Chapter 7:

VII | Something To Ask

Something's Not Right

My eyes open

and suddenly
the smell of vomit


'What have you been doing all night?'
I ask her,

pinching my nose
and sitting up.

streams in

through the curtainless window

with a familiar intensity.

It's Singapore after all.

The nurses
are sitting

where I last saw them.

The plain one smiles.

Good morning, Fifi.

Tammie is leaning against my bed,
her head balanced
on top of her hands.

It's inconvenient

having the bathroom

having the stairs
in a winding spiral,

having to wear
disposable underwear.

I watch Tammie
wash herself up
but even after,

the stench of vomit

clings to her.

Moonlight Sonata plays again
and the ritual

from the night before

repeats over again.

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