Chapter 22:

The Breakup

The Lonely Lovers Club

“She broke up with you?” Willie asked Ginko.

In the Lonely Lovers Club classroom, the desks were pushed together like tables. Willie and Maria sat across from Ginko. They peered at him, not letting anything distract them. They needed to hear all the details.

“Yeah,” said Ginko. “She broke up with me.”

It was all so confusing to Willie. Ginko and Sandra had been together for months. They even lasted all through the summer break. That was the real test for a high school relationship. But even after all that time, POOF. Gone. The relationship was over.

Of course, Willie knew breakups happened all the time, but this was Sandra and Ginko. They were a real couple, not some silly highschool fling. They had a solid foundation. It had to take more than one night out to ruin that relationship.

“What did she say to you, precisely?” asked Maria.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Ginko staring at the floor. “It’s all over.”

Willie was appalled. His mouth hung open for a moment, until he said, “what are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing,” said Ginko without any emotion. “It didn't work out between us.”

The breakup clearly had a toll on Ginko. Willie understood that breakups were tragic events. Breakups make everyone sad. And it would be completely normal to be angry, but this was something else. Ginko’s reaction was downright depressing. Ginko had given up.

How could Sandra do this to him, Willie thought. The events at the school dance were simply a misunderstanding. Ginko danced with Nellie, but surely he did not have any feelings for her. That would be insane. Sandra had to know that.

But Willie thought back to Sandra, sitting alone in the school courtyard the night of the dance. Sandra said Ginko would only visit her when she asked him. Did he not spend enough time with her? They had to see each other every day at the Lonely Lovers Club meetings.

“When did this happen?” asked Maria.

Ginko thought for a second. “A day or two after the school dance.”

“You guys met up?” asked Willie.

“Yeah. She came over to my house. She said we needed to talk.”

That hung in the air for a moment. It was never good to hear the words “we need to talk” from a significant other. Those words can only mean one thing. Breakup.

“I...” Willie hesitated. “I’m sorry Ginko. I really didn't see this coming.”

“Really?” said Maria. “After what happened at the dance-”

Maria stopped. As she started to speak she realized this was a good time to choose her words carefully.

“It's just, Sandra was really upset,” she finished.

Willie wanted to be angry with Maria for bringing up the dance at a time like this, but he couldn't blame her. Willie also could not stop thinking of Sandra in the courtyard. Tears streaming down her face. She explained how Ginko would not visit Sandra unless she forced him. How she would make him buy milkshakes.

A smile crept onto Willie’s face. “Ah Ginko, my dear boy. Fear not. Your love is not lost yet.

The expression on Ginko’s face turned from sadness to confusion.

“What do you mean?” he asked

“I mean,” said Willie. “The flame between you and Sandra has not yet burnt out. If we fan the flames, they may shine brightly yet again.

Ginko stared blankly at Willie. Willie rolled his eyes.

“There is still a chance for you and Sandra,” Willie said bluntly.

“Oh Willie, don't-” said Maria

Ginko interrupted “you mean she didn’t dump me?”

“Well, no. She did.” said Willie. “You two are broken up now. But we can get you back together. There is still hope.”

“Willie,” said Maria. “I don't think that's a good idea.”

“Of course it is! Ginkgo, you are down in the dumps now, my friend, but we can get you back together. How does that sound?”

“I, I don't know,” replied Ginko.

Not quite the enthusiastic reaction Willie was hoping for, but no doubt this was a confusing situation for Ginko.

“You didn't want to break up with Sandra, did you?” asked Willie.

“Well no, of course not,” said Ginko.

“And it makes you sad that you're apart?”


“And you would be happier if you were still together?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then we have a mission to accomplish,” exclaimed Willie, as if he just solved a mystery.

Maria, however, was more anxious than Willie. With a frown on her face, Maria said “Willie, you can’t do this. They just broke up. It doesn't seem right.”

“It's okay. We are going to put together a master plan.”

“Willie…” said Maria, clearly disappointed in him.

“I mean it,” said Willie. “We’ll come up with the perfect romantic proposal for Sandra to win her back.”

Maria was at a loss for words. Clearly this did not sit right with her, yet the breakup felt so random. She wanted Ginko to be happy, but she also wanted Sandra to be happy.

These were all thoughts that Willie did not share. He was so blindsided by the breakup that he only had one goal: don’t let Sandra and Ginko’s love die.

“I just need a moment to think,” said Willie. He began to pace around the room. “What is going to win back Sandra's heart?”

The room grew quiet as the three Lonely Lover Club Members thought. Before any thoughts could be completed, they were disrupted by a knock at the door. Willie turned to see Jaime. Willie had not seen Jaime since his pool party after the Lonely Lovers Club help set him up with Rose at the beginning of the school year.

“Jaime,” said Willie. “How are you?”

“It's about Rose,” said Jaime. His voice was quiet and trailed off, almost like he was afraid of the words. He stood in the doorway for a moment then spoke louder.

“You have to break us up.”

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