Chapter 5:

Zenon Chapter 1: The Demon Country


Zenon Chapter 1Bookmark here

The Demon CountryBookmark here

In the west side of the continent of Edenia, resides the country of Zulmekia.Bookmark here

Zulmekia has many cities and towns of different demonic races. Because of this fact, they are titled as the demon country.Bookmark here

On the center of the country, resides Nivyl. Nivyl is a big city which is the capital of Zulmekia.Bookmark here

On the office of the king of Zulmekia, there is a man with horns and a black thin tail is sitting on the chair.Bookmark here

This man is the demon king.Bookmark here

The demon king looks like he’s on his late 20’s, but he’s already 136 years old. His race is that of the devil race which has a lifespan of 200 years. He has a tall and slim structure. He has a beautifully handsome face with long dark purple hair and dark purple eyes. He is wearing a purple business suit.Bookmark here

The demon king is processing the paperwork needed to keep his country peaceful. Compared the human country on the opposite side of the continent, the demon country has a lot of problems. This is due to the nature of some demons.Bookmark here

Succubus, vampires, ghouls, and other demons that have necessities that needs others to be harmed in the demon continent.Bookmark here

These demons have no ill will, but they have natural survivability conditions which leave them with no choice but to hurt other people.Bookmark here

Because of the civilization today, these demons who need to hurt others live in poverty because of laws and such.Bookmark here

The demon king prioritizes saving these demons from poverty as one of his platforms.Bookmark here

Providing blood to vampires, feeding fresh live meat to ghouls, and giving succubus immoral jobs…Bookmark here

These are the temporary solutions to the problems, but the demon king knows that this won’t last forever.Bookmark here

Too much blood will make vampires violent and will wake their “Dominating instincts”. Ghouls has this uncontrollable hunger, even when stuffed. Succubus are looked down upon for what they need to survive. Even succubi that don’t like doing it are looked down upon.Bookmark here

These are just a small fraction of his worries aside from the feuding races such as vampires and werewolves or the reptile demons and the insect demons.Bookmark here

While the diligent demon king is working, someone knocked on the door.Bookmark here

After a few knocks, the door opened.Bookmark here

Knocking without the demon king answering should’ve been unacceptable, but because of the status of the woman who entered, it was forgiven.Bookmark here

In fact, this woman should have no need to knock because, technically, she should have more authority than the demon king.Bookmark here

The woman is the daughter of the previous demon king and has inherited the blood of ancient demon kings.Bookmark here

The woman has goat horns on the back of her head and has sharp long ears. She has beautiful crimson hair and beautiful crimson irises with diamond pupils. She is wearing a beautiful red cotton dress with black fur. She is a beautiful lady of the Baphomet race. Her name is Shyvyl.Bookmark here

Shyvyl walked towards the desk of the demon king. As she walks, her bountiful chest naturally bounced. The body of Shyvyl is comparable to a succubus queen… without the need of seduction magic.Bookmark here

But even with this body, her attitude is that of a noble lady with dignity, making anyone who sees her gasp in both admiration and excitement.Bookmark here

“This one has let herself in, was it okay?”Bookmark here

“Of course, you don’t have to ask for permission, my lovely wife.”Bookmark here

Shyvyl refers to herself as “this one” which is a humble way of referring to herself as a demon queen.Bookmark here

“Krussy dear, take a break… You might have an incredible body, but it’s been a month since you last slept. Take care of yourself more.”Bookmark here

“My love, I am fine… just seeing you had already gave me all the energy I need.”Bookmark here

“This one is flattered for being praised. But please, this one is very worried. You have eyebags under your eyes. At least rest… for this one to feel relieved.”Bookmark here

“Ah, I’m sorry for worrying… I guess I really am working too hard… I haven’t spent time with our daughter too…”Bookmark here

“This one understands… Shaya is also working hard for the sake of the country.”Bookmark here

“I hope she just doesn’t overwork herself… but I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, hahaha…”Bookmark here

The demon king stood up and was about to go with his wife, but was interrupted by someone knocking on the door.Bookmark here

“…You may enter.”Bookmark here

After hearing the response, the demon entered.Bookmark here

The demon is a demon with dark blue hair and green eyes. He has dragonfly wings on his back. He is wearing a green business suit.Bookmark here

“Faneer, what do you need?”Bookmark here

“Excuse me demon king, but Veronia have replied to your letters.”Bookmark here

Faneer handed the letter to the demon king.Bookmark here

“Have those humans have stopped being stubborn…?”Bookmark here

The demon king looked at Faneer as he received the letter.Bookmark here

“I have no idea.”Bookmark here

“I see.”Bookmark here

The demon king opened and read the letter. After reading it, his expression turned sour and he put his hand over his face.Bookmark here

“Those humans are a headache…”Bookmark here

The demon king said as he put the letter into one of his folders on the filing cabinet.Bookmark here

After filing it, he returned to his seat and started writing a reply to the humans.Bookmark here

“…Dear?”Bookmark here

“Those humans doesn’t take our warning seriously. They still focus on the growth of their land. That is not bad in itself, but they should also consider that impending danger is much more important to give priority to.”Bookmark here

“Demon king, with all due respect, if they still don’t listen, I think we should start preparing to invade and fight the danger from Varonia. They are too stubborn to believe about the existence of the “sin titles”. We should just invade their country and find the holders themselves while fighting the danger on that strategical point for the sake of Edenia.”Bookmark here

“I don’t want you to think on that line of thinking, but I cannot deny that it is the best option for the sake of the continent, or even the world. I want to do that as the last resort. But that in itself has more problems because if we invade, we will have millions of casualties and we might not have enough to fight the danger. Do not underestimate Vernoia. Don’t forget, even if we have an advantage with power, they have an advantage with numbers. Also, even though they only care about themselves, they can cooperate properly because the diversity of the human species isn’t that much…”Bookmark here

“But demon king. If we delay it for much more, it’ll be bad.”Bookmark here

“I know that… I’ve considered it, and if we want to go to that option…”Bookmark here

The demon king looked to the training grounds. The training grounds is far from the demon king’s office, but with the demon king’s eyesight, he can see the individual training there. A young man with black hair and yellow eyes. Aside from the diamond pupils, he has no other qualities of a demon.Bookmark here

“We should first make Zenon reach class level 7 first to counter their strongest Royal Knight. If Veronia still won’t believe the sin titles, we’ll make a big risk and wage war against them with Zenon.”Bookmark here

He looked to the west sea in the direction of a different continent.Bookmark here

“I’m not being paranoid… I’m sure Tegariara will do something in the near future. We need to prepare for her...”Bookmark here

After he finished writing the letter, the demon king gave it to Faneer. Faneer bowed and left the office.Bookmark here

The demon king offered his arm to Shyvyl.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for taking my attention away from you. Until midnight comes, will you please grace me with your presence?”Bookmark here

“This one will be delighted.” Shyvyl said as she grabbed the arm of the demon king.Bookmark here

♦Zenon’s point of view.Bookmark here

“Say Zenon! I heard you’re Class Level 6 now!”Bookmark here

While I was practicing on swinging my sword, a cheerful girl entered.Bookmark here

The girl is wearing black armor and has a big sword on her back. Her name is Shaya Vel Diaba'al. She has small goat horns at the back of her head and has sharp ears. She has straight waist-length crimson colored hair and crimson colored irises.Bookmark here

If you remove her tomboyish attitude, she would become a beautiful lady.Bookmark here

“I still can’t see how the daughter of demons that are very elegant and noble turned up like you.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean by that? You speak as if I’m a disappointment! For your information, I can already beat the captain of the demon knights now!”Bookmark here

“Oh? You mean when he has a handicap of using his non-dominant hand and using a toothpick while you use your big sword and your winning condition is to make him take one step forward?”Bookmark here

“Shut up! Just because you’re already 1 class level above me, doesn’t mean your better! Remember, I’m only a few levels away from reaching class level 5! Just a bit more, and I’ll catch up to you!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah…” I said as I returned to swinging my sword.Bookmark here

Like the careless girl she is, she approached me while I was training. I immediately stopped my swing.Bookmark here

“Hey, what are you doing? What if I hit you and you die?”Bookmark here

She looked at me with a worried face.Bookmark here

“Hey, why don’t we spar?”Bookmark here

“Are you crazy? We can’t do that…”Bookmark here

“Why not?”Bookmark here

“Why are you asking anyway?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

She looked up the sky colored orange by the sunset.Bookmark here

“I just want to spend time with you. I have this bad feeling that our time will be limited.”Bookmark here

Even though she is a tomboy, she would casually say lines like that without being embarrassed. As the childhood friend of such a girl, I am in a very bad spot.Bookmark here

I’m sure she’s just saying that as a friend, but as someone who had developed feelings for her for since childhood, I cannot contain my fast heartbeat.Bookmark here

“Spend time with me… Is sparing all you can think of?”Bookmark here

“I miss doing it. When “Wrath” was still at a low level, we always sparred… Now, all you do is train and hunt monsters.”Bookmark here

That's because it would be bad if I sparred with Wrath automatically multiplying my [Strength]... I might hurt you, I can't do that.
Bookmark here

“...Then let’s do something different unrelated to training. Like eating at cafés or walking in town.”Bookmark here

“Isn’t that a waste of time?”Bookmark here

This girl…Bookmark here

“*Sigh*… then why don’t we just train side by side. Wouldn’t that be the same?”Bookmark here

“No, it would hinder our improvement if we train while talking.”Bookmark here

“…And sparring is different?”Bookmark here

“Sparring is a better communication tool than talking!”Bookmark here

I think you should talk to a wall...Bookmark here

...I won’t get anywhere with this.Bookmark here

“Why don’t we talk about battle strategies against monsters? I have some strategies that I need a second opinion with.”Bookmark here

“Sounds like a good idea!”Bookmark here

I can’t believe we’re wasting our time with this.Bookmark here

But in a way, this isn’t bad…Bookmark here

You seem to be having fun.
___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Why are you using panels, are you angry?Bookmark here

Why would I be angry? I’m just a panel with no emotions, I’m not angry. Yes, I’m just some words.
___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

…Do you want me to introduce her to you?Bookmark here

I don’t care, just go die somewhere in a ditch.
___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

What have I ever done to you?Bookmark here

___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Seriously, why are you angry…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Sigh…Bookmark here

“Hey Shaya.”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“I’m going to introduce a certain annoying girl to you.”Bookmark here

“…A girl?”Bookmark here

“Yes, she’ll be my partner. Maybe for the rest of my life.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Shaya stared at my eyes with her eyes slightly furrowed.Bookmark here

“S-Shaya?”Bookmark here

After a short pause, she gave me an answer.Bookmark here

“…Okay, let’s meet her.”Bookmark here

Every time I mention introducing someone to her, she would always ask me if that person is strong and if that person would do sparring with her.Bookmark here

This is the first time she agreed on just meeting each other…Bookmark here

What’s up with her?Bookmark here

I looked at her eyes and she seem to be ready for battle.Bookmark here

…So now, she won’t care about sparring anymore and would go to battle?Bookmark here

Well, it’s Nell… I don’t need to protect her…Bookmark here

[“Please die, I hate you.”]Bookmark here

…Don’t speak in my head if you’ll only say those kinds of words.Bookmark here

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