Chapter 9:

IX | Something We Play

Something's Not Right

I know what you did
with the plastic knife.

I'm sitting in the study room,
hiding behind

a large paperback.

Tammie's perched on the armrest,

the foul odour
as unsettling as always.

Why is she

following me around?

'Are you a patient or a spy?'
I demand.

An apologetic smile.

A patient.

'Don't believe.'

I'm sorry.

'Why are you here?'

She repeats
what she says before.

I know what you did
with the plastic knife.

I lean close to her,
holding my breath

for as long as possible

until our faces
almost touch.

I can hear her heartbeat.
or maybe it's my own

—it's hard to tell cause
we're so close together.

'The nurses will hear you.'

I move
to a different armchair.

Grey eyes watch me
from across the room.

She sits beside me


I won't tell them.

'Then why are you
'bringing it up?'

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