Chapter 4:

Chapt'r 3 i'm a knight

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

at which hour those gents did realize, those gents hath found themselves backeth at the stadium. “you has't hath passed the testeth! congratulations young soldi'rs” the kingdom’s mage hath said “you art anon a knight!” those gents w're stunn'd and then the congratulations cameth through their mind. “yesssssssssssssss!” eliz did shout as dawn did shout “oh mine own godddddddddddddd!” then “yessssssssssssssss!” (why doth people at each moment sayeth yessssssssssssss at which hour those gents receiveth something? weird) aft'r the celebration dawn and eliz wenteth backeth to their houses “i guesseth this is the endeth then” eliz hath said “it may beest the endeth of our adventure, but it’s not the endeth of our friendships” dawn hath said then the two cater-cousins hath said goodbye. “how didst t wend?” his father hath asked “guess what” that gent hath said “what?” his father hath asked again “i did get to beest a knight!” his father wast stunn'd then “yesssssssssssssss!” his father did shout (really? yessssssssssss again?) “i kneweth thee couldst doth it” his mother hath walked into the living cubiculo. “how didst t wend?” eliz’s father hath asked “i did get to beest a knight!” eliz hath said happily “yeah, yeah, yeah whatev'r” eliz father answ'r'd “you’re not joyous?” eliz hath asked with disappointment “no” eilz father answ'r'd “if thee wanteth me to beest joyous, wend marryeth some valorous prince and giveth me m're landeth!”. “wait, you’re telling me yond you’ve madeth a cousin nam'd eliz?” his mother hath asked “yes, wherefore?” that gent answ'r'd while eating a turkey to bray out “what doest t cometh from?” his mother hath asked “umm. alloweth me bethink it’s quaint long” that gent hath said “maybe elisia vividian lauri'r” the whole family did look did shock (except dawn, obviously) “why?” that gent hath asked “elisia vividian lauri'r is the daught'r of the king!” his mother hath said “what is the lady doing th're?” that gent hath asked, “i has't nay idea but we shouldst keepeth our distance. ” his mother hath said “why again?” that gent hath asked “because th're a rum'r yond the king is crazy and wanteth all the landeth in this w'rld” his father hath said “what?!” that gent hath said. “yeah, son you’ve madeth a valorous friend” his father hath said “but thee shouldst keepeth some distances from the princess”