Chapter 0:

The Principle of your small world

The Small World of Hikari


My name is Tsuki Hikari and I am 25 years old, I study at Ritsumeikan University of higher learning, I got in on a scholarship that I won in a test they took in 2016.

My classes are at night so I don't worry so much about my day, it's 5: 20 in the morning at the moment, that's the time I have to have breakfast and get ready, so I get up and put my cup that I got from the university in the coffee pot to prepare my coffee, then I go to the fridge and get a slice of bread and put it in the toaster and go take my shower, the college housing is quite big, it has 1 medium room, a medium bathroom, a spacious living room and a medium kitchen, because I am a single person they gave me this room to live in.Bookmark here

I get out of the shower and put on black jeans and a sports jacket and underneath my service uniform, I won the scholarship and everything but I need money for everyday things and also to pay for housing, I go to the kitchen and my coffee and toast is ready, so I take my coffee and go to my work in the morning shift.
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I work in a new, semi-new and used furniture store in the morning shift, and my service protocol is simple, I arrive and punch in at 7:00 a.m. and for every customer who comes in I always have to say the same thing:

"Welcome to Han zuki Furniture Store, we have worked in the area for over 3 years and sell new, semi-new and used furniture, here we sell quality furniture for the joy and comfort of our customer, how can I help you today?"

with the same smile stamped on his face as always and with the same cheerful speech selling furniture of dubious quality and many times with defects to the joy of our client.

then at 11:30 I clock out again and my morning shift is closed and I go home and prepare my usual lunch, a good old boiled egg with chicken with unsalted rice and some lettuce and tomatoes without seasoning, after my meal I brush my teeth and go to my other job.

13:30 I punch in and put on my other uniform and with that same smile on my face I speak:

"Welcome to Aisukurimu House Ice Cream Parlor, the ice cream shop that is here for you, always innovating with totally diversified flavors and homemade ice cream made by our chef who is totally professional in the subject, How can I help you today?"

With a smile on my face, wearing a ridiculous apron and hat, I talk with all the warmth in the world about how our ice cream that is totally artificial and full of chemical dyes is good and tastes exceptional, and our homemade flavors that we buy in the store two streets down is very good.

At 17:50 I take off my apron, clean it and then put it away in my locker to use tomorrow, then I clock out and go home where I take my shower and eat something and go directly to my classes, arriving at the secretary's desk at 18:20 I show my ID card and tell her the room where I'm going and she writes it down in her folder, then I run to the room where I always listen:

"You are late Tsuki Hikari, is this how you want to graduate?" 

so I speak:
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"I'm sorry teacher, I'll try harder" and I go in to study and I hear little giggles and sneers at me and it's always the same old little jokes:

"Hikari the boy without focus"
"Hikari the student without study"
"Hikari the boy without a future"
"Hikari the problem boy"

8:30 pm is our break time and the teachers meet in their office for the usual which is to badmouth the students, mock the principal and complain about how their salary should be better for them.
Meanwhile in my classroom the usual happens, boys and girls that I don't even know and have never had any kind of relationship or intimacy with do the usual:
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"Hikari you really should try harder, look how pale and ugly you look.""Go ahead Hikari... you cheated on your scholarship exam right?""Hikari you should take better care of yourself, your hair is all messed up.

Hikari this, Hikari that, Hikari... Hikari... Hikari... it seems like I'm some kind of star who is always surrounded by fans, but instead of praising and pleasing me, they are humiliating and insulting me, and just like everything else, my protocol for these situations is:

"Hehe... I'll try harder"

So at 10:30 I go back home, get the rest of the food left over from lunch, warm up the as...

The problem with this is not even that I am in a great school and they want the best of me, or that I am someone "special" because I got an A on the exam, the problem is not the debauchery, the ignorance, the stress, the humiliation, the lies, or anything like that.

The problem is that it has become part of my routine...just like a cycle.

Then 11:10 pm I go to sleep and start my new day.

Waking up at the same time, at 5:20 in the morning, I get out of bed, I tidy it up and when I get out of the room I see a person, someone who simply shouldn't be here, someone who is not part of my routine, someone who is not part of my life cycle and so looking at me, this person says to me:

"My name is Sukya Himura, I am 22 years old, I am from Tokyo, what are you doing in my room?"

At that moment I thought to myself; "This is very cliché", but at that moment? I didn't know that this girl Sukya Himura, would change my life completely, in both the good and the bad things too.
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