, for now, let's give him proper judgment and decides on the punishment later."

Big sis Sakura calmly answers, without changing her expression.

"Now, let's continue on with the rest of the matter in the Empire." "Rosse."


Rosse stands up from her feet and snaps her fingers.

In a matter of seconds, a big holographic screen appears in the middle of the table.

The holographic screen shows us the news from all across the world, politics, our financial, and so on.

Our discussion continues for many hours and without any of us notice, the day has become night.

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