Chapter 0:

JEE: The Most Sus Exam Ever

No Kiss Before JEE...


The three letters signify the darkness in this world, yet it’s the only hope of success for the middle-class students in the nation of 1.5 billion people.

Yes, the JEE exam is everything. It can take life away from a pitiful student, or bring your dead grandmother back to life. A miracle with a cruel price, JEE is everything to an Indian man.

It is said that JEE can grant instant happiness, money, love everything. Even your pathetic weeb delusions can come true if you clear this test. Yes, you heard me right. Clearing JEE will make your anime waifu real. (You have shit taste though...)

Have you wondered why there is only one god? One supreme being?

Well, there is only one God, since there can only be one person who can get AIR #1.

That is the JEE exam, the most competitive exam in the world, the exam that can grant all desires, the exam that can deliver ultimate salvation from this cruel world.

Only gigachads and non sussy bakas have been able to clear the exam and stay at the top.

Millions, if not, billions write this exam every year, thinking they have a shot at clearing the exam. Naive…

Only the cream of the crop, the most elite, the smartest students in the country have the ability to clear the exam.

Hundreds and thousands of peasants risk everything to clear this exam, and still fail. Suicide rates shoot up to an all-time high every time the results are announced. The world is cruel, and so is JEE.

JEE is hell, but does heaven lie beyond JEE?

Or is it just another hell?