Chapter 23:

Another Breakup

The Lonely Lovers Club

“Why the heck do you want to break up with Rose?” asked Willie.

“I can't stand her. She's driving me crazy. She wants to be together all the time. And she’s always trying to get me to watch that crazy tv show.” said Jaime. 

“But when you first came to us, you wanted to ask her out so badly. Why don’t you want to be with her any more?” said Willie

“If I knew a relationship with Rose was going to be like this, I never would have asked her out in the first place.” said Jaime

“I don’t get it,” said Willie. “You were happy together a few weeks ago. You had that pool party. Things seemed great then.”

“Yeah, back then,” said Jaime. “It's been a long time.”

“It hasn’t been that long.”

“Well we are always together,” said Jaime. “We’ve spent more time together than most couples do in a year. She’s probably out there looking for me right now.”

Maria asked, “So instead of matchmaking, you want us to un-match make?”

“Yes,” said Jaime. “I need your help to unmake this match.”

Maria looked nervously to Willie. No doubt she was afraid of his reaction. Willie believed in true love. And he believed that he could help people find their true love. He had built the Lonely Lovers Club to build relationships, not break them up. And now Jaime was asking him to do just that.

“Jaime,” said Willie. “Do you realize how hard we worked to get you together?”

Before he could answer, Maria asked, “Jaime, If I recall, you had the courage to ask out Rose yourself. You walked right up to her and asked her out. Why can’t you tell her you would like to end your relationship?”

“This is a whole other level,” said Jaime. “Do you know how hard it is to break up with someone?”

The room fell silent. Maria leaned back in her chair. Willie held his breath. He noticed Ginko let out a deep breath. Ginko stared down at his desk, not acknowledging Jaime’s comment. The atmosphere in the room was tense before Jaime arrived. The last thing they needed was more talk about breakups.

“And besides,” continued Jaime, unaware of the situation. “I don't know what to say, exactly. I want to end it nicely, but also make sure she knows it's over.”

The room was still hushed. Maria said quietly, “I don’t think there is any way to do it nicely.” 

Willie was not so quick to succumb to sadness. “This is preposterous,” he said. “You and Rose are star crossed lovers. You’re like a match made in heaven. What could possibly drive you apart?”

“I guess some things just don’t work out the way they seem at first,” said Jaime. “It’s really hard to be in a relationship. I just don’t really want to spend so much time with her anymore.”

Willie stared at Ginko, whose moping was in full force. Ginko had not said anything the entire conversation. The pain Ginko was going through, Willie wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He would not wish that on Rose. Willie wanted to make matches. To help his fellow students find their true loves. Not rip them apart.

But here was Jaime, desperate to get out of the relationship he once tried so hard to get. Is that what Sandra was going through now too? Willie could not take part in such tragic affairs.

From her desk, Maria reached out and tugged Willie’s arm. He leaned in so that she could whisper to him.

“Willie,” Maria said. “I think we have to help.”

“What, why?” Willie tried to whisper back, but his voice was more than a little loud.

“Look at Jaime,” whispered Maria. “He’s obviously upset with his relationship.”

Perhaps it was true. Jaime was clearly uncomfortable with Rose.

Willie said, “But we were the ones who put them together. Now we are going to flip and split them apart?”

“It's not about us,” Maria said. “It’s like he can’t escape. If we let that go on, then Jaime and Rose will just be miserable together for a long time. Then they’ll break up anyways.”

“I can’t help but think there is something else we can do to make the relationship survive. Something we can do to save the relationship.

“Willie,” said Maria. “This is beyond us. This is Jaime’s decision and he’s made up his mind. The least we could do is help him.”

Willie couldn’t stand this, but he knew Maria had a point. How many relationships ended well after someone was this desperate to end it? Not many. Probably none. But as Jaime paced back and forth on one side of the classroom, Ginko sat still in a chair on the other side. Willie did not want to spend his life splitting apart couples.

Willie turned to Jaime. “You really want to break up with her?”

“Yes. I can’t be with her any more.”

Willie let out a long, heavy sigh. “Okay. Fine,” said Willie. “Only because I can’t let this go on while you two could be out finding your real true loves.”

Maria gave a small smile of approval. Jaime looked shocked.

“You’ll help? You’ll really help?” said Jaime.

“Yes, but this is a one time thing,” explained Willie. “This is a special privilege that you only get to take advantage of this once. And your lips must be sealed. I don’t want you prancing around the school leading everyone to believe we’re heartbreakers. We are quite the opposite.”

“Oh thank you,” said Jaime.

“Yes. Now let's get started,” said Willie. With a brief glance to Ginko, Willie continued, “We have other pressing matters to attend to as well.”

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