Chapter 5:

V | Some Pills

Something's Not Right

There's no fixed dinner time,

Tammie tells me
as we head

Through the empty sitting area,

I notice
that the ceiling here

is much lower

than the latticed glass panels
that almost touch the clouds.

The nurses
smile from behind me

and I decide
to tell her about it later.

The song
'Moonlight Sonata'

seeps through the walls of the asylum

and fills the air
with tangible tension.

The only way

to tell time around here is medication time.

at 7pm (and 7am),

Tammie explains,

When this song plays,
we have to gather in the main hall.

In the main hall,

the one with the locked door
(that leads to the maze of doors
that leads out of the mansion),

seven other patients
have already claimed their favourite armchairs.

Their eyes follow Tammie
and me
and the nurses

as I sit in the only one left.

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