Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The Homeless Saint

The Grand Revolution Of War!

Nelsie found herself back in the place Merkel brought her, though this time she and Merkel weren't alone. With them was Jason, Zane, Payten, and Pain were here as well. The five leaders of H.G all here, all armed with their weapons and their armor, like they were gearing up for a fight, though from what Nelsie heard, Merkel wasn't actually in his battle gear.

"So, what are we doing here and why did you bring this kid?" Payten asked. If Nelsie remembers correctly, Payten and Zane is in head of the southern side of H.G, where Nelsie doesn't live near. It is very possible that Payten and Zane hasn't heard of Nelsie before. Though, Nelsie couldn't help but agree with Payten. What is she doing here? She doesn't belong in a meeting between the five leaders of H.G.

"No, Payten. We are here for war," Merkel told Payten without any hesitation. Everyone in the room stiffened.

"A-are you serious?" Jason asked Merkel, a shocked look on his face.

Merkel met his shocked face, his expression serious. Jason looked down at the ground, lost in his own thoughts. Merkel looked around the room, met everyone's questioning and shocked look, and gave them the same expression before he snorted, his expression breaking.

"Pfft! Ha! Of course, we aren't going to war," Merkel told everyone, barely holding back his laughter. However, after seeing everyone's dumbfounded looks, he failed to contain his laughter.

After a good while of him laughing, Merkel recovered and wrapped one arm around Nelsie and brought her close to him.

"But we should get ready for one," Merkel told everyone. His eyes were serious and it didn't seem like he was joking this time.

"But why?" Zane asked, "We are good on resources and we aren't being threatened. What reason do we have to prep for war?"

"Because of this girl right here," Merkel told him cheerfully.

Nelsie blinked in confusion before pointing at herself.

"Me? I'm a nobody. Why would any war be fought over me?"

Merkel chuckled and, letting go of Nelsie, made his way back to the wall where he showed Nelsie the paintings earlier. He moved the pelt again and, behind it, was a picture of a little girl who had an oddly uncanny resemblance to Nelsie. Above her head was a black halo with two diamond shaped horns hovering slightly above the halo. Above the girl and to the left and right were six blank figures, each with four angel wings and a halo of their own in two columns.

Nelsie had no idea what it meant but the leaders clearly did.

"Th-the Prophecy," Pain gasped, stepping back. Merkel nodded and then pointed at Nelsie.

"Meet Nelsie, The Saint."

Nelsie pointed at herself again.

"M-me? C-can someone please explain what is going on here?"

Four of the leaders didn't respond. Instead, Pain, Zane, Jason, and Payten just stared at her. Merkel chuckled.

"You want to know, do you?" Merkel asked, an amused and teasing glint in his eyes. Nelsie nodded.

'He better not just tell me to figure it out on my own.' Nelsie thought bitterly, remembering back when she used to ask him a lot of questions about how to live her life on the streets.

"Well, as you can see, you here are the Saint, or Saitness," Merkel explained, pointing at the painting of what Nelsie now knows is her.

"And, these six figures represent your Seraphs," Merkel told Nelsie, pointing at each black figure in the painting, "And there may or may not be six of them. Six is the least amount of them the Saint is suppose to have."

"Okay. So, what does it mean?" Nelsie asked, somewhat impatient.

"Oh ho ho. I'm getting there, little Saintess," Merkel told Nelsie, rubbing her head roughly.

"Now, the Saint and the Seraphs have a strong connection to one another. You will always know when a Seraph is near and, once a Seraph senses or sees you, they will develop a strong bond towards you, though that bond is more of an urge to protect or to be around. The Seraphs are going to be people who can change the world, and the Saint, the one leading them, will be the one who will change it."

"So who are the Seraphs?" Nelsie asked. Merkel shook his head and pointed at the figures again.

"If I knew, they would be detailed. No one knows who the Seraphs are. Only the Saint will be able to find them. Normally, only the Seraphs will know who the Saint is but, unfortunately for you, you awoke right in front of the church and in a crowded market. It won't be long before the entire city knows that you're the Saint."

"And that's a problem why?" Nelsie asked, though she had a rough idea why.

"Because everyone wants the Saint. Well, everyone except us. Even if you untied the Seraphs, it is impossible to change our situation," Merkel explained sadly.

"But, you are one of us and, if we do allow you to fall into the church or become a soldier for the King, then we will only suffer because of it."

Merkel turned around to face the leaders, who snapped to attention when he did so. Despite there being five leaders, Merkel holds the most respect out of everyone here and the four other leaders look up to him for orders and answers.

"That is why I vote for keeping Nelsie and getting ready for an invasion. We don't know when Nelsie's location will be found but, the more ready we are the better."

After a second of thinking it over, Jason and Payten agreed. Zane thought it for a little longer before he himself raised his hand in agreement. Pain didn't. He gave Nelsie a quick look of disdain before he looked up and met Merkel's eyes.

"I want everyone to note that I do not agree with this but, I can see that I am outnumbered. I'll get my forces ready."

With that, Pain left the cave. After watching him go, the others left as well, with Zane nodding at Nelsie before he left. Merkel watched them go before he shrugged and turned back to Nelsie.

"Now it's up to you if you want to search for the Seraphs, then I won't stop you. But please, be weary. You will put yourself at great risk."

Merkel put a hand on Nelsie's shoulder.

"You don't have to go along with the prophecy, for it has many meanings and many verses. It never said you have to unite the Seraphs."

"Now get along. I have business to attend to," Merkel dismissed Nelsie lightly, causing Nelsie to blink in confusion. Before she could think to say anything, Merkel walked out of the room, heading deeper into the tunnels.


'What kind of Saint is homeless?'

Nelsie couldn't help but think that as she walked towards the medical tent where Maleen would be. Nelsie really hoped that she won't be tracked down and that H.G won't have to fight. She didn't want to be responsible for the death of her home again. From what she understood, she was suppose to be some kind of Saint, right? How is she any kind of Saint?

Well, putting the whole Saint thing aside, what about the Seraphs? Should Nelsie even find them? From what she could guess, if they had the power to change the world then they must be pretty strong. If Nelsie gathered them then she could protect H.G from any threats. But, finding them can't possibly be as easy as it sounds. Plus, if Nelsie does go out to find them, she risks being captured or leading the church or the King right to where she lives when she returns.

'Wait, I can't use any magic. Aren't Saints able to use magic?'

Nelsie quickly shook her head, reminding herself once again to stop thinking about the whole Saint thing...which technically she is still doing-

'Ack! You know what? Screw it. I'll think it over tomorrow after a good night's rest.'

With a plan in mind, Nelsie made her way over to the medics. When she arrived, she walked around the place trying to find Maleen. When she couldn't find her, Nelsie decided to ask one of the medics where she was. Nelsie hopes Maleen isn't up and about. While Nelsie isn't a medic, she knows a thing or two and even a child would be able to tell that Maleen's wounds weren't light.

"Excuse me, do you know where-" Nelsie began, grabbing the white shirt of a nearby medic. However, the moment the medic turned and saw her, her face lit up with both surprise and worry.

"Ah! Nelsie, right? You must be here about Maleen, your bodyguard."

Nelsie nodded, a little confused. Were Maleen's injuries more severe than she thought?

"Yes, that's me. Is something wrong?" Nelsie asked, hoping she didn't sound too nervous.

"No. Nothing is wrong with Maleen. It is just that..." The medic trailed off, making Nelsie's concern grow.

"W-what is it?" Nelsie asked, holding back tears.

"Well, Maleen's wounds were too severe to heal with what we have here so, we sent her to some old friends of her that told us to call them if she ever needs help," The medic explained.

'Old friends? I mean, I know that Maleen probably does have friends but she never talked about them.'

"C-can you tell me where I can find her?" Nelsie asked. The medic bit her lip and looked around, nervously. Afterward, she leaned down to whisper into Nelsie's ears.

"I can't but, they should be around Regural. Just ask for the Red String."

Before Nelsie could ask what she meant, the medic stood up and swiftly walked away. Nelsie tried to follow her but lost her in the bustling crowd of the medical tent. Letting out an inward sigh, Nelsie left the medical tent and made her way to where she sleeps. When she arrived, she immediately noticed something different. There were multiple guards posted around the alleyway she sleeps in and the entrance to the outside world is barricaded off, or in the process of being barricaded off. Leading the building crew were Zane and Diggle.

"Zane? Diggle? What is going on?" Nelsie asked, running up to the two warriors.

"Jason wanted to take some precautions. I agreed so I am barricading this entranceway off," Zane explained in a thick accent. Nelsie was slightly taken back by that.

"Don't worry, that's just him speaking his bad common language. He mainly speaks Gertel(German*)," Diggle explained with a sigh.

"That still doesn't fully answer my question," Nelsie told them, slightly annoyed that she was being isolated. She always liked her little entranceway into the outside world.

"Listen. While the street this leads into isn't populated and mainly run by us, there is still a strong chance someone will walk by and see you and then go report where you are to the authorities. There is also the possibility that this alleyway could be used as an entrance by any armies coming to attack us."

Despite knowing that Diggle is right, Nelsie still couldn't help but feel like she was going to be treated as an "honorable" prisoner that her mother told her about.

'This seems a little too much. Besides, it's not like anyone knows I live'

Nelsie let out a gasp and stumbled back, leaning against the wall.

"What's wrong, Nelsie?" Zane asked, causing Diggle to turn around.

"Hey! Nelsie, are you okay?" Diggle asked, running towards her.

"...Jay," Nelsie let out, her eyes wide.

"Jay knows where I live!"

Nelsie spun around and ran back into H.G.

"Jay? Who's that?" Diggle asked.

Zane was silent for a moment, looking at the ever-smalling shape of Nelsie, before he nodded.

"Captain Jay of the Lowertown's Barrack," Zane said out loud. Diggle put two and two together and realized right away where Nelsie got most of her money from. Despite not being any noble himself, Diggle knew that Jay was a long time friend of the Shu Maker House.

"I'll go after her and watch her. If she does anything too stupid, I'll step in," Zane told Diggle before jumping up on the alleyway walls, climbing up, and used his trident to lift himself up on the rooftops of the walls that made up most of H.G.


Nelsie ran out of the H.G center and out one of the many exists of the place before any of the guards could realize that she was leaving. While Nelsie does trust Jay, she knows that Jay is loyal to the King, even if it was the King that destroyed Shu Maker's House. It wasn't until Nelsie was close to the location where the barracks is located that she realized that she doesn't have a plan. While it is strongly possible that the King isn't aware that Nelsie is the Saint yet, it definitely won't be long until he learns and sends out the order to capture her, which will reach Jay almost immediately since he is located near where Nelsie was spotted.

The only way to stop Jay would be to capture him or...kill him, neither of which Nelsie thinks is a good idea nor is she capable of. Jay is a very strong Captain and his soldiers are some of the best fighters Gudha City has. Besides, what can Nelsie do to make sure he won't tell the King where she is or go after her himself? She has no leverage over him at all.

With the realization settled firmly in, Nelsie sat down in the random alleyway she found herself in and hugged her knees. The alleyway she was in was one she has never been in before. She was sure she would remember the red color of the bricks in this alleyway. Even though it was strange to admit it, she liked the color scheme, no matter how odd it was. It made her feel safe as well. So, seeing as this is a safe and isolated place, the tears Nelsie has been holding back for a while finally came free.

It came out softly at first, but it soon became a stream. Nelsie started sobbing and hugged herself tighter. She couldn't bear the fact that, once again, her home will be destroyed, and she could do nothing about it.

After some more crying, Nelsie felt a sudden zap within her. A tug telling her to look to her left. At the same time, Nelsie could hear footsteps approaching her. Heavy footsteps. She turned to look and saw a massive lumbering man wearing armor similar to what the Vikings and Vanyans wore. A massive blue and gold shield was on his back and sheathed on a belt was a large sword, though to the man it probably is a short sword.

The moment Nelsie saw him, she felt a warm feeling run through her chest. She tensed, waiting for him to do something, but, much to her surprise, he just sat down next to her. A silence set in as the man paid her no mind while Nelsie was trying not to look at him, though she couldn't help but sneak glances every now and then. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Nelsie didn't feel afraid. In fact, it was the opposite. That safe feeling she had only grew stronger.

"So, feeling okay?" The man asked after a while. His voice was gruff and had a slight accent that Nelsie hasn't heard before.

She turned to look at him and, like she first assumed, he was massive...and definitely well fit. He had muscles like a bull she had seen once with a merchant. Even though he was in armor, Nelsie had seen that armor only worn by Viking and Vanyan Captain and Commanders in history books, never in real life. He didn't have any symbol on him meaning that he didn't belong or work for any group. For someone of his size and, by the looks of it, strength, it was unusual. No, it was very very strange as to why he doesn't belong to anyone.

"N-no, not really," Nelsie responded honestly after a bit of silence.

Silence set in once again.

"So, you want to talk about it?"

"No, not really."

Silence set in yet again. After a while of silence, the man sighed.

"Listen. I know that your problem ain't none of my concern, nor should you spill out your problems to a random guy who just sat next to you in a dark red alleyway, but can you at least listen to what this old man has to say?"

Nelsie thought it over for a while before she slowly nodded. What did she have to lose anyway?

"Long ago, I was fighting. I fought against the majority. I was strong. I was brave. I was smart. I was a hero to those I fought for. A great and mighty hero. I had a lovely wife and a lovely daughter. I had many great friends. Even when times were tough, like when I lost my wife or good friends, I pulled through. I was even a hero to the majority!"

The man let out a heavy sigh full of sadness.

"Then, one day, they took my daughter. I fought and fought and, in the end, I came to an agreement. They would release my daughter and I would stop my legacy, my fighting. I arrived and, right away I knew when I saw the girl in the cage, broken and clearly abused, frightful for her life..."

The man let another sigh.

"....That the girl in the cage wasn't my daughter. I knew right then and there that they had already killed her. The girl in the cage, while very similar to my daughter, is also in her own predicament. If I said no, they would kill her right then and there. I don't know who she was before this or even if she agreed to do this willingly, but I could tell that she was abused. They had treated her poorly. If I pointed out that she was a fake, her life was over. We talked it out and, somehow, the terms were I went into hiding and was erased from history and the girl, my fake daughter, would live."

"As you can probably guess, I agreed. In the end, I was sympathetic...but at the end of all of this, I am a coward. Even now, I dare not see if they kept their words. Even now, I dare not try to find out anything about that girl, unless whatever I find ruins me even more."

Silence set in again, and like before, the man broke it.

"So, it doesn't matter in the end what you do. If you can't solve your problems, then keep fighting against them. No matter what anyone says, if in the end you keep fighting, then you can say at the end that you went down fighting, trying to find any way around or to solve your problems. Even if you have regrets, you can say that you fought hard until you couldn't fight no more."

Silence settled in and Nelsie waited for the man to continue but, he never did. She looked to her left and saw that he was gone. After hearing what he had to say, Nelsie did feel better. She also knew what she should do. She wanted to thank him but, it would seem that he didn't want to stick around.

Nelsie sighed and got up and started making her way back toward H.G. Just when she was about to leave the alleyway, she heard someone land behind her. She spun around and froze. A Shinobi was behind her, the symbol of the church on his shoulder pads. Nelsie spun around to run but was cut off by three church soldiers. She was trapped.

Nelsie turned back around again to see if she could slip past the shinobi but she knew she had no chance. Escape seemed impossible. Looks like Nelsie hit a dead end.

'Dammit! If only I had stayed back at H.G. At least, they will be safe since I am no longer there.'

Nelsie was about to close her eyes, ready to give up, when the shinobi fell forward with a grunt, blood spitting out of his mouth. Lodged in his back was a massive rounded gold and blue metal shield. Nelsie looked up just in time to see the man jumped up in the air and plunge his sword into the back of the shinobi's head. He ripped his sword out with ease and picked up his shield and stood in front of Nelsie, protectively.

"Well, it seems like your troubles have found you, ehh?" The man joked, winking at Nelsie before his focus went on the three church soldiers who were looking a lot less brave than they were a couple of seconds ago.

"Well, if you want this girl, you're going to have to get through me," The man stated, banging his sword against his shield and charged at the church soldiers.

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