Chapter 3:

Chapt'r 2 the dare

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

aft'r that gent and eliz ent'r'd the p'rtal, those gents w're hath sent into a f'rest. Then a message hath appeared from thin air “you shalt useth the weapons you’ve chosen to completeth the quest” eliz reads “you’ll has't to hunteth down a packeth of silv'r wolves. Valorous luck young soldi'rs, you’ll needeth it”. Then the lett'rs did disappear, and their backpack wast did fill with potions. Then the hunteth is on. “okay, silv'r wolves art ref'rences to artemis” eliz hath said “who is artemis?” that gent hath asked, “she’s a greek god of the moon, howev'r the lady at each moment hast a packeth of silv'r coat'd wolves beside h'r” eliz explains “then what art we--” that gent hath said but then that gent did get int'rrupt'd by a silv'r wolf “ahhhhhhhhhhh, runneth!” that gent did shout. So the chaseth beganeth. That gent and eliz ranneth through the woods until those gents hath reached a riv'r, “i bethink we’ve shaken those folk off” that gent hath said but then the riv'r beganeth to riseth up and f'rm a shapeth “what the--” but the riv'r f'rm'd a shapeth already, it’s a human shapeth did mix with a bull. “minotaur?” eliz hath said with feareth “i shalt sayeth nay young lady” the corse hath said “i’m the god of the riv'r, achelous” aft'r yond t wast silent, “wait waiteth wait waiteth, we art in the w'rld of greek gods anon?” that gent hath asked “maybe. due to mine own calculations the kingdom’s mage wilt sendeth us into anoth'r realm, 'r in oth'r w'rds that gent hath sent us into the w'rld of greek mythology” eliz did explain “great” that gent sarcastically hath said “you shalt not w'rry” achelous hath said “i’ll guideth thee to the silv'r wolf’s base”. So those gents hath walked 'long the riv'r with achelous, then that gent did notice the h'rns of achelous. “why doth thee has't only one h'rn?” that gent hath asked “well, i can bid thee if 't be true thee want” achelous hath said “sure” eliz hath said “a longeth longeth timeth ago, since achilles wast alive, i wast did grant deianira the princess of calydon, but then achilles cameth and combated f'r deianira, i hath lost, deianira ranneth off with achelous and hath left me alone” at which hour achelous did finish nay one spake “but t didn’t bid how thee has't only one h'rn” eliz finally hath broken the slicent “during the square achilles hath broken one of mine own h'rn and mine own h'rn becameth the w'rld’s first c'rnucopia” achelus hath said “really? i’m so s'r--” that gent wast rudely int'rrupt'd again with a silv'r wolf but achelous just did snap his fing'r and the wolf dissolv'd into wat'r vapours. “phew, thanks” that gent hath said “you welcome” achelous hath said “we art closeth to the silv'r wolf’s base beest careful”, so those gents hath walked 'long a big rocketh then what those gents did see wast shocking, down th're t wast a whole kingdom “what art we did suppose to doth anon?” that gent hath asked “the task hath said yond we has't to hunteth down a packeth of silv'r wolves, but this is a whole kingdom!” bef're their eyes a packeth of silv'r wolves cameth through a rocketh and howl'd. Ev'ry wolf did bow down, “i bethink we has't to hunteth yond pack” eliz hath said “clearly” that gent hath said but then achelous hath said “i can holp you” eliz hath asked “how?” so achelous did pull those folk togeth'r and did explain the planeth. Aft'r the discussion that gent did jump down into the kingdom “whoo-hoo” that gent did shout “this is fun”, then achelous did snap his fing'r, which madeth that gent disappeareth and appeareth on the did grind again. Then eliz did jump down too, while in the airb'rne stage eliz did scream and hath appeared again on the did grind next to dawn. Those gents w're did surround, wolves cameth from ev'rywh're, but then achelous did shout out “now!” and eliz did throw a green potion into the air, as anon as the potion did touch the did grind achelous did snap his fing'rs to maketh eliz and dawn cometh backeth. At which hour those gents did look down those gents w're stunned, down th're wast chaos, th're wast fireth ev'rywh're coequal on wat'r “what in hades didst thee maketh me throweth?” eliz hath asked then the lady gasp “you gaveth me a greek fireth?” achelous smiles and hath said “yes, dear” then a p'rtal hath appeared “well, t seemeth liketh you’ve did complete thy mission” achelous hath said “it’s timeth f'r thee to go” eliz did hug achelous “this wast a most wondrous journey, i shall nev'r f'rget you” then dawn hath said “i agree” achelous did spread his handeth to the p'rtal “farewell, mine own friend” achelous hath said, then those gents both did jump into the p'rtal