Chapter 6:

VI | Some Night

Something's Not Right

After medicine time,

I still hear Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
repeating in my mind.

The patients
have scattered now,

some have gone to eat,
others to bathe,

two continue to sit in their armchairs

staring into space.

With the two nurses trailing behind me,
I wander into other rooms

that I didn't get to see earlier.

There's what looks like a study

with bookshelves,
a computer
and a television with no sound.

In another room,
I find stacks of black canvases,

paints and brushes,
and easels with
(half-completed?) abstract art.

Art supplies
are stacked in messy cubbyholes
with no order to it.

I wonder if there's a

in the mess.

What would the nurses do
if I pick it up?

The third room
must be a studio.

One wall is all mirror

and there are CD players
scattered around.

I open the cupboard
in the corner
of the room

and a pile of leotards
with the scent of sweat

tumble out.

I'm just gonna leave them lying there.

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