Chapter 4:

Chapter 4: Seraph

The Grand Revolution Of War!

The man lunged forward, thrusting his weapon in front of him. The church soldier dodged and attempted to take advantage of his missed attack and swung at him from the side. Of course, the church soldier failed to realize how large the shield the man had was. His sword bounced off the shield, causing the church soldier to stumble back. The man took advantage of that and spun around and hit the church soldier in the gut with his shield, causing him to be hit up into the air and throw up when he landed. The other two soldiers joined the fray, both swinging at the man, knowing that he can't stop both of their attacks...or so they thought.

The man moved like a blur, darting back and to the left, getting behind the church soldier who was swinging at where he was. He stabbed the church soldier in the back of his neck and swiftly pulled his sword out. Just like that, another soldier was down. The one who was hit in the gut managed to get up and shakily got into a stance.

The warriors circled each other, each one waiting for one of them to make a move. Finally, one of them did. The church soldier who was hit in the gut darted back and whipped out a pistol from his robes. He aimed at the man and fired. The man did not flinch when he saw the gun. Instead, he simply raised his shield up, blocked the bullet, and lunged forward.

Nelsie wanted to yell at the man, telling him to watch out. The pistol the church soldier had wasn't a flintlock but one of the multi-fire pistols. He still had ammo in his gun.

Sure enough, the church soldier fired again. The bullet caught the man in his chest mid-leap. However, while it did slightly make him bleed, it barely penetrated his skin. The church soldier who wasn't pointing a gun at the man darted forward, his sword catching the man on his right hip. The man fell short in his lunge and swung wide, nearly catching the church soldier who sliced his hip. The church soldier darted back and sliced the man on his back. If this caused any pain, the man did not show it. Instead, he spun around and clashed blades with the church soldier.

The other church soldier shot him in the back again. The man simply turned and threw his shield at him. The church soldier tried to dodge but the shield was too large for him to do so. The shield caught him on his jaw, breaking it and killing the man instantly. Now there was only one soldier left. They clashed blades again but, even with no shield, the church soldier never had a chance. The man raised his sword over his head and, despite being quickly slashed by the church soldier, he brought his sword down in full force, catching the church soldier and causing him to stumble back. With him dazed, the man leaped forward and stabbed the church soldier in his chest and punched him in the face. The church soldier stumbled back, a sword sticking out of his chest. The man took a step forward and kicked the soldier on the ground where he grabbed his sword and shoved it through the church soldier's neck, tearing the church soldier apart.

With all four soldiers dead, the man got his sword and shield before lumbering over to Nelsie, not even limping a little despite the wounds he had. He stopped in front of Nelsie and took a knee, looking her over.

"Are you alright?" He asked. Nelsie looked past him at the dead church soldiers before meeting his eyes. His eyes were kind and gentle, yet tired...and afraid. Nelsie had a strong feeling that he was afraid that he had scarred her.

'While I am scared, he did help me. Why would I run away from him?'

Nelsie shook her head before smiling.

"N-no, I am alright. Thank you. I-If you weren't here then...then...."

Nelsie broke off, tears forming once again in her eyes. The man let out a sigh and started pondering something. After a while, he sighed again and put his sword and shield away and offered Nelsie his hand, still kneeling.

"My name is Luncan Barden. If you would like, and I know I ain't much and just a stranger you just meant, but if you would like I can serve you until your problems are gone."

Nelsie blinked away her tears and looked at Luncan in surprise. Even though he was right and that he was a complete stranger to her, she couldn't help but want to take his offer.

"H-how much?" She asked in a choked voice.

"None. Free of charge. I can't do much with money and I have money enough to last me the rest of my days."

Nelsie wondered if he was lying but she had another feeling he wasn't. After a bit more of thinking, she decided to accept his offer. He himself said that she had to fight. Her problems really can't get any worse from here either. If he was going to betray Nelsie then so be it.

"Then I would like you to work with me," Nelsie answered, trying to sound confident and shook Luncan's hand. Despite his hand dwarfing hers and obviously tough and muscular, his hand shake was surprisingly soft.

"Now, first thing is first then, can the H.G Southern Commander please come down?"

Nelsie blinked in confusion. Her confusion rose when Zane jumped down behind her.

"Ah. I had a feeling you would know I was here," Zane told Luncan, stepping forward. Luncan stood up and nodded at Zane.

Zane was a tall man but even he was shorter than Luncan. Instead of tension in the air, Zane put away his spear and offered Luncan his hand, which Luncan took.

"I heard all about you when I was growing up. I cannot believe I am seeing the big man myself."

Luncan smiled but Nelsie could tell it was a sad one.

"Yeah well, my days of being a legend are over."

"But clearly not your fighting days," Zane said, pointing at the dead shinobi.

"Well, I definitely ain't the fighter I was. I'm old and rusty."

"And there ain't nothing a little practice can't shake off."

Zane then turned to look at Nelsie.

"Come on, we got to head back now. I spotted a much larger church force just a couple of blocks away from here. I don't think we could handle them once they go and check on the people they sent out to capture you."

Nelsie quickly nodded, not wanting to face such a large force either. She didn't want Zane nor Luncan to die. Knowing Zane, even if it was from rumors, he was likely to defend Nelsie to the death instead of retreat. Nelsie had a feeling Luncan was the same.

'Now, when Maleen gets back, I wonder how I am going to explain Luncan to her?'


As one might expect, Luncan's presence caused quite a stir within H.G. He not only was a new face, but he was a massive man with strange armor. His shield and sword both looked expensive but no one dared to think to try something. They could see the wounds on him and the blood on his blade and shield. He was a warrior. It helped that Zane and Nelsie were with him.

Zane lead them right into the tunnel where Merkel lives, saying that it would be best to talk to Merkel about letting Luncan in. On the way, they past Jason who, after taking one look at Luncan, decided to join them on their way to Merkel.

They found Merkel waiting for them in the room with the bones, paintings, and logs. He was wearing dark red robes this time. Nelsie still couldn't figure out where Merkel got these fancy robes. She knows he isn't a greedy leader and she also knows that he doesn't leave H.G. So, where does he keep getting these robes from?

"Ahh! You have returned Nelsie," Merkel told Nelsie, signalling everyone to sit down. They did though Luncan caused the log to slightly crack under his weight.

"S-sorry-" Nelsie was about to say as she sat down when Merkel stopped her by slamming his cane into the ground, though now Nelsie knows that cane is a sword.

"What did I say about saying sorry for such ridiculous things?" Merkel asked.

"N-not to say it....Wait! I-I screwed up though!?"

Merkel stroked his grey goatee and raised one eyebrow.

"Ooh. Then please do tell me how you screwed up?"

Now it was Nelsie's turn to raise an eyebrow.

"J-Jay knows where I live! He is loyal to the King. The moment the King says that I am wanted, Jay will tell the King where I am and march into H.G himself."

Merkel shook his head.

"Nelsie Nelsie Nelsie. We were always going to be discovered to have you. While it is true that you were discovered to live here much sooner because you told Jay where you live, you also gave us precious money which can be used to speed up preparation. In either scenario, we would be in the same predicament. It was two sides of the same coin."

Nelsie didn't know what to say. How could these people be unafraid?

'I-I' the cause of this. If I wasn't here, then they would be safe. Yet, they want me to stay. They are willing to go to such lengths as to fight against the church and the King just for me. Why are they like this?'

"Anyway," Merkel said suddenly, clapping his hands and causing Nelsie to jump, "congrats on finding your first Seraph!"


It took a full minute for Nelsie to register what Merkel had said.

"W-wait wait wait! Luncan's a Seraph?" Nelsie asked, shocked.

"May I ask what do you mean about me being a Seraph?" Luncan asked as well, raising a hand.

"Luncan, are you aware of the prophecy the church is all crazy about?" Zane asked.

"Kinda. What about it?"

Zane was about to answer when Merkel put his hand up.

"Allow me."

With that, he moved the pelt covering the painting again. There, the painting from before was still there, only now it had the unmistakable picture of Luncan as one of the black figures.

"It is said that a Saint will awaken. This Saint has a connection to at least six Seraph, people with the ability to change the world. Together, the Saint will change the Country and even the world."

Merkel pointed at Nelsie with his cain.

"Nelsie is the Saint. And you," Merkel said, pointing at Luncan, "are one of the Seraphs."

"B-but I felt no connection when I met him," Nelsie explained, though she didn't sound sure.

"Did you feel a warm feeling in your chest and some sort of comfort around him?" Merkel asked.

"...Yes," Nelsie admitted.

"And you," Merkel said, looking at Luncan, "Did you feel a warmth in your chest and an urge to go up to the girl?"

Luncan shrugged.

"Yes, though to be honest, I would have walked up to her regardless if she is the Saint."

"But you don;t deny the warmth?" Merkel asked. Luncan nodded in response.

"And since I had a feeling, I drew you. I am going to guess that I am correct about you being a Seraph since all the signs are here."

"Alright. I can get this whole prophecy thing but, the Saint is someone who is going to change the world, right?"

Luncan pointed at Nelsie.

"Isn't that a dangerous task for such a young girl?"

'I'm eighteen.' Nelsie thought angrily.

"Ahh. You would be right about that. But, she doesn't have to. I am leaving it up to her to do what she wants. If she wants to find the Seraphs and change the world, then I won't stop her unless she dangers H.G."

Jason and Zane raised their hands.

"We also agree on that."

Nelsie felt herself let out a small smile at their words.

"So, Nelsie. Was is it that you want to do?" Luncan asked.

"I want...I don't want anything to do with the prophecy. I don't want to find any Seraphs and, although I am grateful I met you, I don't think I want to continue going down the prophecy's path and find the other five."

Luncan nodded and, after a bit, the others in the room did too.

'Wait a second. I feel a warmth in my chest when a Seraph is near. Then, that time when I bumped into Baaluzikai...'

Nelsie felt her blood run cold and she quickly shook her head.

'No. It is impossible. I wasn't the Saint back then. There was no way she is a Seraph. Besides, the only thing I felt when I saw her was fear.'

"Nelsie, are you alright?" Jason and Luncan asked at the same time. Nelsie shook her head again and gave them a smile.

"I'm a little worried about Maleen. Can someone go check on her for me?" Nelsie asked.

Jason was about to say something when Merkel cut him off.

"Why don't you go with someone yourself?" He asked.

"....If I go out, aren't I and you in danger?" Nelsie asked, confused.

"We are in constant danger every day of our lives, especially now. H.G doesn't want you to be captured but we don't want to hold you against your will. Besides, the area where Maleen is isn't watched or guarded by the King nor the church. It is a safe area as long as you watch yourself."

"Red Strings?" Luncan asked. Merkel nodded.

"You know it?" Nelsie asked. Luncan nodded but didn't say anything else.

"Zane, can you go with her. You have the best experience with Red Strings."

Zane nodded.

"It isn't a problem."

Merkel nodded.

"In that case, I would like to talk to Luncan alone if that is okay with you?"

Luncan nodded. Nelsie, Jason, and Zane got up and left the cave, though Nelsie's legs were a little sleepy. Zane and Jason looked at each other before nodding. Zane walked up to Nelsie and picked her up in a princess carry.


"Your legs are tired, princess. You've had a long day," Jason told Nelsie, patting her on the head.

"Zane. How does tomorrow sound?"

"Tomorrow? Yes, I can do the mission tomorrow. Early in the morning I presume?"

Jason nodded.

"You hear that, princess? You and Zane are heading out tomorrow early in the morning. Try your best to get some sleep."

Zane and Jason arrived to where Nelsie sleeps and put her down in her bed and tucked her in. Nelsie noticed there was less guards then there was earlier.

"Good night, Nelsie. See you in the morning."

With that, the two leaders left. Nelsie, despite being tired, did not think she would be able to sleep. However, despite her prediction, she fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes.

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